IELTS Test Tips & Advice On the day

Below are some tips for the day of your IELTS exam. This tips are to guide you before your IELTS test and also during your test. These tips are for both GT and Academic tests.

On the Day IELTS Exam Tips:

Be prepared for your IELTS exam by making sure you know exactly what will happen in the day of your test. Check all tips and rules below.

  1. Sleep & Eat Well
    1. The IELTS test is long. It takes 2 hours and 40 mins to do the listening, reading and writing test. There is no break between the tests. Make sure you are well rested and have eaten in order to keep your concentration during your test.
  2. Clothes
    1. Wear comfortable clothing. You are not marked on your appearance for any part of the test. So, wear something that you are comfortable in and that gives you confidence.
  3. Drink
    1. You can take a drink into the exam room as long as it is in a transparent bottle.
  4. Arrive Early.
    1. Make sure you know how long it takes to get to your IELTS test center and exactly where your test will be held. Don’t be late or you won’t be allowed to enter the exam room. You will need to check in so make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare.
  5. Toilet
    1. The listening, reading and writing tests take 2 hours and 40 mins. There is no break so make sure you go to the toilet before you enter the exam room. If you need the toilet during the test, put your hand up and the invigilator will let you go. But you will lose valuable time by doing this and it could affect your score.
  6. No Phones
    1. You will not be allowed to take your phone or any other electronic items into the test room.
  7. Pen, Pencil & Eraser
    1.  You can take pens, pencils and erasers into your test. You can’t take a dictionary or extra paper into the test room. For your speaking test, you can take nothing into the room except your ID.
  8. ID
    1. Check with your test center exactly what ID you need to take with you. Don’t forget it.
  9. Listen to Instructions
    1. Listen carefully to all instructions given before your test starts.
  10. Clock
    1. There will be a clock on the exam room. Make sure you know where it is before your test starts so you can keep checking it in your reading and writing test. You can’t take your watch into the exam room.
  11. Disability
    1. If you have any form is disability that will affect your test, you must speak to the test center well before your test date.
  12. Focus & Be Calm
    1. Make sure you go into your test with a clear aim and an understanding of the techniques you need to use. Be calm and confident at all time.


  • Don’t cheat
    • This is an international test and cheating or copying is not allowed.
  • No dictionary
    • You are not allowed to use any form of learning aid in your test.
  • Don’t take the test paper home
    • You are not allowed to take any part of the question paper home with you.

IELTS Test Tips During your Test

The following IELTS test tips for each part of the IELTS exam will help you focus on the right things during your test. Don’t lose marks by not being prepared.

IELTS Listening Exam Tips

  1.  Make sure your headphones are working. Raise your hand if you have a problem.
  2. If no headphones are used, make sure you can hear the recording. If you need the volume increasing, raise your hand immediately and someone will come to ask what the problem is. Explain that you need the volume increasing.
  3. Use the time given to prepare the questions. Always read through all questions before the recording starts. You should practice doing this at home.
  4. Focus on listening for answers rather than trying to understand everything.
  5. Write your answers on your question paper while you listen.
  6. Make sure you notice how many words you can have for each answer.
  7. You will be given 10 mins after the recording has ended to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Always check your spelling and grammar.

IELTS Reading Exam Tips

  • Read the instructions carefully and make a note of how many words you can use for your answer.
  • Don’t waste time trying to find one answer. Just move on to the next question.
  • Keep your eye on the clock.
  • Write your answers directly on to your answer sheet. There is no extra time for transferring later.
  • Always spend time analysing the questions before looking for an answer.
  • Look out for paraphrasing.

IELTS Writing Exam Tips

  • Don’t spend more than 20 mins on task 1. Keep checking the time so you don’t make this mistake. You need 40 mins for task 2.
  • Always write over 150 words for task 1 and over 250 words for task 2. See this lesson about the recommended word count.
  • Don’t count the number of words, count the lines and estimate your word count. See this lesson to learn about using the official IELTS writing answer sheet properly.
  • You can plan your essay on the question paper. No extra paper is given for planning. The examiner will not look at your planning, only at your essay.
  • Always write a clear overview for task 1 academic. See here about the conclusion/overview issue. For GT task 1, make sure you cover all points requested in your letter.
  • Always write your conclusion for task 2. Never miss it out.
  • Always organise your writing for both tasks into body paragraphs.
  • Check your spelling. You can use either American or British spelling.
  • Keep all information focused and relevant. More does not mean better.
  • If you run out of paper, put up your hand and you can get more.
  • Do not remove any paper from the exam room.

IELTS Speaking Exam Tips

  • Practice speaking English before your test.
  • Be confident and ready to chat. This is not a formal interview.
  • Listen to the question and answer it directly.
  • Add more information to all answers.
  • Don’t focus only on vocabulary. Vocabulary is only 25% of your marks.
  • You can wear anything you want. This is not a job interview. Clothing does not affect your score.
  • Use a range of grammar tenses in your test.
  • American or British English pronunciation can be used.
  • Ask the examiner to repeat the question if you need it. See this lesson about asking the examiner questions.
  • The examiner will provide a pen and paper to prepare your talk for part 2. The examiner will not look at your plans and will only mark your talk.

IELTS Exam Tips: One Week Before

  • Full IELTS Practice Tests
    • Make sure you have completed at least one or two complete IELTS practice tests before your real test. See my useful websites page for links to free IELTS practice tests.
  • Practice using the Official IELTS Writing paper : a free download link is given under the video.
  • Review common topics for IELTS speaking and IELTS Writing.
  • If you are worried about your test, consider booking two tests. You can use the best score from any test.

The exam tips above  are summarised from the official IELTS sites:

Always check with official sources in case of any changes in rules.

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  1. Dear Liz,

    Hope you are well. I’m so grateful to have found your website!! It is so informative and helpful! I would highly recommend it to any friends who need to sit for an IETLS test.

    I did my IELTS in 2015 and achieved an overall band score of 8 which enabled me to study Master of Teaching in Australia. Unfortunately, it is now expired and I have to retake the test in order to get my teacher’s registration in Victoria. Believe it or not, I am still so nervous!!

    I was wondering have you published any books for IETLS writing? Task One in particular? I’d love to buy them!! I benefited so much from analysing your sample answers to the writing tasks in 2015. Although I did not finishing writing my Task One essay during the exam, I managed to get a 7, which could not have happened if I had not studied your videos back then.

    A big heartfelt thank you to you, Liz! You are a tremendous teacher and I look forward to keeping learning from you and even working with you in the future as I will become an EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher in Australia when I graduate.

    Warm Wishes,

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for this useful website.

    I have a question regarding Ielts Listening module. In our country, one of Ielts body is offering headsets for listening part. Do you think it will have edge over loud speaker? Currently I am facing difficulty in listening module. Sometimes i get confused between listening and writing the answers in the later part of listening test. Please assist.


    • Headphones are considered better by most students. It allows them to concentrate more easily. But this is a personal choice and you must decide which you prefer. In section 4 of listening, if the answers are long, just jot down letters or a simple code to remind you of the answer – the full answer can be transferred to your answer sheet at the end of the test. Also follow the key words in the questions to keep track of the audio and information.

  3. Hi

    Is IELTS computer based? i mean writing, listening and reading sessions? or are they paper based?

  4. HI Liz,
    in 13th May i will take a GT Ielts,
    I have a problem with GT because so difficult to find a course only for GT. I’m very interesting with your video and if I learn a speaking and listening section from your video it will be help for my GT exam ??
    Thx before.

  5. Carrole Earnest says:

    Hi Liz, I have a question. For cuecard session if i do not answer any one of the sub-question will it affect my bandscore?

    • There are no questions on your cue card. Look carefully and you will see they are not questions. They are guidelines and nothing more. You can choose to use them or not use them at all. It is your choice and won’t affect your score. Just try to stick near the topic – that’s all.

  6. Dear Ms Liz,
    I appreciate for your wonderful website,which is really useful to many students who are preparing for IELTS.I have a doubt . Hope you can help me in.
    Can we give answer for listening test starting with capital letters,if its a summary completion or sentence completion,where small letters are more suitable


  7. I would like to thank you Liz for your great blog .. you make english easier for us..
    My test next saturday.. but really I have problem when I speak while I’m good in writing .. when I’m start speaking I forget everything and I don’t know how to start.. just I feel i want to speak by direct answers.. do you have solution for me?

  8. Mohamed Hindam says:

    Hi Liz,

    I like your videos too much, Actually, I’m a keen follower to your youtube channel.
    But I wonder if there is a strategy for targeting band 9? regarding the time I could plan enough time for study, but How much do I need?

    • The most important thing is your level of English. It needs to be highly flexible and very accurate. Mistakes should be very rare indeed and not systematic. When you write an essay in a word doc and then press “grammar and spell check” how many mistakes are there? It also takes time to develop the right skills for IELTS and understand what the examiner wants. Developing band 9 English, if your level is not strong, can take many many months. Developing IELTS skills can take just a few weeks if you learn quickly.

  9. Hi, I want to ask you what happens in text day. Do they give me reading, writing and listening task papers all together and then collect it at the end or do I get and hand them in seperately. Also when is the speaking text done? I read somewhere it’s done seperately after the reading, writing and listening.

    • You will get a date for speaking. It might be up ton 7 days before or after or the same day as your other tests. Each paper for the listening, reading and writing is collected after that part is finished.

      • Okay thank you. So they just check my ID after each section and collect that paper and give me the paper for next section?

        • They check your ID before the test as far as I know – but you can confirm this with your test center. Each paper is given out and handed in at the end of the time limit. There are no breaks between papers and no talking.

          • Okay. And is there there a given seat or do I sit anywhere?

            • All of this will be explained by your local test center. Please contact them to know.

              • -do we have to answer any part of the exam with pen or just pencil is allowed to be used?
                – do we have to take pencils and eraser with us? If yes, the automatic pencil is allowed or do we have to take two or three wooden pencils?

                • you use a pencil for listening and reading. You use a pen or pencil for writing – your choice. I advice you to take two or three pencils, an eraser and a pen with you. Although your test center might provide these – check with them before your test. Don’t use a pencil that requires you to click to get more lead – the lead easily breaks on these pencils and I have seen students miss answers in listening as a result.

  10. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your blog . It was very helpful.

    Today I had my speaking test . these were the questions asked :

    Part 1 :
    1) Do you work or study?
    2) What kind of colors do you like?
    4)what kind of colors do your friends like?
    5)If you could paint your home again which colors would you choose lighter or darker?
    1)Do you like reading books?
    2)Have you read any book more than once?
    there were 2-3 more questions which i cannot recollect right now

    Part 2:
    What kind of space do you feel is appropriate for a sports center
    Part 3:
    1) which sport do you feel people of your country like to play (other than cricket) ?(I answered football)
    2)why do you feel people like football ?
    3) what are the benefits of playing football?
    4)why do you think people of your country like to watch international games?

    Overall it was good . My fluency was good but at one point i was totally blank i could not speak for some seconds . how much will that affect my score?

    Thank you again for your immense help .

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 If your fluency was generally strong throughout the test, one pause won’t affect your overall score.

    • Mohamed Ali says:

      Dear Liz,
      Dear Sakshi,
      Thank you all so much for your valuable information. But, I have a question. What is the meaning of “What kind of space” that you mentioned above in part 2?

  11. Zubair Hameed says:

    Hi Liz,

    I wanted to thank you for all preparation tips for IELTS. I didn’t prepare for the IELTS except for 2 days of watching and reading your tips. Your tips and tutorials have helped me a great deal to get an overall band score of 8.5. My detailed band scores are:

    Reading: 9.0
    Listening: 9.0
    Speaking: 7.5
    Writing: 8.0

    May God bless you. Keeping sharing the knowledge.

    Zubair Hameed from Lahore, Pakistan.

    • Excellent! 8.5 is a great score!! You should be proud to do so well. Thanks for sharing your results which are an encouragement to all students 🙂

  12. Hi,
    I’ve been taking your lessons for a couple of months and it’s extremely helpful, thanks.
    I just have two questions
    1) Is it better to avoid using words like “And so on”, “Kind of” and “Things like that” in speaking test?
    2) I tried paraphrasing many words in writing task2 like using “renovation” instead of the given word (refurbishment). But my friend who is a native speaker suggested that it is better to use the exact key word which was given in the task description so that I would not make any differences in word style.
    How do you think?

    • Question 1 = it’s fine to use that language in speaking. Question 2 = any vocabulary mistakes will lower your score. If your English is excellent, you can try paraphrasing more. But if your English contains mistakes, be safe and follow your friends advice. Only paraphrase when you are 100% sure it is both correct and appropriate.

  13. Hi Liz !

    First of all thanks for every pieces of gold tips , really make us very organised in approaching the exam .
    I have found this question a bit difficult to understand the meaning of the first part of question , please .

    Finding a job satisfaction is considered to be a luxury in developing countries .
    Why do you think that is ?
    Do you think job satisfaction is important ?

    I have a problem with the word of luxury that makes me stuck in answering the first part of the question .
    Please I need your help and every one else !!!

    • It means something not affordable for all. The paraphrase: In developing countries, having a job that provides job satisfaction is something that most people can’t afford.”

  14. hi Liz
    Thank you for all videos lesson

  15. hi LIZ
    Tomorrow, I have a speaking exam. I have don`t agitation. Because I was learned all video lesson, so thank you for video lesson. You are the best tutor.

  16. Hi !
    Please des any one has clear approach for my question ?
    Thanks in advance .

  17. Hi liz
    Thanks alot
    Am asking if it’s possible to write all my
    Paragraphs in writing tasks 1 and 2 with capital letters??

  18. In reading answers, can I write True/ false or yes/no as uppercase but all other answers as required?
    Actually I thought I had done reading well but got only 5.5! Do I answer in a wrong way?

  19. Heena Arora says:

    Hello mam.
    i have got writing task 2- if policeman carry a gun it encourages the violence in the society.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree ?
    can you just suggest some ideas that what can i write in this essay?

    • If the police force carry weapons, the criminals will also carry weapons on order to defend themselves. This can be seen in the USA which has a high crime rate with guns. The UK, on the other hand, has a no gun policy for policemen which has resulted in a lower rate of gun crime. The idea is that police set the standards for society.

      • Hi liz,

        I’ve taken the IELTs for 5 times now my writing part always get 6.5.. 😣 I needed to get 7 in each of the component of the exam..

        I’m wondering, is it true that in every body paragraph i need to write 3 examples or more because if i don’t my writing will be considered flimsy?.. thank you!

  20. Rohit Ahuja says:

    Hi Liz,
    I have been exploring this website for last few days and want to say thank you so much for such a commendable job you are doing.
    I am planning to appear for IELTS – GT in Dec 16 and regarding same I am considering preparation by myself only.
    Can you please suggest some study material required , this would be very helpful to me.
    Thank you in advance.

    • For GT, all the question types are the same as the Academic test. This means that GT students and Academic students build the same reading techniques with the same tips. So, you can benefit from all practice exercises on this blog. You should also get the Cambridge IELTS Test books from 1 to 11 (11 is the most recent). They are real test papers published by IELTS for you to practice with. For writing task 2, the essays are the same so again you can follow the same advice and techniques. There is only a subtle difference in difficulty level with the essay question. See this page: I don’t have a book to recommend you for writing task 2 but you can consider getting one or more of my advanced lessons: For writing task 1, you can find tips and models for letters on this page: as well as other websites online. The listening and speaking test is 100% the same as for Academic students.

  21. Hello Liz,

    I have my exam a day after tomorrow. I need to know that can I write all my answers in pencil on the answer sheet? Answers of Listening, reading and also the writing task 1 and 2? I’ll be appearing for Academics IELTS and I am really worried about my writing part. I’ve seen all your youtube videos and have read all your blogs to prepare myself, but I guess I have this problem with essays. Whenever I write an essay to practice I make many mistakes and cutting the wrong words makes my essay messy. This is why I need to know if it is okay to write the essays and other answers using a pencil so that I could erase the wrong words.

    I’d be thankful for you prompt reply.


  22. hi…
    plz, give help me to find the MCQ because my IELTS exam is very near.

  23. rudra pandya says:

    can i take my IELTS exam in british council or IDP?

  24. Hello Liz,

    Thank you for all of the useful information found on your website. I do have a question, but first, a bit of background. On one of the practice listening exams, the answer was a length. I wrote down the number and then the abbreviation for the word kilometer, but the answer key had it written down as the full word. My question is should I make sure to write out the full word for measurement units or is the commonly used abbreviation acceptable? I only ask because, on other similar questions, the answer key used the abbreviation or the full word, but not for this particular question. Was this just an oversight or should I play it safe and write down the full measurement unit?

    Thank you!

  25. Tauseef Ur Rehman says:

    Thanks Liz you really helped me a lot. I had score of 5 in IELTS, but now I am following you for 7. I am planning my GT IELTS.

    • Good luck! To hit band 7, you must be able to produce English which is complex but without many errors.

    • Hi Liz,
      Thank you for this wonderful website.
      Here i am seeking your advise – Today i had done with my speaking 08sep16. After 1 wait for 1 hour the registration team said my exam is postpone to Sunday, i said i havent receive any info regarding that so they said me to wait, after 15 mins they said thay can conduct it today and took my biometrics and photo. Again after 15 mins one lady came there and speaking infront of me that the examiner said cant conduct today…after 2 mins same lady call me and told one examiner to took my test, she was not ready since she was waiting for another 2 cantidates, but the first lady said they are not yet come, Then exminer went inside the room without saying anything again that lady asked thrice finally she told to send me inside. so i went inside the room, she said without welcoming me that she need to record the exam i said ok, then she was talking about my name where she used my surname twice and recorded i said my name is Rockey then she updated with my full name, after that she ask for my passport i have given that and she didnt even look at it (- asked only for record purpose). Then she ask few questtions without even looking at me she was busy doing something down(i couldnt see what she was doing) it was my worst experience ever. Also please note that after asking 2 questions only she said me she forgot to told about the topic , that was about spending money. (i had attend 3 times prior and got 7 for Speaking all the time). i dont think that i performed good this time because of her attitude. please suggest me that what should i do?
      Waiting for your reply,

  26. Marie Maude Jean-Louis says:


    Congratulations for your career milestones. It’ s a pleasure to attend your lessons video .
    My name is Marie Maude and I am from Haïti and want to apply for a residence in Canada. Could you please give me a link to practice readind and speaking exam(full).
    I want to order some books also to practice home.



  27. Liz,
    I have my exam tmw. I have a doubt in listening. for e.g. instructions are NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. and the answer is CHOOSE THE MENU. Can i use THE in brackets in case if the word count is unsure?
    Another doubt; date pattern
    if the instruction is NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS and if the answer is July 1, do we need to write 1st of july or 1july or july 1. because i am losing my marks because of this. Please let me how to write the same when the instruction is NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

    • Question 1: never use brackets. You must choose your answer, not put alternatives. Question 2: In English we usually write July 1st or 1st July. Although we hear “1st of July”, we never write “of”.

  28. Senthil says:

    Hi Liz,

    Firstly, I need to appreciate you for all the guidance you give to IELTS students. Thank you so much!

    My name is Kumar, from India. I would be taking the IELTS Academic test on 8th of July, 2016. I’m confident to face the exam but have some doubts regarding IELTS marking strategy. Hope you will address this.

    The query is: is it necessary to get a minimum of 6 in every skill? Let’s say if my score in Academic reading is 5 but excel in other skills and score 7 or more. Does the final average is counted and considered?


  29. Akash george says:

    Hi liz..,

    Am going to write ielts exam on this September and iam preparing by myself. Am too backward in writing and reading. Could you please help me in that two categories. I mean recommend me a good way to overcome these problems…..

  30. Hi Liz,

    I wanted to purchase writing task 2 lessons for my General IELTS test and I wonder why I am unable to grab the 40% discount as stated in the video in writing task 2 section.Is the offer expired or it will be available in future? .Please confirm ..

    • Sorry, there is a problem with youtube. That offer was removed from my video but youtube are still showing it. It is no longer available. I’m sure I will offer a discount again some time but I don’t know when.

  31. hey Liz
    could you help me booking date for ielts exam.please send me the link from where i would be able yo fill up the form

  32. Dear Liz,
    I really appreciate your help and your nice lessons.

  33. Dear Liz,

    Hope you are doing well. I am doing self study for my ielts exam and I have booked my exam on 30th April 2016 . I was going through different ielts training sessions online and then suddenly come across with your one. I must say you are doing a great job in educating students across the world who are preparing for their ielts exams through self-study.

    Liz I have been trying to follow proper time and rule while practicing cambridge ielts exam book as I want to score 8 bands overall. So far I am doing alright with listening and writing and scoring around 7 to 7.5 bands but when it comes to general reading my scores fluctuates a lot. It varies from 5 to 7 bands and I have been practicing almost everyday but its not helping me a lot.

    I have seen your General Reading videos but still I guess I am not been able to implement it in a correct way. Please guide me how should I inflate my reading scores and also what is the appropriate way to practice speaking at home?

    Any help and guidance in this regard will be much appreciated.

    Thank You

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind Regards


  34. Mansoureh sajjadi says:

    thank you Liz the web site is inspiring

  35. Walid Hamad says:

    Thanks to your videos and blog, i have passed with a band score 8 from my first trial.

    Thanks Liz!

  36. Sukuren says:

    Thank you for the good job

  37. Martin Kwaku Akpatsa says:

    Martin K. Akpatsa says, you are just too good for me.
    I am preparing for my IELTS exams in March, 2016. Thank God I have found this site.

    Keep it up. Martin loves you very much. I will whatsapp you later.


  38. Karthikeyan says:

    Dear Liz,

    First, I would like to thank you for the writing exam tips which I found very useful to my IELTS preparation. I need a clarification about a point which you listed in the writing exam tips. You mentioned “You can use either American or British spelling”. I have doubt, whether I should stick to one spelling (American/British) throughout my writing task or I can comfortably mix-up spelling in my writing task.

    • You can’t mix up your spelling. You must choose if you are writing with American English or British English.
      All the best

  39. drprasanna says:

    hi liz,
    I am from India. Your blog has been very useful in my preparation. I have my ielts test coming up in 2 weeks time. I have been practising at home using IELTS cambridge test material ,the british council practice book and videos online for the last 1 month. Should i now go for a professional training, a fast track training program for the last 2 weeks or stick to the above materials. Because i am beginning to doubt if my preparation is up to the mark.
    thanks .

  40. Hello! =)

    I would like to ask for help.
    I can’t finish my task 1 in 20 minutes since turning the illustration into words is really difficult for me. Whilst, in task 2, I often complete the essay within 30 minutes.

    I think, I have a problem. The use of time is inverted for me (task 1:40 minutes, and task 2:20 minutes)

    What can I do?

    Thank you!

  41. hello dear teacher
    the thing i always afraid of is do not understand a word in examiners questions or writing topic . it really scares me . for example in one of your lessons you ask about fiction books , i did not know about fiction until i check my dictionary .
    what shall i do in these situations ?

  42. hi ,i’d like 2 ask,does bad hnadwriting affect my score ?
    as i got 5.5 in writing although i watched all ur vedios and i followed ur rules exactly in both tasks??
    i am really confused ,,why i got this bad score

  43. Hi Liz,
    I would like to ask you about speaking part 1. I’m not sure which tense I should use:
    I had been working as an accountant for seven years when I was living in Brazil?
    (but, I came back to my country two years ago and now I’m stay at home mum)


  44. Dr. Sabrina Zarin says:

    Thank you Liz for your website. I am going to sit for Ielts(Academic ) on 30th January from Ireland and my requirement is 7.5 which I think is hard for me.
    I will highly appreciate if anyone can suggest me how should I prepare in this one and a half months and what should I do to increase my level from now. Is there any link for model answers. ..please help me…
    Hope liz is having a great holiday. .
    Dr. Sabrina

  45. Hi liz, i just got my Ielts Academic Result this afternoon and I am very happy about it. I would like to thank you and your website. I only did self review with the help of your website (the only website that i used). I’ve learned a lot. I followed your tips which made me gain self confidence. Again thank you so much. By the way , my band score is 7.5, which i think isn’t too bad, considering the fact that I only did self review in a span of 2 months. Again, all i can say is thank you for continuing to help us thru your site. God bless and more power.

  46. Hi liz,
    I am planning to give Ielts exam. What exactly you think is the time required for a average person with average English skills.
    I am planning to give it in January’16 end.
    Is two months of preparation enough?

  47. Dear Liz,
    I posted my comment, but I cannot find it. so sorry. I need to repeat my questions:
    1. Is it really possible to receive a band score 9 in Writing or Speaking while the opinions of the examiner can affect the result. I mean the final score of these two tasks are somehow subjective. Please help me to know the answer of this question.
    2. I always receive high scores in productive skills; more than 7 or 8, but I cannot get an acceptable score in reading or listening. actually i don’t have vocabulary or understanding deficiency, and i try to apply the techniques, but still i have such big problem in scoring. please help me in this case,too. what can i do?

    • Dear Liz, firstly I would like to thank you for your patience towards us 🙂 and for your hard work, I really appreciate what you do. Today I took my General IELTS examination in Berlin.
      The test was quite strange for me because at the listening 4th part was the easiest one, reading was very similar in difficulty to listening- the 4th part was the easiest one.
      Writing task1: if you are employee you can take part in event, in college, where you can share your experieniece about your work with students. In this task you have to inculde information: why do you think your proffesion can be interesting for students, what experienieces can you share, fix convenient date for you – when you can come to college.
      Writing task 2: nowadays more and more people have consumer goods, such as refrigerator or washing machinęs. Do you think this developmemt has more adventages than dissdventages?

      Spęaking: view questions about snacks, do I like snack, do I think it is good to eat snacks? How often do you eat it? Next view questions about photos: do you like make photo? Why?How often do you do it? Do you like selfie? Do you have any photograph with your family?
      Cue Card was about person who help unpaidly other people, who he or she is? how he support people? What effort it takes to do it?
      3rd part questions: about work market, how do you think technology revolution impact on employee market? Which occupations are paid higher than before? I cant rememebr other questions… I was tired after Writing, listening and reading sections.

      I am worried about my answers about snacks because I said that I used to eat chips and salted nuts, and now I realised that I wanted to say crisps 🙁 are chips also can be snacks 😔

  48. Hi Liz,
    Would you please help me to write on this following topic
    The first car appeard on British road in 1888. By the year 2013 there were more than 29 million vehicles on British road. Alternative form of transport should be encouraged and international laws introduced to control ownership and use.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Please help me. Thanks sumbla

  49. Ayush Agnihotry says:

    Hi Liz, Thanks for to all usefull information. my exam will take on ’12th December’ .
    i have a one question to you, when in the listening they conservators asking for time .so what is the right way to give the answer, for instance “9:oo am to 7:00 pm” or just “9 to 7” or something else.

  50. Hi Liz,

    Thank you so so much for your tips and advise. I got my desired score in IELTS by viewing your videos and practicing accordingly. L: 8.5, R: 7.5, W: 7.5 , S: 8.5

  51. Thanks a lot for your guidance, because those tutorials helped me a lot. In yesterday exam, I did academic writing, reading and speaking pretty well, but it’s so pathetic that couldn’t do listening on the way I expected. However, will let you know the results.

  52. Thankyou so much for your all video whicg help me to improve my english but still, i get confuse while speaking? if someone ask me question then i take more time to understand it and i get confused..
    so, can you please help me?

    • Practice answering all questions that have been given in this blog. For more you prepare, the less confused you will be.

  53. Hi Liz. .I had my result for Oct.31 exam. .
    lisetening 7.5
    reading 7.0
    writing 6.0
    speaking 6.5
    Overall 7.0

    I know that I need to practice more on writing. .
    I was not able to finish my task1. .under academic module. .

  54. I have been working in an International Call Centre for 2 years where I talk to British customers over the phone and I’ve kind of adopted an accent or it comes within so in speaking test, will I be judged on accent ? Will I lose mark if I sound so? Would you like to shed some light on?

  55. I never wrote one bt I intend to soon can l see some examples of e tests written there
    thank you.

  56. Hello Liz,
    Thanks a lot for your massive efforts .
    I have a query regarding writing.
    1.while writing can we write on the back of the pages or just the rules ones.
    2.As far I understood writing is to be done with pen ,what if we commit mistakes ,that would look shabby?what can we do in that case?
    Many thanks

    • Question 1: You write on the lines only. Question 2: You can use either pen or pencil. For pencil mistakes, use your eraser. For pen mistakes, put a strong, clear line through it and write the new word. Make sure it is clearly deleted.
      All the best

  57. Highly grateful to you! Pls tell me that, can I use a wrist watch? As you said you are not allowed to take your watch….Pls explain…

  58. Hi,

    Thank you for the valuable tips. Its so helpful.
    I have a question about the word count. What if you write more than what is required? For example, the word limit for task 1 is 150, but what if I wrote 200? Do I lose the mark for doing this?


  59. I have the exam tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous. I didnt understand that “consider booking two test” ? thanks

    • It means that students should think about booking two IELTS tests instead of one. The first will be practice, the second you will be ready for. Good luck tomorrow!

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