IELTS Essay Ideas: Female Staff in Senior Positions

Here is an IELTS writing task 2 essay about management positions and gender with ideas given below.

Most high level positions in companies are filled by men even though the workforce in many developed countries is more than 50 per cent female. Companies should be required to allocate a certain percentage of these positions to women.
To what extent do you agree?

Why companies should give a percentage of senior positions to women

  • equal rights and opportunities for men and women
  • it avoids discrimination
  • it creates a pleasant work environment to have a better balance of the genders in management and senior levels
  • it creates a supportive work environment for other female employees to know that a certain percentage of management is also female
  • women have valuable skills of communication and diplomacy for high level positions

Why companies should not give a percentage of senior positions to women

  • it is unrealistic to stipulate a certain percentage of one gender
  • companies cannot be sure that they will receive suitable female applicants to fill a certain percentage of senior positions
  • this forces companies to fulfill percentages even though it may be to their detriment
  • senior positions should be allocated based on experience, skills and qualifications not gender


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  1. Hi Liz, would you have a look at this essay? I have a high demand for IELTS score and don’t know if I can get one. Thanks for your help, it would be a pleasure for me if I can get your response.

    Although women take a higher percentage, more than 50% in a total workforce of industrialized countries, men are a dominant class by holding a certain number of senior positions in companies. to my point, i must say that key positions should be shared to both male and female, depending on their performances, not to make an equal proportion.
    It is undeniable that authorities play an essential role, and determine the future of its own companies, so there should be applicants who fit the positions validly in efficacy and proficiency. for example, what the products they mainly invest in, how much the budget will be spent on marketing, is decided by the CEOs of companies. hence, if these leaders appear without capacity and vision in this field, they will put an end to their factory’s lives.
    As regarding biological perspective, women are likely to be manipulated in feelings; therefore, emotional decisions are made instead of strict ones. obviously, either managing employee or negotiating with a partner, emotional influences can lead to a financial loss, by keeping ones that should be rejected or committing to unprofitable terms and conditions.
    However, giving women an opportunity to prove they qualified also bring a variety of benefits. for instance, varying the gender of the dominant class can offer companies diverse opinions and creative strategies for handling the challenges of the complicated economy. in addition, the female leader can also be ideal for negotiation due to their gentleness and flexibility to reach an agreement that harsh approaches are arduous to get.
    in conclusion, the distribution of gender across senior positions is unnecessary and should depend on individual efforts rather than on their gender, but each gender, both male and female have their own different talent.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thank you very much for your invaluable articles that are helping many aspiring IELTS candidates like me.

    This is my first comment and hoping you could help me review my task-2 essay. I have my exam in another 8 days from now. Thanks in advance and appreciate if you could help:

    It is an undeniable fact that very few top positions in an organization are held by women, despite the reality that there are more female workers in the workforce compared to men. As a result, many argue that certain percentage of these positions needs to be reserved for women. While I agree that more women deserve to be in executive roles, I disagree with this idea of reservation based on gender.
    It is quite astonishing that even in the advanced countries, women are denied managerial jobs not because of their qualifications but due to their gender. However, reservation system is not the right solution, in a sense that companies sometimes might end up recruiting an unqualified candidate in a bid to fulfill the reservation category. Therefore, other efficient ways of dealing with this problem needs to be considered.
    One such way of resolving this issue is by introducing stringent company policies wherein a strict action including termination needs to be taken against those individuals indulging in gender biasing during the recruitment process. This way, a skilled and qualified candidate is appointed irrespective of their gender.
    Another way of overcoming this is by ensuring that the educational institutions incorporate this subject of gender equality right from the school curriculum. Even though this is a long term approach, it will make sure that future generation of recruiters will give importance to the required skill set, educational qualifications and other leadership skills rather than indulging in gender partiality.
    In conclusion, I strongly believe that instead of reservation, other realistic and more result oriented approaches needs to be considered to ensure proper talent is rewarded.

    • Hi, I read your essay, I feel that you went off topic because you didnt really answer the question ehich was to what extend is it right..I feel that your esay was really good and rich but for the solutions of the problems, and not to the question.

  3. Hi Liz,
    I read through some of the essays and found out that some were talking about strength in terms of the build of the body and I believe the topic is says “high level jobs” which I feel depends more on intellect, qualification and skills

  4. Hi Liz,
    I read through some of the essays and found out some were talking about strength in terms of the build of the body and I believe the topic is talking about high level jobs which I feel depend more on intellect, qualification and skills, such jobs as, managers, directors, heads of department, etc.

  5. rajinder says:

    world has changed a lot than past, but men still hold the right to seize some higher level positions in almost every field some say this is hindering women’s success. some experts suggest that reserving certain job positions for women could make both gender have equal place in the world . for several reasons , I believe that this idea could have bad effect on some other experts male workers .

    to begin , it is undoubtedly true that women have shown their worth in society by standing up for their rights , history has illustrates that there were numerous of women who fought for their nation with dignity and helped men to conquer our most intractable challenges . however , their willingness to put enemies down is still being admired by large number of men solders. this is why some people believe that women deserve same positions in high level jobs as men do.

    on the contrary , almost everyone does its best to get top position in job sector . the notion of saving some jobs for women can bring criticize among both gender .in other words , companies always choose their employees by assessing their organizational skills and life experience not by any gender. moreover , this idea could force the mighty organizations to hire women even when the job requires expert employees which makes owner of company disappointed .furthermore reserving job for women would prevent some men to get a good career because companies would have to close down men recruitment , so they can have same number of women . Not to mention , it is not like there is not any women who is not selected as top supervisor in any company.Again it is up to the performance that they do during their whole life and in interview.

    To conclude , i would like to say it again , work has nothing to do with gender , giving opportunities to women by saving some top jobs in mighty organization would make companies put better male workers down on the name of equalizing gender in the work place.

    please Ma’am, replay as soon as possible , is my essay worth 6 bands ??????????

  6. Hi Liz
    In writing section part 2, if we completely agree to the statement in the question, do we still have to provide points which are against that statement?

  7. Harman says:

    Hi , Liz I need 6.5 band in PTE Writing . So please tell me how i can improve my writing skills .

  8. Pichkata Deap says:

    Hi, Liz !! I have got a topic from your link and I have tried to work it out. I think I probably made many mistakes. Please leave me a comment. 🙂

    Topic: with an increasing population communication via the internet and texting messaging, face to face communication will become a thing of the past.
    To what extent do you agree??

    Here is my introduction:
    It is been argued that the facility of communication by internet and alternatives social medias attracts citizen, wherease the face to face meeting will be called a transitional thing in the future. In my opinion, I think that many businesses still require face to face meeting for an official conversation.

    • The main problem is that you are trying to use high level words without understanding their limitation. Nearly all the words in your background statement are used incorrectly. This number of mistakes will limit your vocabulary score to band score 5. Band score 5 = frequent errors which cause difficulty to the reader. It is better to use the right words and write clearly. I can’t comment beyond that because the meaning is lost due to the errors. Your thesis statement is, however, fine and the meaning is clear.

      Also I will need to warn you that I don’t accept writing posted that is below band score 6 in English. If you post again, please make sure you are using accurate, clear language. Otherwise, I won’t be able to post it.
      All the best

  9. Owing to the increasing concerns with the male domination obtaining higher positions,some people have proposed an idea of introducing equal right to females by allocating a balanced number of both genders in a work environment.In my opinion,merit and capabilities should be the deciding factor in hiring a person,thus this idea of equal positions to make and females is unnecessary.
    There are many jobs which are bound to be trusted by male workers.These include labourers,engineers ,army,and airforce,all these professions requires a great deal of power and courage to counteract with extreme and tough situations.Thus females taking these position are more likely to jeopardise the task,as they are seen as a fragile gender.however,there are many female personalities engaged in these professions but offcource with a minority.similarly there are professions preferring female candidates over males,like nurses providing tender and care and even babysitters coping up well with the babies.This difference of requirements from different jobs is undoubtedly inevitable.
    Another reason I disagreed is because of the idea of merit and capability which should be considered would be unfair to male members to lack behind if a legislation is to be made about giving equal positions in a superior department.hence,each person should be assessed individually depending on his degrees and capabilities,proven in an interview.Admittedly the ability of proving oneself,either of any gender should be solely dependent on the way they prove themselves.Although there are countries which deliberately outcast women from achieving more then men should be questioned and taken into account.Thus securing women rights and their positions in the real world.
    To conclude,I believe that women and men ace their roles in different ways and by introducing such law to give both equal right will just endanger the job requirements.

  10. Most important jobs are belong to men in developed countries ,while over the half of workforce are women .According to this , many argue that companies should be asked to hire a certain amount of female . I strongly agree with this opinion because it is important that both gender share responsibilities .

    dear liz I like to know about my introduction paragraph ….thank you so much

  11. In the modern world, males are taking place in senior positions at work more than females although females are counting some people think that the number of both genders should be taking in consedration. For my point of view, I believe that we should keep the experience, skills and the nature of the nature of both of them in our mind.

    Firstly, while it is thought by some people that women should have rights as same as men in general, it would be better to think of their nature, way of thinking and body biult. Furthermore, women are creative and sensitive creatures. They have different way of thinking. Therefor, they have the ability to work in different domains such as business, medical feiled and so many. Moreover, females have the sixth sense which can help them in managing their work in a smart way and this is giving them the ability to understand complicated issues.

    On the other hand, it is important to remember that women are soft and sensitive unlike men who are strong and can tolerate works which need physical energy. However, no one can deny that men have less responsibilities comparing to women as they beside their work have to think of their home and families. In the same time men used to blam their wives if the food was not cooked well or the children did not do their homework which really sham on them

    In my opinion , the fundamental issue is the experience . I believe that females and males should have equal chances in each job offer and we should give them the job depending on what kind of skills they have .

    To sum up, it is really a pity to decide from the beginning that we want to choose between men and women instate of the experience and skills

    Please evaluate my essay

    • Hi,

      This essay would probably only get about 6. One area that you really need to work on is task response. This means the way you answer the question. The essay question is “Do you think a certain percentage of senior positions should be given to women?” You must answer that exact question. In your introduction, thesis statement, you actually answer this. The essay is not about women in senior positions, it is about having a certain percentage of women in senior positions. Also, each body paragraph should contain a clear main point and be extended and developed. This means your body paragraphs should be of equal length.
      You should focus on these points and practice writing your opinion essays in a more focused way.
      All the best

  12. Hi, Liz
    your site is really helpful.
    this is my first essay i wrote following your instruction.

  13. Dear Liz,
    I tried to write an essay by using your ideas. I would be very grateful if you kindly give your opinion. Hope you have some time to check my essay.
    I really appreciate your help.

    It is undeniable that fewer women are employed in senior positions in companies although there are many female workers in the work place. While I believe that more women should be allocated in management levels in companies, I do not agree that a certain proportion of these positions must be filled by female staff.
    There are some reasons why I think that companies should be required to allocate more women in high level positions. The main reason is that men and women should have equal right and opportunities for employment, and it would be unfair to base selection of senior positions in companies on gender. Another reason is that a far greater numbers of women are now passing the higher education and some women are better qualified than their male counterparts. In addition, some women have excellent leadership and decision making skills, and they also have valuable skills of communication and diplomacy for management positions.
    Nevertheless, having a fixed percentage of men and women in senior positions is simply unrealistic because companies cannot be sure that they will receive suitable female applicants to fill a certain percentage of these positions. If companies decided to select a certain proportion of male and female in high level positions, some women who did not qualify for these positions could get the job and some men with better qualification could miss the chance to get this position, In my opinion, selection of high level positions in companies should be based on qualifications, experience and skills of the staff.
    In conclusion, allocating more female staff in management positions would not only benefit to companies but also boost the economy of that country, but it would be impractical to employ a certain percentage of these positions to women.

    • Hi Tthin,

      What can I say? Although there are a few small errors in grammar, it is an excellent essay. You have successfully written a balanced approach opinion essay for IELTS writing task 2. You have addressed the task fully and have presented relevant, well extended ideas. Your organisation and linking are natural and very good. This would certainly get band 8. Here are a couple of grammar / vocabulary errors for you to jot down:

      1. “I believe that more women should be allocated in management levels” = “…allocated positions in management.”
      2. “I think that companies should be required to allocate more women in high level positions” = “allocate more women to high level positions”.
      3. “a far greater numbers of women are now passing the higher education” – “…completing higher education”
      4. “If companies decided to select a certain proportion of male and female in high level positions,” = …” a certain proportion of males and females for high level positions”
      5. ” it would be impractical to employ a certain percentage of these positions to women.” = “…to employ a certain percentage of women to these positions”

      All in all, a great essay. Well done!

      • Dear Liz,

        I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. You are a wonderful teacher.


      • Dear Liz,
        Actually, the question really confuses me since it asked if we agree or disagree with REQUIRING companies to allocate a CERTAIN percentage of senior positions to women”. I read the essay of Tthin and as I understand, her opinion is that companies should base on experience, skills, qualifications not gender to to allocate senior positions. So, it seems that she disagrees with the idea that companies should be REQUIRED…. But Tthin’s approach sounds just balanced view. So I wonder her opinion is clear enough?

        • Hi,

          Yes her position is clear. It is considered a balanced approach. She doesn’t think that allocating a certain percentage to women is good but she thinks a balance is good if possible. What she has done is to disagree with being so strict about putting women in senior positions but agreeing that the general idea of more women in senior positions is good. With this type of essay question it is possible to do this. It’s similar to explaining what you don’t like about the statement and how you would re-write it using your own views.
          Does that help?

  14. Thank you Liz. Your tips are really useful for me to write a report containing 2 charts.

  15. Dear Liz,

    I have written this essay after reading your ideas. Hope you would be kind enough to have a look at your convenient time and give opinion. I am going to take the exam on next week.

    Now-a-days both men and women are working equally for economic development of their families. Although, in the western countries more than half of the total employees are female, very few of them occupy the higher level positions in the companies. Some might argue that, companies should recruit a certain percentage of females in these positions to promote gender equality. However, in my opinion, employees for any position should always be selected according to their skills, qualifications and experiences.

    To begin with, it is an undeniable fact that, companies are established to make profit and thus they play an important role in the countries’ economy. Therefore, they ought to select the employees who truly can perform the job they are given. In addition, the higher level positions of a company demands certain responsibilities. Thus, people who are sufficiently skilled, qualified and experienced should be recruited for those positions, irrespective of their gender, social status or any other factor. This in turn will bring success to the company to achieve the goal.

    On the other hand, some might argue that, more females should be given the opportunity to hold the top levelled positions in the companies, since this promote gender equality. Moreover, it will also encourage the other women to work with dignity and devotion. But, if the companies start to allocate a certain amount of top positions for women, then this may bring detrimental effects to the company. Because, enough amount of skilled female employees might not be available always.

    To sum up, I am inclined to believe that, companies should not be biased by the gender issue. Rather, they should offer the high level positions based on skill, experience and qualification. Those who have the required skills will certainly achieve the positions irrespective of gender.

    • Hi,

      I can point out a couple of things you need to work on straight away.

      1. Get your introduction more focused. You don’t need to the first sentence at all. Many students include these very general sentences because they are not sure how to start. But all you need to do is just paragraph the essay question. So, get rid of your first sentence and keep your introduction more focused.
      2. This is an opinion essay and the only information in this essay will relate to your opinion. You have disagreed with the statement. If you want to disagree with what other people think (body paragraph two), then don’t write so much about what they think. See the point below to learn how this should be done.
      3. Linking. Don’t start your second body paragraph with “On the other hand”, this body paragraph is not opposite to what you think, it is explaining what you think. So you should start with “Although some people think women should have a certain percentage of senior positions to promote gender equality, I believe it will have detrimental effects on a company because ….” You can now see that this is the right linker and my opinion is still contained in the first sentence of the paragraph.
      4. Linking. Don’t start a sentence with “Because” in an academic essay – it’s a conjunction only.

      Those are the main issues. You write well and if you work on these points, you can get above 7.

      • Dear Liz,

        I have no words to express my gratefulness to you. Thank you for your continuous support. I will certainly follow your instructions.

        Just one more thing to know, what might be the band of this essay? ( You mentioned that I need to work to the points to get above 7)

        Best Regards,

        • Hi,

          It’s probably borderline 7 which is below your actual level of English. Your level of English is higher than that. You should be aiming for band score 8 and to do that you need to work on correct linking and the way you present your ideas.
          All the best

          • Dear Liz,

            Thank you again. Please keep supporting us ( all the IELTS candidates). Waiting eagerly for the complete Task 2 video lessons.

            Best Regards,

            • Hi,

              My first complete training video which students can buy for writing task 2 is about two ways to write an opinion essay. I have already made it but I’m just dealing with the technical issues before putting it up ready to buy. Fingers crossed it’ll be ready next week 🙂

  16. Hi Liz,
    Your videos and freee lessons are great help for me. I am appearing for IELTs academic on feb28th. Thanks a lot. I know that already you have a scheduled plan for free lessons, it would be of great help if you could give us lessons on two different charts like,line and pie chart, bar and table like that.

    • Hi Uma,

      I won’t have time to get a lesson written for you but I’ll give you some tips now:

      1. Introduction both charts in your introduction. Here is an example “The first chart illustrates …., while the second chart gives information about ….
      2. Put key features of both charts in the overall. If you have two charts which are the same (for example two diagrams), put the key stages of each and highlight how they connect.
      3. Usually, you have one body paragraph for each chart. This means you only have limited words to describe each chart so plan how you will describe them rather than starting to write and running out of time.
      4. When you start writing the second body paragraph, it is often useful to start “In terms of the second chart, …”. This is a quick way to show the reader which chart you are writing about without writing a second lengthy introduction.

      I hope those tips help.

  17. Dear Liz
    Today I did not receive the new post again
    Please check

    • Hi,

      It has your email listed on my subscription but puts the date as subscribed yesterday. So, your email is definitely on my list and the link should definitely have been sent out. I can only suggest that you check your spam folder. If that doesn’t work. Try unsubscribing and re-subscribing. When you unsubscribe, make sure you click to confirm unsubscribing. Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to edit my subscription lists or send links out manually – it’s an automated service.

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