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IELTS Complaint Letter: Error Correction

Below are sentences written by students for an IELTS complaint letter for writing task 1 (General Training Paper). Can you re-write the sentences correctly? The more errors you have in your writing, the lower your score will be for grammar and vocabulary.

Complaint Letter Sentences: Find the Mistakes

  1. Last week I bought a TV from your store but from the first day it is not working properly.
  2. I called so many times to the customer services but they ignored the request.
  3. I request to the store manager to find the solution for TV, he told me that he will send the technician to fix the problem, but he didn’t.
  4. I am very disappointed from the services of your company.
  5. I need that someone from you fix the TV problem or replace the current TV to the new one within one or two days.
  1. Last week I bought a TV from your store but from the very first day it did not work properly.
  2. I called many times to customer services but I was either put on hold for over 30 minutes or they put the phone down on me. This is completely unacceptable.
  3. I requested that the store manager find a solution for the TV and he told me that he would send a technician to fix the problem. However, he failed to do this and I have been waiting for over one week now with no positive outcome.
  4. I am very disappointed with the services of your company. / I am exceedingly disappointed with the customer services that your company provides.
  5. I expect someone from your company to fix this problem or replace the current TV  within one to two days. (Please note that using “I expect…” is when you want to show annoyance, otherwise just use “I would like …”)



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  1. Hi Liz,

    Your lessons are extremely helpful…I would really like to thank you from the very core core of my heart.

    I, however have few doubts regarding the letter writing.Since I am not able to find any recent threads, I am writing it here. Hope you will help me.

    I am really confused about what kind of opening clauses are suitable for which kind of letter, specifically in the complaint letters:
    I am writing to report……
    I am writing to complain….
    I am writing with regards to…..

    Please correct me if the following sentences are wrong:
    I am writing to report the problems regarding the TV(Model:XXX) that I recently bought from your retail store.

    I am writing regarding my suitcase that I lost last week while travelling in your XXX flight.

    I am writing to complain about the problems with the Internet connections that we, the residents of Bay’s Street, are facing since last month.

    Please do clarify my doubt mam.

  2. Hi Liz,
    i am answering the Cambridge 9 writing task 1(Semi Formal Letter) for your kind review to evaluate my band score…..i am your store’s customer and your follower as well as well wisher for 4 months.
    would b very grateful to you if you could tell me the exact band score.



    Dear Waseem Ishaaq Khokhar,

    I’m writing this letter for your kind review about the situation and to get approval on the request of short leave.

    As i told you before,now a days i have been running around looking after my Father.So Just 10 Minutes before,I received an emergency call from home that Father’s chronic health ‘s condition has become more serious suddenly,and he needs to get him to the hospital immediately and unfortunately,i am only the one male member out of the family.So now i have to leave office to get my father to the hospital immediately.

    It’t b Possible that it’d take more than 3 day to come back to the work.However,as he get improved of course i’ll get back to work accordingly.Due to the involvement of uncertainty about his improvement,I am unable to provide exact return date in objective manner,But as far as the Duty and professionalism is concerned definitely i would have to return back within maximum 3 days.

    Next 3 days upcoming assignments are concerned with the audit of inventory stock including the physical stock taking.My assistant(Mr.Laeeq) has been audited the inventory so many times under my supervision on same sort of item.So i have explained assigned and allocated the next three days working to Laeeq accordingly.

    I would be so grateful to you if you could allow me this time.This is Sensitive and precious time of which my father is need.I hope you could approve my today’s short and next three days leaves with your kind favor.

    Warm Regards,
    Rana Naz

    • Please read my notice about posting writing: http://ieltsliz.com/posting-writing/

      • Liz this is unfair specially for me check whole the comments previous i have been following your blog for last 3 months.from the very first day i did not put any writing on blog for your comment to tell band

        I could not b able to enhance and to move further without knowing the result on written letter yesterday.Please final last only one time check and give response on my letter with indicating and mentioning the exact band score.

        • I am sorry but I don’t offer marking services. It is not possible for me to mark essays and also continue working on this blog.
          All the best

          • OK
            But would you mind getting me the why how could i be able to get response on my writing form authorized and authenticated source in respect of getting assurance for my internal behavior and motivation to know where am i stood of what Band Score?

            I hope your Cooperation

            • You will need to find an IELTS teacher or a school that offers marking services and essay correction. You should be able to find this on google. Some companies ask around 5usd to 10 usd per paper.
              All the best

              • Rana Naz says


                I can pay you as per your demand
                i want to get marking services only form you because i don’t want to pop round any where to avoid wastage of time
                for this service if you could allow i can pay you i want to get 7 band in writing so ,Until i get it as i require you have to give making scheme/

                • I am not asking for money. I do not have an essay marking service. You will need to find a teacher who has this service or a school. I only offer this free blog and complete training videos to buy in my store.
                  All the best

  3. nuha hafiz says

    Hi: If you don’t mind can I email you may writing for task one and two I need someone who can check my week points so I can work on them to sore high

    • Sorry but I do not offer essay marking services and will soon be stopping all writing feedback on this blog.
      All the best

  4. Shakespeare says

    Hi Liz ,
    Hope you are well . I am about to sit for Ielts . So , could you kindly check and score this essay on the following topic ; some people say that cars are best to use in cities while others think that bicycles are better . discuss both views and give your opinion .

    Over the past decades , cities have witnessed an overwhelming increase in the number of cars . However , a new trend has emerged , spurring and boosting the use of bicycles instead of cars . Although both trends have their compelling arguments , I believe that neither of them could be the apt alternative .

    With regard to cars , advocates argue that cars are the best means of transport in cities , specifically mega cities , for two reasons . Firstly , cars are faster and can drive you anywhere . Secondly , one car can serve more than a passenger . However , I do contend that this argument is flimsy for some compelling rationales . One reason is that cars are a major cause of air pollution which is considered the culprit behind most of major health problems nowadays . Furthermore , more cars simply signifies more traffic congestion . Equally importantly , though , cars could seriously damage or curtail the budget of car owners due to the ongoing excess rise of petrol prices . In other words , cars could not be the sole and best means of transport in cities .

    Regarding bicycles , they are considered by some to be more convenient than cars . They argue that they are cheaper , environmentally friendly and even healthier than cars . Moreover , they are not as costly as cars because they are non-fuel powered . Nevertheless , I think that they also could not be the only potential beneficial alternative . For one , they can not help in emergencies where high speed is crucial . Owing to old age associated health problems , old people could not ride bicycles for long distances . Furthermore , they are not a convenient choice for the disabled whilst, nowadays , cars are technologically adjusted to suit the disabled . Therefore , I believe that bicycles could not a reliable alternative to cars .

    In conclusion , neither cars nor bicycles could replace the other as a sole and trusted alternative . Thus, I think if governments work on improving public transport sector systems , most of the drawbacks associated with either cars or bicycles could be eliminated or at least mitigated .

    • Try to follow a simple structure. Discuss both sides in a body paragraph. If you agree with one side – put your opinion with the appropriate body paragraph. If you have a different view, put it in a separate body paragraph. This is not an advantage disadvantage essay. You have presented no opinion on the best way to travel in a city in any body paragraph. If you think the best way is public transport, then put that idea in your introduction, explain it in a body paragraph and conclude it in the conclusion. Please see my model discussion essay to learn more. (see writing task 2 page)

      • Shakespeare says

        Hi Liz ,
        I do thank you for these tips . Sure , i will work on them . Buf if you were to score it , what band score would you give it ?
        thanks a lot .

  5. Hi Liz ,
    My exam is over. I got a question about Science. Some are arguing Science has to Learn everybody. WhIle others thinking it Is not necessary. Discuss both. And what is your opinion.
    This may help others to learn a topic.
    Thank you for all the lessons . Waiting for the result.

    • Thanks for sharing. Your score will reflect both your English language and exam skills for IELTS. Good luck !!

  6. Hi, liz. I started ielts coaching last week. As per my teacher, speak about your hometown with ur name. But i also seen a speaking video. In this video teacher talk about only name, not about hometown..plz suggest me what is the right answer for the same…

    • You will need to write this again so I can understand what you are trying to ask me. Which part of the test are you referring to? Are you talking about topics or questions? Try to be clearer in your questions.

  7. Hello,Teacher i wrote these five sentences.

    Have you got?

    But i cant see here in the comments box anymore.


    • Unfortunately, I can’t post writing that is below band 6 on this blog. There were too many errors.
      All the best

  8. quangtuan says

    1. it was not
    2. call so many times the customer services
    3. he would send
    4. disappointed in the services
    5. I need someone from your company fixing the TV’s problem of replacing the current TV with the new one

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