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Pie Chart and Bar Chart for IELTS Writing Task 1

It is possible to be given two charts together in IELTS writing task 1. Below you will see two pie charts followed by a bar chart. This exercise will focus on how to structure your report and how to highlight the key features of both charts in one overview.

The charts below show the males and females arrested over 5 years and the reasons for the most recent arrests.

two IELTS charts

Two Charts: Structure and Overview

Answer the questions below in order to decide your paragraphing for your task 1 report.

  1. Will you put the introduction separately?
  2. Will you have an overview or conclusion?
  3. How many body paragraphs will you have?
  4. What order will you put your paragraphs in?
  5. Will your body paragraphs be equal lengths?
  1. Yes, the introduction should go in a separate paragraph.
  2. You must have an overview not a conclusion. The overview can go after the introduction.
  3. You should have 4 paragraphs in total.
  4. You should have an introduction, an overview, one body paragraph for the pie chart detail and one body paragraph for the bar chart detail.
  5. The body paragraph with pie chart detail will be shorter than the body paragraph with details about the bar chart


Now write your overview. this paragraph must contain key features from both charts. This means you must write one sentence about the key features of the pie charts and one sentence for the key features of the other chart. After you have written your overview, check the sample overview. Model Overview

Overall, over the five year period finishing in 1994, there were significantly more males arrested than females. The majority of arrests were due to public drinking while no answer was given for the least number of arrests for both genders.



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    HI LIZ,
    Atfirst I want to tell you one thing ,thank you for being such an amazing person. I am sure if there were a nobel prize for best teacher, you would get it!
    Another fantastic lesson, congrats for your great job.
    Please share with us more essay topics. I am about to book my exam slot @march.
    Need your help more.
    Essay on summer vacation is it important or not ? like a positive aspect of spend time n summer time and side by side drawback also.

  2. Hi,
    It seems to me that it could be a good idea to construct 3 body paragraphs for this particular task (a, to comment about pie chart; b, to comment about crimes which lead to female arrest more frequently; c, for males ones). Could you comment if my reasoning is corect?
    Thanks a lot

    • A bar chart usually requires comparing. If you put males and females in separate paragraphs, you won’t be able to compare them.

  3. Augustine Alabi says:

    Hello Liz,

    Please, for this particular question, I wrote up to 211 words. Is it wrong to write above 150 words?

  4. hi liz….i have got an exam on jan 9….this site is helping too much for me

    to be true with you…..i have been love with you although i am younger than you..looking your videos on youtube

    love you lizz

  5. Hi Liz,
    I was confused in the sentence “The majority of arrests were due to…”. I wonder if there is “were” or “was” here? Would you please help me?
    Thank you in advance

  6. Dear Liz,

    Difficult to write about all the reasons for recent arrest in the body paragraph, so is it ok to write about only the major reasons?

  7. Hi Liz,
    I would like to know if it is fine to describe some features that I did not put in the overview?

    For example, I observed that there was a significant percentage difference in the reason of drunk driving between males and females. It I didn’t mention it in my overview, can I add this point later paragraphs?

    Thank you!

    • When you choose your key features, you also consider the length of your report. This has both pie charts and a bar chart. So, best to choose about one key feature from each and then start the body paragraphs. Try adding your sentence and then count the number of words. It might be lengthy and time consuming – remember you only have 20 mins for this.
      All the best

  8. Hi Liz,
    does this overview get good band or not?

    Overall, the percentage of males was considerably higher than that of females. Most number of males and females ended up in the prison for public drinking whereas the least percentage was shown for no reason in both gender.

    also i am confused between the use of ” than ” and ” than that of” in comparison.

  9. Maam,
    I wrote about 200 words in task 1 and it was comparison chart (pie charts and table)So,Please tell me would this thing affect my band score??

    • If your overview contained key features and your body paragraphs contained obvious details, then it should be ok. Some charts contain a lot of information and it is possible to write around 200 words. But it depends on the charts you get and how you write. Without seeing your writing and the charts, I can’t comment exactly.
      All the best

  10. Dear Liz!

    I love your site, I’m a frequent visitor. I was wondering if in this case would it be a good idea to add to the overview the sentence: “The biggest difference between female and male arrest was in drink driving. ” ?
    Thank you for your answer.

    • It is often good to add the main difference in the overview. But it depends on how much detail there is to write in the body paragraphs. Here you can see we have both a pie chart and a bar chart to describe. That means we need to limit the length of the overview or the report will get too long. But it is your choice.
      All the best

  11. i want ask you how I can improve my writing skill because I always get just 4 score
    Can you tell me please?? Because my exam in the next Saturday

    • With only a few days left, I recommend you look at my model essays and pay attention to structure, content of paragraphs and linking devices. However, to get more than 4, you will need to be able to produce more accurate English. More errors = lower score.
      All the best

  12. Noha Faisal says:

    Hi Liz ,
    Excuse me mum ,, in which time are you gonna read candidates` work ? ,, is there any particular appointment or when you are free ??

  13. Noha Faisal says:

    Dear Liz ,
    kindly , can you read my introduction and overview ? . and could you please evaluate them ..
    The pie chart depicts some information about the numbers of people from both genders who were arrested in five years , by the end of 1994 , while the bar chart illustrates seven features for why they were taken down.

    Overall, men who had been arrested, exceed more than women in the same five years .However, the most popular cause for that detention , was the general drinking for males and females, whereas no reason was given for the minimal numbers of arrests.


  14. Noha Faisal says:

    Hi Liz,
    I wanna ask if we can put percentages or any information like numbers or years in the overview ? or it must be only in the body paragraphs ??!

    • The overview is just a description of the key features without details of numbers. Unless, you have totals to give, for example in a table. All details usually go in the body paragraphs.
      All the best

  15. Weronika says:

    Dear Liz, please could you check my overview and give me an opinion?

    Overall, over a five year period given, the propotion of arrested men surpassed that of woman nearly four times. Furthermore, for both women and men public drinking was the most popular reason for arresting, while not answering was least popular reason for both genders.


  16. joshua says:

    thank you for this lesson .Plz can you evaluate my overview..
    overall,the percentage of arrested men was, through the 5 years of the end of 1994 ,more important than for women .public drinking is the reason which leads to the most arrests in both genders while the least number of arrests are due to indefinite reasons

    • I can see that you are trying to put the right information in but due to grammar errors, it is not a strong overview. We can see that the percentage of men was higher but we can’t see it was more important. Mistakes in grammar can alter the meaning so be very careful. Also “through the 5 years of the end of 1994” does not mean 5 years ending in 1994. Again, grammar is the problem. When you write about the reasons for arrests, you use the present simple which is also wrong.

      You have the right technique but your English is letting you down.

  17. Yeahia says:

    can i write “in both genders” instead of ” between the genders”?

  18. Yeahia says:

    kindly check my intro-
    The charts illustrate the number of males and females arrested in five years ending in 1994 and the reasons of the arrests,which have occurred recently.

  19. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your lesson.
    Here is my approach to the body paragraphs, please have a look if you have time.

    During this 5-year period, there was about one-third (32%) of men who were arrested. This percentage was much higher than that in women (9%), being almost 4 folds in figures.

    Moreover, public drinking was the most common reason of getting arrested, with approximate percentages of 37% in females and 31% in males. Following public drinking, drink driving accounted for the second most common reason. Unlike public drinking, there were much more males (slightly above 25%) than females (just under 15%) who were arrested because of drink driving. For the reason of breach of order, assault, theft and some other reasons, the percentages ranged from 10-20% in both genders. Lastly, around 5% of the arrests were without reasons answered, comprising the least proportion of the chart.

    Kind regards,

    • It’s very good. Well done!. My only comment is this sentence: “This percentage was much higher than that in women (9%), being almost 4 folds in figures.” which is confusing to read. Here is how I would write it: “This percentage was almost four times higher than that of women (9%).”
      All the best

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