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IELTS Writing Answer Sheet: Video Tutorial

Practise using the official IELTS writing answer sheet before your test. Learn how the examiner uses the paper to record your band score and what extra information is contained on it. This lesson also explains how to fill in the answer sheet and how to use it effectively to estimated your word count. People taking the computer based IELTS test will see the word count on their screens.

Below is a link to download the answer sheet so you can practise writing on it before your test. Any student taking the IELTS test for the first time, should watch this lesson. The following writing answer sheets are from ielts.org. Click link to download: Task 1 Paper &ย ย Task 2 Paper

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Writing Task 2 Video Lesson: How to write an introduction



  1. http://Ratheesh says

    Hi Liz

    I thank you for the most valuable and critical points that you share with the IELTS apsirants. One thing I would like to know is whether we can choose between a pen and a pencil for writing tasks. If so, which one would you suggest and why?

  2. http://Shawon%20Paul says

    Dear Madam Liz,

    Thanks for sharing the outstanding study materials to let us being prepared for the IELTS exam. I have been following your website and videos for the last three months and it’s really encouraging to learn a lot of diverse information to learn and achieve knowledge and scores respectively.
    However, i have found the links shared for the speaking and listening answer sheet in the section “Useful Websites and Resources for IELTS” isn’t working (my guess is the links updated recently). I have provided below the links which are currently working for downloading the answer sheet:

    Listening: https://www.ielts.org/about-the-test//-/media/pdfs/114189_ielts_listening_answer_sheet.ashx

    Reading: https://www.ielts.org/-media/pdfs/general-reading-answer-sheet.ashx?la-en

    I have provided the links for GT Reading and one can find the other in the ielts.org website.

  3. http://Md%20Kamal%20Hossain says

    Dear Liz,
    I always think of getting 8 at all four sections. Even though I dream it. However, the preparation may not the desired level. In fact, continuity in preparation is the greatest flaw from my side. At overwhelming the resources on online, I am confused but still I am supposed to take very thin way of materials. I have collected Cambridge IELTS books 10-13, bbclearningenglish.com, and your site ielts liz.com at FB, Website, YouTube. I think these more enough among stake of materials.

    I prepare myself always whenever get time. Your materials are the prime resources for me. I am confident fully to overcome the challenge of a good score in IELTS. Suggest me Liz.

    Md. Kamal Hossain
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    • http://Liz says

      I like to be honest with people. Your English contains so many errors in both grammar and vocabulary, that you might struggle to get a high score. For writing, your grammar is not above 6. Your vocabulary is also not above 6. You might think about improve your English is you are truly aiming for band 8.

  4. http://Muhammad%20Talha says

    Dear Ms Liz,

    At the end of the letter, after yours sincerely, can I write my name or what should I write?

    thanks for making ilets exam easy for us.

    Muhammad Talha

    • http://Liz says

      You can make up a name.

      • http://Majid%20Ali says

        Could I get extra writing sheet for task 1 or task 2 ?
        And I have problem with my writing that i write big words about 5 or 6 words per line is it okay?

        • http://Liz says

          If you fill your answer sheet, you can put your hand up to ask for an extra sheet. Have a chat with the invigilator before the start of the test to explain – you will feel more relaxed that way.

  5. http://Uran says

    I don’t understand about section “Memorized”. What does it mean? How can a teacher understand that I memorise answer?
    thanks a lot

  6. http://Steffen%20Bernardshaw says

    Hi Miss Liz,
    A friend of mine recommended that I write my thesis statement in a separate paragraph in the writing task 1 and 2. Would you say that is accurate or should I attempt the full introduction in a single paragraph as per your videos?

    Thank you for all the help

    • 1. the thesis statement is part of the introduction. It cannot form a paragraph alone.
      2. task 1 is not an essay – it is a report. There is no thesis statement. There is an overview which is the most important paragraph in your report.
      Go to the RED BAR and click on writing task 1 or writing task 2. There are over 300 pages of free model essays, reports, tips etc – start learning the right way!

  7. http://Numan%20khan says

    thank u mam. you are a great teacher ever..

  8. http://Ahmed says

    Hi Liz,
    This is Ahmed from Egypt and I’m a great fan of you.
    First of all, I’d like to mention that I admire the way you are teaching, in addition, I like the way you are advising us, Finally, the way you are smiling is giving me a great hope and a self-confidence.

  9. http://Merilyn says

    Hi Liz I am a beginner and preparing my first attempt for ielts academic on January next year. I want to ask if how are they counting words. Are they including prepositions? The, are, with, and like these? Thank you

  10. http://Vijay%20Kumar says

    Hi Madam, Thank for your lessons!
    In ILETS exam, do they provide some kind of extra paper for rough work for writing Task?
    For Planning & jotting down Ideas. Please help on this.

  11. http://Ali%20Akbar says

    Hi I have just watched your ielts task 1 introuduction video where you have given a quite hidden know-how about IELTS tense. that we come to know about the tense from the year in the introductory line.
    I didn’t understand it like the information given on the data was of 2010 so, which tense we will use to describe as now it is 2018. past or present? and why please elaborate on this or make a video tutorial on this as my IELTS test is after 1 week. Kindly make it promptly so that I should also be able to practice it well. Thanks in advance.

  12. http://victoria says

    If i notice a mistake on my writing answer sheet, how do I correct it? Do I just put a line over and write the correct answer above? Will I loose marks? thanks

    • http://Liz says

      It doesn’t matter. Make sure the examiner can’t read the incorrect word and make sure the correct word is easy to read. No, you don’t lose marks for that.

  13. http://veddy says

    I have been suggested to me by people to use idioms in writing task 2. you have already guided about quotes by famous people are not appropriate to write. can you please guide about usage of idioms too.

  14. http://Junaid%20Raza says

    Hello mam, Thank you for your support. My query is regarding the marks deduction due to memorising. So if I am writing some famous slogans told by some famous persons or some historical events then will it be treated as memorising. Please clarify.

    • http://Liz says

      If you use language that is memorised and is not your own, the examiner will not count it as part of your essay. If your whole essay is a memorised essay, you will get band 0.

  15. http://JOSEPHINE%20STEPHANIE says

    Hi mam. First of all, I want to thankyou for providing us with these materials. If after I finish my writing, and I want to add a sentence in the middle of it, is it okay to just put a small arrow sign and write the sentence right above other sentences. (It will become 2 rows of sentences in one line provided). Thankyouuu:)

    • http://Liz says

      It’s fine to make edits, delete words, add words etc. As long as it is VERY clear and easy to read, it’s fine. BUT it is difficult to read, it could impact your score negatively.

  16. http://Harsh%20Kumar says

    If my grammer is good but the ideas are not in proper ways like something out of topic given.Then this will create trouble for me or not

  17. http://VIKI says

    which line should I start my writing? is the first line just below the “TASK 2”?

  18. http://Reshmi says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for this amazing website.
    Which paper should I use for taking printout of writing sample answer sheet?
    Is it A4 or smaller?
    I have a big handwriting and I’m afraid if the width between the lines are small I’ll have to reduce the size during the exam which will affect the speed,neatness and overall writing performance.As I write in cursive letters f,y,g all gets elongated when I write fluently and often touch the next line.

    Thank You,

  19. http://Vinit%20Philip says

    Hello Liz,
    First off a big thanks to you for your helpful tips. I had one question regarding listening tests and I hope you clarify it.The other day I gave a sample test and the question was “he had a problem in seeing _____.so the actual Audio said “seeing things in the distance” but since the answer count was only limited to 3 words I chose my answer as “distant thing”.the solution listed was “in the distance” so they just ignored things.so is my answer then incorrect? Do we have to stick to exactly what we hear or are we allowed to use the same words but grammatically change them like I did in my case?

    • http://Liz says

      Your answer is wrong because the word is not “distant”, it is “distance”. You can’t alter the words. Also “seeing in the distance” is correct English – it is grammatically correct.

  20. http://Nikita says

    Hello liz,
    Firstly thank you so much for the amazing content on your site that has helped so many aspiring candidates like me. I have some doubt in listening section, hope you have time to respond:
    If in listening test my answer is name of a website like bakshi.in.nic then would it be written as bakshi,in,nic in answer sheet and counted as 3 words or written as such “bakshi.in.nic” and counted as one word.

  21. http://Amer%20Karnoub says

    Hi Liz,

    In reading skill exam, if the correct answer is for example “the roll”, but my answer was “roll”. Is my answer accepted or not?

  22. http://Manu%20sharma says

    If i do spelling mistakes in writing it will lose my marks

  23. http://Giorgio says

    Hi, Liz

    I would like to ask you if there is a penality when i delete a sentece by barring It. It happen at least two time in every task2 paper because i realize olny after if the sentece was badly structured.

    Thank you in advance and a happy new year!

    • http://Liz says

      It is fine to delete sentences or words. However, if your writing becomes too messy and the examiner can’t read it, you will get a very low mark. Always keep writing and corrections tidy and easy to read.

  24. http://Amer%20Karnoub says

    Could I use a piece of paper to make notes in writing IELTS?

  25. http://Kishore says

    What i should use for writing,listening and speaking?
    Pen or pencil?
    Which one is better?

  26. http://Khaled says

    Thank you for your great efforts
    I’d like to ask
    If I memorize some sentences or phrases ( not paragraphs in order to use them in the essays
    Do I receive any penalities ?

    • You can’t cheat IELTS. Do NOT memorise sentences or phrases. You can learn vocabulary and you can learning linking words – that’s all.

  27. http://Najiba says

    Hi liz ,

    If I had to write a long word at the end of my line , and since its wrong to write out of the lines can I write half of the word followed by “-” and then the other half ? For example “inspir-
    Because I’ve read many books that use this method, but im not sure if its formal or academically.

    I hope you have time to answer me .
    Thank you so much for all your help I’m counting on you for my 7+ overall. โ™ฅโ™ฅ

  28. http://Shavez%20Amjad says

    Hi Liz
    I want to know about writing answers on reading answers sheet for questions of NO MORE THAN TWO OR THREE WORDS. I have seen an answer sheet on cambridge book on which NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS answers was written as:
    “(wooden) Pulleys” while i wrote it as wooden pulleys.
    Is that OK?

  29. http://Basant says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you for your valuable information. I would like to ask whether articles and prepositions are considered from the count of 250 words or not?

  30. http://Sundeep%20Mago says

    Hi LIz, I have to give general writing test. Is there a website where i can submit my model paper to get them reviewed and to know what band score I have achieved. Thanks in advance.

  31. Hello Liz,

    I have a question in Task 2 of General Training: are we not supposed to quote anything said by anyone at all and also, to convey any theory or principle which was proposed by anyone, even with their name mentioned?

    For example, I found the ideas in “Some thoughts concerning Education” by John Locke fascinating. Am I allowed to use some ideas from this source, giving credits to the same?

    Thanks again for all your wonderful lessons.


    • IELTS is a language test. This means the examiner wants to see your language – not other people’s language. Each sentence will be a sentence that you have created yourself using your own English.

  32. http://sowmya says

    hi Liz!
    can I ask for extra answer sheet in the examination if needed?

    • You can ask for extra writing paper when you have filled your existing answer sheet. However, always make sure you check before the start of the test about that.

  33. Can you please help me to understand something in terms of writing down the answers for the Listening and Reading sections?

    I’ve been using Cambridge official guide to IELTS. I learnt to write down the answers in accordance with it.
    For, example, when in the audio it would say “the 26th”, the keys would only list “26” without “th”.
    Now I took a test from Official IELTS Practice Materials 2, and in the same case the only correct answer they give is “26th”.

    Do you know where I can find the rules related to this? Which one is correct?

    Thank you in advance!
    Your site is of great help, thank you:)

  34. http://K.%20Malik says

    Dear Liz!

    Thanks for your tips and lessons, but I won’t see much information about General Training IELTS ‘Writing Tasks’ . I have found many tips on your blog about Academic writing, but not much on General Writing. Please share link if you’ve information about GT. Thanks.

  35. http://Avindi says

    Thanks for the helpful video. Please can I know whether its alright to leave a blank line after each line and two lines between paragraphs so that corrections can be made clearly when going through? Are we penalized for crossing words and writing on top frequently?

    • http://Liz says

      No, I wouldn’t recommend that. Just leave one line between paragraphs and that’s all. If you plan your essay fully (which means planning each sentence) you will have less things to cross out. You are not penalised for crossing out words. But if it is very messy and the examiner struggles to read it, you will obviously get a lower mark. So, plan for 5 mins and plan every sentence. Then write with care. Cross out when needed but make it tidy.

  36. http://nourah says

    hi liz,

    i want to know of it is needed to have a space before starting any body, and do we need to leave a space line between bodies?
    best regards
    and many thanks for your great efforts

  37. http://Christine%20Toribio says

    Hi Liz,

    I forgot to leave a space after each paragraph, will I get deduction for that?

  38. http://Aristeo says

    I really like your web site, thank you so much, where can I find the sample answer sheets for reading and listening?

  39. Am happy to get touch with you via your blogs and comments,
    I do appreciate giving me more clear ways of accomplishing my IELTS which is just one day to go, but I will keep posted until 25.2.2017 for reading, writing and listening

  40. http://yash%20parmar says

    hello ,
    i am from india . i want to thank you for you information about writing , it helps me more than any classes . i have exams on 16th feb and i am sure that your lessons will help me to scoyre good bands .

  41. http://Larissa%20Barboza%20Vazquez%20Venturim says

    You are absolutely marvellous!
    Thank you!

    Best whishes from Brazil.

  42. http://Nafiul%20Hasan says

    What should I use a pen or pencil in IELTS writing?

  43. Hi,
    Can I use personal pronoun in writing task 2 for giving example.

    • To keep your essay academic and boost your score, it is best to write in general when giving examples. This means to write about people and the world in general rather than writing about yourself or your friends.

  44. http://Mahota says

    Dear Liz,

    My natural style of writing is quite ornate and I am used to using idioms and flamboyant words and phrases. It is easy for me to accuse my secondary school language teachers for developing this flair, but very difficult to change the style now. What are my chances of getting penalised for memorising?

    • You will only get penalised for memorising if you have learned long sentences or phrases by heart and use them inappropriately or wrongly. The main problem will be your style of writing. You need to practice putting your ideas simply and clearly rather than using descriptive language.

  45. http://Rose says

    Hi Liz!

    I just wanna know. You mentioned in the video that it is better to practice on paper than typing on computers. I will be taking a UKVI IELTS and I heard that it is a computer delivered exam. Is it okay if I do practice on computers or my cellphone for the writing tasks? I find it difficult to write on papers because I make lots of erasures and it’s time consuming for me. Thanks in advance for your comment or suggestion on this matter.

  46. http://Varun%20Thoonoli says

    Good day Liz,

    Your website is extremely useful and the tips are very informative and makes it easy to remember. I am having trouble downloading the answer sheet. On clicking the link, it says that the account has been suspended. Could you please help?

  47. http://akhil says

    HI LIZA,
    I find your website very didactic and tranquil.I have my exam on 5th nov 16 and was in turmoil,period,but you drove me to the shore .thank you thou

  48. http://rodrigo says

    i like to know,how many papers will they give for task 2.just only one paper or more than that. if we need?

  49. hi lizard.
    ur blog has been a great support for me to prepare for ielts.. I was wondering if the marker will deduct my points for several time erasing n rewriting .I tried to keep it legible tho

  50. For sure! This is the best blog for IELTS!


  51. http://jeremiah says

    hi Liz, i was wondering where should i put my first sentence on both tasks..is it above or under the first line in the writing answer sheet. Thanks

  52. In Nigeria here, I help train IELTS candidates for the IELTS exams. I have found your site practically useful and I have as much as possible promoted it among my students, who also have found it resourceful. Thanks for your invaluable contributions and trainings. Liz, pls may I know if I can get a marked dummy for the IELTS Writing tasks 1 and 2. I want to know exactly how these tasks are evaluated. May I also know if you can welcome a special invitation for training sessions with IELTS candidates here in Nigeria. I would very much love to host you. I see you as my mentor. Thanks and God bless you . Amen.

  53. http://Georgi%20Trevnenski says

    Hello Liz,
    I was wondering whether I have to write Writing Task 2 before I begin writing my essay or I should just write the two tasks one after the other?
    Thank you in advance

    • http://Liz says

      You can start with task 1 or task 2 – your choice.

      • http://tvivek says

        totaly how many answer paper will be given for task one

        • You will get one piece of paper with two sides of lines for task 1 and the same (although a bit longer) for task 2. You can ask for more paper if you need it. You should prepare your ideas for your essay on the question paper.

  54. http://conrad says

    i could only manage 180 words in task 2 . how much marks should i expect

  55. http://Nguyen%20Tuoi says

    thank for your useful lesson. I took the first test one month ago, but nobody tell me clearly like you. thank you so much. I will have a preparation for the next test.

    • http://Dishane says

      Hi Liz
      I did IELTS in June and your blog was sooo very much helpful. Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I got an overall band score of 7.5 (listening 8, reading 7.5, writing 6 and speaking 8)
      I only had nearly two weeks for preparations and it was the IELTS guide book I got from the British Council and your blog that saved me.
      Thanks again

  56. http://falguni says

    such a useful tips for ielts

  57. http://Rama says

    Hi Liz,

    First of all , Thank you much for providing me ,all these IELTS for free, your site is one stop for all IELTS needs, and helping me alot.I did paid for some online tutorial they not even teaching half of you work, you are amazing Liz.
    I m trying to download paper but it seems link has broken , would you please check it?

    Thank you

  58. http://Lily says

    Hi Liz,

    I need to score 8 and above from all parts in IELTS. I took the test 3 times and everytime my writing was 7. The rest are fine, but I pparently I can not improve my writing which is weird. I have previosly scored 8 on academic writing but can not do it for GT test. Can you give me some advise?

    Another question of mine is about giving personal opinions at essays. Sometimes the question does not ask about opinion, like discuss questions, but under the question box it states ” give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience” so shall I include my personal opinion although it is a discussion essay?


  59. http://Lyubomira says


    I want to ask if the candidate should rewrite the given topic of both tasks in the beginning or he/she starts to write immediately about the topic without title?

  60. http://Jazz says

    Hi liz, you really discussed all things very well. Should I put a “tab space” in every paragraph that I start? or is it proper to just start along the border/margin. Thank you

  61. http://sofia says

    Hi Liz!!!
    I would like know if I can use pencil to write my essay on taks 2??? or only pen is allowed???
    Thank you!!!!

  62. http://T%20A%20Sheikh says

    Hi. Just want to post a quick comment . Answer sheet that I had was different for Task2 than the one you have posted . It had same candidate information section in beginning like Task1 meaning same writing space not more. May be this is the one for British Council , as I sat with IDP and had difference experience than the downloaded one I was used to practising on.


  63. Hello. If I need more space to write the answer for Task 1, what should I do? I’m asking because I do see that after the writing space for Task 1, there is Task 2 written on the answer sheet. Can I continue it in the writing space for Task 2?
    Thank you

  64. http://Monir%20Hossen says

    Hello Mam,

    I really enjoy your lessons and videos that are enriched both in information and guidelines. I believe they also very effective to achieve maximum band score in IELTS. I’m preparing myself without going any teaching centre because I can’t afford the cost. So, I make myself use your materials, videos and lessons. I would like thank you for your efforts to guide and inspire us providing vast field of information.

  65. Task2 criminals should not be sent into prison.education and job should be given to them.to what extent do you agree or disagree?
    I want to get answer of this question(please mam)
    Could i give partial agree answer and not lose my marks? Or should be agree or disagree with this statement?

  66. http://Shamaila says

    Hi liz I want to thank you for all your efforts to assist us in this most challenging test of my whole life… I have really improved in my reading , that was nightmare for me , got 7 band in this module, also I got improved in my listening a lot after watching your videos, with band 8 in listening part.
    I have some questions regarding my writting.

    In task 1 I didn’t mention billion along with ยฃ sign in description.. Meaning that I came up with wrong figures . Like I mentioned 12 pound instead of 12 billion pound … Did it affect my task score so badly ?.?

    Q2:::at the bottom of the task 2 sheet , they was a spare space for official use, I made a blunder by putting my conclusion under that line . And I think I tried to insert several words forcefully which led my writing untidy . … What do you think my conclusion would be excluded from my writing as I wrote under official use area ?.

    And may be for these mistakes I ended up getting merely a 6 band :(?

  67. http://M%20Owais%20Khan says

    Hi Liz,

    Please clear about “Memorised” that you discussed in the video about how to check IELTS writing and scoring.
    For example we start personal letters as “It’s been so long since we last in touch with you and we haven’t forgotten such wonderful time ….”, Is it consider “memorised”? Or if its mean in the body , so how examiner knows that this is memorized sentence. Waiting for detailed response.

    Muhammad Owais Khan

    • Memorised language is high band score words or phrases which are above the level of the student and are used to try and boost their score. Many students think using such language will impress the examiner but in reality the examiner can see which language is learned and copied because it doesn’t match the rest of the essay. The sentence you have provided is natural language and even contains a mistake so it can’t be considered high level language that is memorised to get a good score, it is just natural language that is suitable for certain types of letters. Letter writing is more formulaic but essay writing isn’t.
      All the best

  68. http://Narinder%20Singh says

    TASK 2 test date November 07
    many people are doing study using distance educational courses(using internet ,TV ).
    These type of courses never take place of regular study.
    center-Amritsar (PUNJAB) India

  69. http://Anel says

    Do linking words/phrases from other model answers are considered as memorised?

  70. http://Andjela says

    Dear Liz,

    thank you very much, althought even with all the help, my writing task 1 is still very bad, at least I think so ๐Ÿ™
    Do you have any advice in terms of being nervous and anxious (don’t know if I spelled that correctly), because I am veeerrryyyy nervous, I can’t even explain how much. And can we bring water inside?

    • Many students choose to book two tests because they are so nervous with their first one. You must find a way to cope with your nerves. Hopefully you will be concentrating so hard that you will forget to be nervous. As to taking water into the exam, I don’t know. You must ask IELTS Official about that or your local test center.
      Good luck!

  71. http://Neil says

    Hey mam,
    Can i use some phrases in the introduction ,such as: ‘to set the ball rolling’ or ‘to set the clock ticking’
    Will they help to improve my band score or be considered as memorised language?
    Thnx in advance!

    • http://Liz says

      No. Most idioms are not appropriate to writing and also are considered learned language. Just write naturally.

  72. http://juveriya says

    hi liz,
    can we use short forms in writing task 2 for some words like “i.e.,=that is, viz,=namely, eg=example”

    please replY back as soon as possible..
    thank you…

    • http://Liz says

      I have already answered your question. You posted this question on the life cycle diagram lessons. Please check your answer.

  73. http://Julia says

    Hi, Liz!
    Thank you very much for help!
    My question is quite silly: What should I do if I write a word (e.g. knowledge) but there is no enough space for the whole word on the line? Leave the space and write the whole word on the next line? Divide it using a dash like
    …know- (the first line)
    ledge… (the second line)?
    Or the same but without a dash?


    • It’s best to write the whole word on the other line. We divide words in a particular way in English when we use hyphens so it’s easy to make mistakes. Just write the whole word on the next line – it’s easier and safer.

  74. http://Sanjay%20Chowdhury says

    Hello Mam,
    I do follow your tube channel and that’s really helped me lot to feel confident while appearing for the 1st time IELTS Exam on 19 September 2015… Well, I want to know about the individual mark that conveyed by both of Task 1 and Task 2….


  75. http://Ahmed%20Samir says

    How can I download the writing answer sheet for task one and two of ielts?
    I will be thankful if you send it to me on my email.

  76. http://Amina says

    Dear Liz
    I just want to thank you for your efforts , next month I will do the test , wish me luck.
    You are the best.

  77. Dear Liz,
    I am writing to appreciate your efforts on giving best possible lessons to not only do well in ielts but also to learn English language in general. Particularly, I’d like to say thanks because there are many helpful lessons for free of cost.
    Last month, I appeared in ielts general test and scored 8, 7.5, 6 and 8 respectively in L,R,W and S. I am displeased with my writing result, as I need 7 in it as well. In my opinion, while practicing and during test, I found lacking in coming up with ideas within time due to pressure, which inhibit me to produce better task response.
    I’d really appreciate your advice and how to approach devloping eassy ideas.
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

    • Start reading my essay ideas on the writing task 2 page. Then read all the model essays you can find online and make a note of their ideas.

  78. http://Jocel says

    Hi Liz! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a question regarding the answer sheet for writing.
    What is ‘Centre Number’ ?

    Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. http://loyio00ielts says

    Hi Liz, first of all thank you so much for all the interesting and useful advice which thanks to you can be found on this site.
    Anyways, I was wondering how to count percentage in the writing part of the ielts.
    For example is 10% one or two words.
    Thank you so much for your attention

    • http://Liz says

      10% is counted as one word. However, if you wrote “ten percent” is would be two words. ยฃ20,000 is also one word.
      All the best

  80. http://ieltstest says

    I need more pages to write both task 1 and task 2.
    Will they give me more than just 4, if I need.
    Thank you for your help.

  81. http://Tammy%20Phan says

    Hi Liz, It’s so great that I found your blog. Your online lessons are very useful for me. I’m so scare of writing but through your instruction, I feel better now. In the future, I want to be an excellent IELTS teacher just like you. I’m trying my best to learn IELTS harder day by day. My target is to get band 8 in overall within 3 months. Hope that I can success ^,^

    • http://Liz says

      Good luck! Remember that to get band score 8, you need to have excellent English with almost no errors.
      All the best

  82. http://Ahmed%20sajad says

    Hi liz

    listening ur worthy videos on ielts preparation bt didnt got a chance to pay thank fr your this outstanding effort and superb way of teachng w

    my question z tht f smone dnt hav any idea abt speaking part2 cue card topic thn could it b exchng fr anothr one by telling th examiner … I mean not a language bt f knwlegd problm f ever … guide regardng this plz

    • http://Liz says

      No, you can’t change the card or topic. The talk is not about knowledge, it is about your life so I’m sure you can find something to talk about. Why don’t you post me an example of a part 2 card you find difficult and I’ll give you tips.

      • http://Sehar says

        Hello Ms.Elizabeth,
        Thank you so so much for your such precious work and great video lectures on YOU TUBE.Com……your marvelous teaching methods has made me possible to achieve my target and by the GRACE OF ALLAH…..I have got 7 bands in IELTS ACADEMIC……Stay blessed always…ameen

  83. http://Avril says

    Thank you Liz for all the trouble that you have taken to make it simpler for me to appear for the ielts exam. Thank you for your patience. I have found your videos and links extremely helpful.

  84. http://Noha%20Faisal says

    Hi Liz ,
    is it important to write the first paragraph in writing task 1 in a paraphrasing way from the original description of the question ?
    Because i found roughly more than two model answer who have copied the question the same !!

    • http://Liz says

      This is an English test. You can’t copy words and pretend that it is your English. The examiner will put a line through any words you copy and this can low your word count as well.

  85. http://Nirmal says

    Hi Liz,
    I make this an opportunity to thank you for your great effort on educating us. I have three concerns that, is it eligible to use correction fluid at the exam? Second, what will happen if I cross any words that I really need to delete/ignore. Third, is it OK to use sentence within brackets if needed?

    • http://Liz says

      You can only take a pen, a pencil and an eraser into the exam room. If you need to cross something out, do it neatly and then write the correct word. It is possible to use brackets in writing task 1 not task 2.
      All the best

  86. http://zulqarnain says

    hi i dont see any tips or videos on writng task 2 essay body part n conclusion what to write in that? i got your video on introduction .thanks

    • http://Liz says

      I upload new videos only once a month at most. You will need to be patient to get more videos.
      All the best

  87. http://robert says

    thank you very much in advance. your blog is so helpful to me in enhancing my English language and in preparing my ielts exam.

  88. http://robert says

    hi madam Liz, i am writing using upper case. is it acceptable in ielts exam?

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