Good luck with your IELTS Test: Dec 1st


There are a lot of people taking their test tomorrow, December 1st. I want to wish you all lots of luck in your test !!  Also good luck to anyone sitting their test today !!  🙂

See my “On the Day Tips” which cover basic tips and also tips for listening, reading, writing and speaking. Click here: IELTS On the Day Tips

Good luck! 🙂 I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you all 🙂



  1. Hello Liz, I’ve enjoyed your videos. Thank you.
    I’ve subscribed for lessons by e-mail. Is that all I need to participate in your support/training program?

    • I only post about once a week. However, there are over 300 pages of tips, lessons etc all accessed for free through the RED BAR at the top of this site.

  2. Jayita biswas says

    HI Liz,
    I’m appearing for my IELTS (GT) exam on Jan 5th,2019. Your lessons are of immense help to me. I really appreciate your effort and hard work. I have a query and I’ll be very much obliged if you reply back.. I didn’t find any speaking topic for Jan,2019. Shall I go ahead and prepare the topics published for Sept – Decm2018?

  3. Hi, Liz. I am taking the test in February. But I couldnt find speaking topics for this month.. When will 2019 speaking topics from january to april be available?

  4. Hi Liz mam i just want to ask you about the correction of sentence in which i always got stuck while making it. Lets Suppose if we want to talk about any major concern in writing task two like about population,drug abuse and many more and then what ll we say ? It affects at major scale or It affects on major scale which is correct either at or on .please tells me.

    • NEVER use language that you are not sure about in your writing test. Every mistake will contribute towards a lower score. You have used both incorrectly. It is time to start making your language more accurate and not to learn new language unless you have many many months or years before your test date.

  5. Hi Lizy I’m Londiwe I also a part of this group but I don’t know where does the exams takes place, I also want to be part of it

  6. Karan Kapadia says

    Hi Liz, thanks for all the help. I had my LRW on 1st dec. I assume, I did well in Reading and Writing, however my Listening was not so good. Section III was very tough and tricky. Just hoping for the best.

  7. Hi Liz,

    I really appreciate your effort to teach us everything that we need to know about the test. I was so lucky to find your website, as it helped me a lot during my preparation. I just wanted to say thank you!! My test went well yesterday, although task 1 was quite difficult (about sand dunes) because there wasn’t enough information and I couldn’t manage to write it properly. At least I think I wrote the overview well, as you taught us! Today I had my speaking test and I think it went well. The examiner was very kind and had a big smile on her face during the test just like you! 🙂 Again, thank you for everything, I hope you’re well!!

    • Fingers crossed for your results 🙂

    • Hi Liz,

      Heartfelt thanks for all the useful tips and guidance. Speaking test will kick start my IELTS next week.

      Is it advisable to remain formal in the speaking test or is it preferable to be friendly / semi-formal in approach?

      Best wishes.

      Thanks in advance.

  8. Dear Liz, I have never posted any comment before, but I must do so now in appreciation of all your tutorials which were of immense help while I prepared for my test. I took the test yesterday.
    Thank you, again!

  9. Wrote my test today, blanked out a bit but tried to follow through with the plan for the discussion essay with opinion. But I didn’t introduce my topic sentence in the first sense of the if the body paragraph one nd two. What do you think. All other parts were good

    • Try to relax. There are so many things that influence your score as well as task 1. You will need to wait for your results.

  10. Hello Liz! Thank you a lot for all these amazing tips. I will be taking the exam next week and have a question which stuck in my head. What would be the best thing to do if I would get a description of a process, in writing task 2, which I have no idea about and hence lack the basic vocabulary about it? Thank you in advance

    • If you get a diagram, words will be given that you can use. You should NOT paraphrase the words used to label the diagram. Your task is to use them correctly by identifying if they are nouns, verbs, adjectives etc and then deciding with verb or noun to use with them. All diagrams show simple processes or illustrations which should be easy to explain. Your main task is identifying key features and dividing detail into 2 body paragraphs.

      • hi liz. the diagram of december 1 was about sand particles depositing on the soil and piling up to form dunes. Is it not the whole ielts about paraphrasing? How could a writing be correct in english if you not paraphrase the word dune with hump or hill for instance or the word particle with element. Should i repeat the word dune and particle twelve times in a row in the same paper? Is it not awkward ? Will it sound good? i strongly doubt it will. Will someone who repeat the same word be prized instead of getting marked down? Shouldn’t be the opposite? That sounds weird to me because in your diagram model answer you actually put words in that are not present in the figure (gutter instead of drain, daily consumption ). Why everybody pitchs that ielts is about paraphrasing and here is stated the opposite ? Thanks but i really cannot understand…

        • You have completely misunderstood the meaning of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is not about changing all words. It is about knowing which words to change and which words to keep the same. You would NEVER attempt to change the word “dune” – a sand dune is a sand dune. Your task is to use the language given to you in the diagram and pay attention to correctly collocations – showing the examiner that can you properly match the noun with the right verb.

          • thanks for the answer. i didn’t know that in the diagram you advice not to change the words given. As i ve understood this is the only case where you advice to do that,unlike the task 2 where you seem to stress the importance of using different words for the same meaning. I suggest to implement your diagram model answer page with this tip,because it s not mentioned there. This could be beneficial for other people. I wonder how they can mark me on the lexical resources part if use the same three words ten times,but i trust in what you say. I’ve bought your task 2 videos and i ve used the structures you reccomended,hope to clear it. Can you tell me how much having changed the three words of the diagram just 50% of the times is going to lower the ultimate score for task 1? thanks.

            • I also taught that paraphrasing is about which words to change and which words not to change – this is the case for any writing. It is in my video for paraphrasing. In the model diagram, it is very clear that I use all the words given and do not change them: The examiner does NOT count how many times you use one word. It is possible to avoid repetition by the word of “this” or “it” – refer back to something.

  11. Hi Liz! I had my exam today and I’m really hopeful for a good outcome. I’ll definitely update you when I get my results. Bless you for being such a truly altruistic and dedicated teacher. 🙂🙂

  12. I took my exam today, Writing task 1 about *How sand dunes are formed* was a sad one, which I ever had. There are 3 just steps and very scarce information

  13. Thank you so much teacher Liz. You lectures really is useful for me.

  14. Orkhan Aliyev says

    Hi, Liz. Writing Task 1 was really tough. It was a diagram with only 3 stages and less information (about formation of sand dunes). No one could reach the word limit.

  15. Hello,
    Is there any possibility to know the answers for the listening test 1/12/2018. Especially for the section related to 1st year of graduation etc.

  16. Hi Liz,
    Just finished the IELTS exam which was moderate but long.
    In writing:
    Task 1 about sand formation in desserts
    Task two about film and e-games effective

  17. I am right outside the exam hall reading this and thinking the congratulatory message is for me . i will be back 😊

    thank you so much for your videos and advice

  18. Thanks a million Liz 🙂
    Your wishes really encouraged me and I’ll appear in the test with a big heart now!

  19. Gurdeep Singh Wadhwa says

    Hello Liz..

    Took IELTS-GT on 27-Oct-18. Scored an overall 8.5


    Video lessons on writing and other tips, techniques, vocab, ideas and lots of other material on variety of topics, that is available on your website is extremely helpful.

    Eagerly waiting for the compendium you are planning to release on writing.


  20. Parul Mehra says


  21. Hi, I also have the exam tomorrow. It will be my first try. Hope i do great..Thank you very much, you have been a great support.
    I had one question; if the exam gives us one pie chart and a table for the writing task 1, should we separate one detail paragraph for each in the structure(one paragraph for the pie chart and one for the table)??

    • You would write the introduction and overview which contains both. Then one body paragraph for each. This is not a fixed rule and it does depend on the information given – but it is most common to divide the information that way.

  22. Thank you

  23. Hi Liz,
    I had my test on 10th November, and I’m happy to let you know that I scored an 8!
    See my scores below:
    Reading – 8.5
    Listening – 8.5
    Speaking – 7.5
    Writing – 7

    Thank you so much for your selflessness and for all the numerous uploads on your page. They helped me a lot!

  24. Thank you very much Mme for the Free lessons and the discount you gave. Some of us had the opportunity to get those lessons because of the discount. Thank you for so much love and concern. Love you too and praying for you.

  25. Sangita Paul says

    Thank you so much,Liz.

  26. Sabina silwal says

    Thank uh liz 😊

  27. Thanks a lot ma’am 😊

  28. Thanku mam

  29. nzerotwoonefournineone says

    Hi, Liz! I’m from UAE and I will be taking the exam tomorrow. 🙂 I have been going through all the practice tests online today. I have scored very low in my Reading tests and am left feeling unconfident and very anxious. I just hope I have clarity for tomorrow.

    Thank you for building this community. 🙂 It’s very helpful!

    • Remember, your aim in reading is to win points by finding answers. Don’t get lost trying to understand the whole passage. Also be selective – if a question looks really hard, move on and tackle it later. You have 60 mins and 40 answers to find – be strategic. Good luck!

      • nzerotwoonefournineone says

        I wasn’t able to read your reply anymore however, I breezed through the reading. I followed your tips from the true/false/NG and the Y/N/NG… that the trick to the reading test in IELTS is to scan for info and not linger!!! It helped me finish quick and I am quite confident that I was able to pickout the answers swiftly and accurately. As for my writing, I didn’t forget how to write the intro part, following your video 🙂 I failed to create a conclusion tho 🙁

  30. Thanks Liz!

    I’ll be taking my exam tomorrow here in Riyadh!

  31. Thanx too much, Liz Mam

  32. Thanks Liz , I got the score I needed in writing after paying for your extended essays . You sure are a life saver

  33. Afzal H Mohammad says


    Thank you very much for all your wishes and the work you are doing here. I have one question and will be glad if you can answer it. When I took few mock tests, I came across a listening test in which the email address was particularly spelled in small letters. I am planning to use all CAPITAL letters for my test, so in this case since the speaker mentioned small letters, can I switch to small for this particular question or I can still use Capital letters for everything? Please let me know.
    Waiting for your reply.

  34. Thank u soo much

  35. Thank you for everything Liz! You have been my life saver.Im now bound to work in the UK next year! I wouldnt have attained the necessary scores without your website and your help! Youre an angel! Praying for your happiness and health always! ❤️

  36. Shubhra Jha says

    Thank you liz.😊😊😊😊

  37. Thank you so much , Liz !!! Can’t wait share my results with you

  38. Thank you. Today I did for Speaking test.
    Tmr will be the rest subjects. I hope all my efforts will be paid of.

  39. i have a few questions if you can answer them. Do they give any rough sheet where i can make some points for written task? also do i need to do written task with pen or pencil? how about reading listening? pen or pencil will be used?And what if the given sheet is less than i need for writing task?

  40. Thank you so much, Liz!

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