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E-book Sample Chapter: Ideas for IELTS Essays

Hi guys,

I am organising an e-book called “Ideas for IELTS Essays“. Below is a link to a chapter from this book. I would like your feedback on this chapter.

The sample chapter is based on ideas for the topic of Family. The whole e-book will cover approximately 30 common IELTS essay topics. It should be ready to purchase in a couple of months.

Your Task:

Please read the chapter and give your feedback based on the following questions:

  1. Will this e-book help you gain ideas for your IELTS essays?
  2. Did you find the exercises useful to practise vocabulary and ideas?
  3. What other feedback can you give me?

Post your feedback in the comments box below.

Download Sample Chapter

The sample chapter below is for the topic of Family in IELTS writing task 2. Each section of this topic is based on typical IELTS essay questions.

Download:  Family Topic Ideas for IELTS Essays

Download: Family Answer Key

Post your feedback in the comments box below.

I really appreciate your feedback on this – all comments welcome 🙂

All the best




  1. http://Hannan%20Majeed says

    Hi Liz,
    Can you please tell me when will you publish your ideas book?

    • http://Liz says

      I’m still formatting the pages. If I am lucky, it will be released at the beginning of April. I can’t promise that though.

  2. http://Muna says

    Well done Liz , I’m waiting for it.

  3. http://Mahmudur%20Rahman says

    Dear Liz

    Could you please let me know when your book for “Ideas for IELTS Essay” will be available? I am eagerly waiting for this book. I have registered for IELTS exam which will be held on 23rd March, 2019. Is there any possibility to get this one before my exam date.

    I am looking forward for your feedback.

    Best Regards

    • Sorry, there is a delay due to formatting. I hope to have it ready for the beginning of March. I will try my best anyway. I’ll let you know at the end of Feb when I hope to put it up for sale

  4. http://Hassan%20Ali says

    Hi there.
    Can you please update us regarding your ideas book availability? I am desperately waiting for your ebook. Unfortunately, I have failed 11 times and I believe, I might get 7 in writing with your ebook help.

    • http://Liz says

      It is not enough just to have ideas. You need to be able to present them clearly, logically, in a connected manner with good extending points. If you have taken the test 11 times and still not got 7, you will need to review your whole approach, not just build ideas. Did you get my Advanced Writing Task 2 lessons?

  5. http://ahmeda says

    please what exactly the time for posting your book for public?

    Thank you

    • http://Liz says

      There is no fixed date yet. The book is written, but each page needs formatting. It will take me time to do that because it’s a long book.

  6. http://Pauline says

    Hi Liz good day, may I ask where can I order your e-book? How much is it and is it already available?

    Thank you very much and happy holidays 🙂

    • Not ready yet. I hope to know when it will be released by the end of this month. I’m hoping to release it in January, but it will depend on a number of factors I need to check.

      • http://Pauline%20Anne%20Tychico says

        Thank you so much for your reply. May I also ask how much should we pay for that?🙂

        God bless Liz. You are our angel💓😭

        • Not sure yet. It will probably be a bit expensive because it is a very long book – with great exercises for vocabulary as well as ideas. However, I will always offer discounts every couple of months for people who can’t afford it.

          • Thank you very much for replying.
            We utterly appreciate it. We do hope we can afford to have one😊🙏

            Sorry I think I replied twice to your message. Not sure if I was able to send it. Happy holidays and have a lovely day as well💓💗

            • The book price will not be low – it is a very large book full of very useful vocabulary and ideas exercises. However, from time to time, I will offer discounts so everyone can afford it.

  7. http://Bharath says

    Hi Liz,

    I am eagerly waiting for e book with all 30 topics. Could you please let us know when will it ready?


  8. http://Sara says

    Thank you Liz. This is really great and looks completely useful especially vocabulary section. But could you please add an audio part to your e-book.
    In which Someone has gathered different audio file about different topics and that is really beneficial for people like me who have more time for listening rather than reading.

    • http://Liz says

      Thanks for the idea. However, my book will be very large. It will cover around 180 essay questions – it would be very hard for me to record all of them on my own.

  9. http://Inzamam says

    Very helpful in writing task 2 Preparation, Please share more.

  10. http://Wellington says

    Hie Liz

    When is this book ready. I really need it.

  11. http://Myssoun%20Mouhamad%20Mhrez says

    HI Liz
    you work is always perfect as usual.
    I hope and suggest to make a
    comprehensive IELTS book which includes all the 4 skills.

  12. hello mam
    pleasure to see this e-book on family
    mam can you make more e books on all topics like art money space etc

  13. http://Precy says

    As the title indicates, the ideas are very helpful! Thanks for sharing many good things to help others in taking IELTS Test.

  14. http://Khaing%20Thazin says

    Dear Liz,

    Thanks so much for organizing essay ideas in one book and I found that it is extremely useful and I am looking forward to it. When would it be about to publish?

    Best regards,

  15. http://NAVEEN%20SAGAR says

    Really your ideas are unique and helpful.

  16. http://neha says

    its very helpful for everyone …thanks mam…

  17. http://Rita says

    Hello Liz, this is very nice. l think it will be useful to IELTS students. Keep it up and best of luck.

  18. http://Nikin says

    Hi LIZ it’s really good and easy to understand I can’t find any error
    Thank you for this helpful book , i’m waiting for your next book

  19. http://Muhammad%20Ahmed says

    Dear Liz,

    I hope your health is good.

    Appreciate your efforts for this hardwork. My Suggession on behalf of all Ielts student is that you should make one complete PDF book of all contents written in your website , so that students can easily learn things from all stuff presented at one area ,rather they become confuse from the content written haphazardly(every where) on your website.

    Please take your time , i know it will take some time . Do some exercise daily to remain fit and healthy as we love your presence for our preparation. Ask some students to help you for the preparation of this complete E-book and sold it on lower prices , which can result huge profitability to you as the number ielts are too much who follows you.

    • http://Liz says

      About 85% of all my work on this website is accessed through the main pages which are shown on the RED BAR at the top of the website. All other pages are accessed in the right hand column or home page. It’s all readily accessible for online learning.
      I will continue to post a lesson or content once a week for free on this website.
      This e-book will not be sold at a low price, but I will be offer regular discounts so that people on a lower income can afford it – the same as I do with my Advanced Writing Task 2 lessons.

  20. http://Manivannan says

    Hi Liz,

    Happy to write you and I am one of the constant followers of your content from India.
    I am preparing for my ielts exam and when I practice writing task 1 letter writing I got a doubt.
    Based on the letter topics, I found that I am using lot of “I” in my letters such as I purchased, I am a, I used to. Anyway I can reduce this? If you didn’t make a content of this before, kindly do one.

    • There is no way to reduce it if the letter is about you. One thing you should do is look at how many sentences start with “I” because this means you aren’t varying your sentence structures. So, the issue isn’t about avoiding the word “I”, it’s about sentence structures.

  21. http://Rawia%20Obida says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much, that is exactly what I am looking for. It’s organized so nice and contains many useful vocabulary. I really liked it and can’t wait to have a print.
    please keep going😊

  22. http://Muhammad%20Irtaza%20Ali says

    good initiative liz it will help students that how to create ideas about any topic and you should cover all the topics uploaded in your websites. it is my advice that you should make a proper video on writing task 2 (essay writing) too as there is not any video.

  23. Very nice mam please send more ideas for different topics

  24. Dear Liz,
    I apreciate ur effort towards our sucess. Please, how much is the 3 advaced videos.

  25. http://Pranvera says

    Hi Liz,

    Even though there are a lot of sources online, this is by far the most complete structure of exercises I have encountered for myself. Exercises like matching word and phrases, words and nouns and especially finding the “one extra word” are the most beneficial for me.

    These exercises combined with topic ideas present a complete package for preparing writing task 2. I wish there was more material in our disposal right now since my exam is in couple of weeks. Nevertheless a lot of people will benefit highly from it in the future, undoubtedly.

    Thank you for all your help!

  26. http://Prabh says

    we paid a huge sum to institutes to learn but never get stuff like which you provide us.
    thanks to you for your support mam

    • Hi Liz…..
      You are so helpful and doing a great job by providing information that is quite useful for a English language learner. I am appreciating your services and a bit excited about your e book. Thanks is a very small word of your dedication and hard work on this site however i can only say thanks a lot to you. You work helped me in many ways.

      Here i would like to suggest you a bit about e book. I think so its your first experience and you do not much about a book writing. Here are my suggestions…..
      The title of IELTS Liz is a bit prominent it distract while reading the content.
      I think so (+) ,(-) arguments are not much effective add some other thing if possible.
      Other work is good.
      Best wishes for your e book.

      • http://Liz says

        Thanks for your feedback. This is an ideas book which is all about ideas for and against certain issues – surely those exercises help you remember the for and against ideas. The aim of this book is not to complete exercises, but to remember the ideas. Does that help? When you say the title of IELTS Liz – do you mean the watermark? I can make it both smaller and also more transparent if that would help??

  27. http://Shakeela says

    Extraordinary!I must say. Vocabulary excercise are awesome. N yes,they are great help for people like me.☺ waiting for its complete version!!

  28. http://VIOLA%20YEHIA%20DANIEL%20GHOBRIAL says

    It’s brilliant. Thank you for your endless support.

  29. http://Anthonia says

    Thank you for the job well done. The ideas are greate

  30. http://Ruchi%20H%20Shah says

    This is going to help many candidates to achieve their goal. Its really nice.

  31. http://QI%20QI says

    Hi Liz,
    I have purchased all your advanced lessons for writing task 2 and found they are extremely helpful!! Thanks.
    I am here to ask just one question, for the one-sided approach in opinion essays, it is sometimes impossible for me to think of 3 ideas. I usually can just come with 2 ideas and give supporting points. So, will I lose any marks if I write two body paragraphs only instead of 3 body paragraphs? My exam is coming soon, your earliest response is appreciated!

    Thanks for your time.

    • It is completely fine. You have seen in my Advanced lessons that sometimes there are 3 body paragraphs and sometimes 2. You choose how many paragraphs depending on the number of ideas you have. If you have 3, then it’s about 65 words per paragraph. If you have only 2, it’s about 95 words per paragraph.

  32. http://Reth says

    Dear Liz,

    This is such a great idea and it will be absolutely beneficial for IELTS students and others.
    An example of how each vocab will be used is extremely useful too, as remembering the word itself does not help. In addition, the example, of one or two ideas of paragraphs for each topic would be great too.

    Best wishes,


  33. http://colin says

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for book. I think in the CHILDLESS MARRIAGES,
    The words in the box should be spaced out. Like “burdendevoted” and “responsibilitesrevole, it might cause confusion.
    also I would like to ask this
    I don’t understand why it is “devoted” and not devoting”
    Is it lie …. which is devoted to each other” and we can drop “which is” out

    • Sorry – I’ve just noticed the problem with the word spacing. That must have happened when I converted it to PDF – I’ll have to check how it converts. The sentence “CHILDLESS COUPLES CAN SPEND MORE TIME DEVOTED TO EACH OTHER.” is correct. It is the same as saying “Couples can spent more time dedicated to each other without the presence of another person in the relationship”.

  34. http://Sandeep says

    Hi Liz,

    Congratulations on this wonderful work. It’s really helpful and I appreciate your blogs and all the help you give to the students. Good Luck for your future endeavors. 🙂

  35. http://Do%20thu%20hang says

    It is really great work. Tkiu so much for your ideas which are so well organized and easy to follow.

  36. http://Maha says

    Thank you Liz it is wonderful, very practical. good job.

  37. http://Adedeji says

    Hi, Liz..sharing is caring really.
    Thanks for sharing this,its quite educative and informative.
    I want to find out however if you would be including tips to help on Speaking in the book,because I consider that very important. Many students do have phobia when it comes to speaking .Sharing common errors or ways to overcome the phobia won’t be a bad idea


    • This is an e-book for ideas for writing task 2 essays. The ideas can also be used in speaking part 3 which covers broader world issues. I plan to make Advanced lessons for Speaking at some point next year hopefully – I’ll post a notice when they are ready.

      • http://MD%20RUKAN%20UDDIN says


  38. http://Azeez%20G says

    This will go a long way in helping candidates preparing for IELTS. We are looking forward for its production.

  39. http://robert says

    Its really helpful. Its a masterpiece of work . Good work done. Keep it up.

  40. http://Aulona%20Beqo says

    Hello! As a non- native English teacher, I say I really appreciate the excerpt and your lessons, but as sometimes it is difficult to find texts related to specific topics, the inclusion. Of such texts would be indispensable.

  41. http://Faiz says

    Hi Liz,

    It is a wonderful job.
    It would be great if you can add one essay to each chapter by showing how to use the ideas and vocabularies in the essay format.

    Thanks and have a great time.

  42. http://Rushell says

    The excercise was very helpful and informative

  43. Pls, Liz,am interested on dat book, when be ready, all ur ilet lectures are so interested, likewise ur book will be perfect.

  44. http://Bunmi says

    From the excerpts provided on the, “family and vocabulary”. I’d just say I like your style/methods. Its a very good way to learn new words and phrases. Your full eBook is expected with great anticipation.
    Keep up the good work.

  45. I really appreciate ur lectures, the way u lectured, and your pronunciation.how u present ur ilet speaking, is very helpful, to my own understand. Thanks alot.

  46. http://Amarpreet says

    Your all ideas are very helpful for the IELTS preparation. You are doing a great job . I just want to say thank you for the all updates

  47. http://Mariana says

    It will be a very useful and great book for IELTS students))) Thanks for your great support)

  48. Good day Liz, am so much happy for your lectures and all ur ilet teaching really helping both ur listening, speaking, essay, in fact, all ur lectures is so interesting, thanks

  49. http://Manish says

    You should publish it in an amazon book store. Where lots of people buying there. Like me as well.

  50. http://Pooja says

    Hello Ma’am,
    I have some honest feedback, please do not take it negatively.
    1. The ideas were fine, but they seemed to be very closely linked and repetative in nature, just like same thing presented or said in just a different way by lil tweaking it. Ideas were so closedly link that it seemed one main point and other two can be just supporting view. Sorry but expected higher level of ideas or some through points that can be used to write better topic sentences in essays, like the points that you have in all your 3 advanced lessons.. A level 9 band main topic idea. ( though i know we are not tested on ideas).
    2. Vocabulary wasn’t that great and exercise were confusing, though i got all most 98% of them correct. Exercises are fine for advanced and intermediate, but not for elementary level. Exercise could be curated in more better way then the present ones from IELTS exams point of view. More of sentence completion, vocab exercises, add one word etc.. will help. Vocabulary was of elementary level, it could be upgraded. Adding more collocations w.r.t varied subjects would be of much help to us.
    3. In Smaller families nowadays, the first point misses “to” word – Can move to city more easily.
    Honestly i had a bit higher expectation post learning from your paid 3 advanced lessons because they fully deserve to be made a paid subscription. Full justice to the price paid and I just love them!
    But if this e-book is going to be of paid value, you must consider it revamping a bit atleast.

    Yours Sincere follower,

    • http://Liz says

      Thanks for your feedback. My Advanced lessons are specifically aimed at technique. This book is not. The ideas are just a collection of usable ideas for essays. The level of your ideas is not marked in IELTS, only the relevancy. Some topics have very advanced level vocab – not all topics are like that. Not because of writing style, but because some topics such as Environment or Crime & Punishment have specific vocab.

      About the sentence “Can move city easily” this is correct. It is not about moving to a city from a town, village or the countryside, it is about “moving city” which means from one city to another city. This is the same as writing “move house” which means to move from one house to another house. We would say “Next week I will move house”. We can also say “I’m going to move city”.

      All said, I’m going to carefully go through all my chapters to up the level of the vocabulary and ideas. I’ve also decided to have a section at the end of the book that reviews vocabulary for each topic. That section will focus on the higher level vocabulary and check your spelling as well. I’m sure by the time this e-book is ready to be launched it will meet all my usual standards 🙂 As you know, my aim is always to provide the best 🙂

  51. http://Reham says

    Really stunning, can you please upload more chapters of the book, this really can help a lot .

  52. http://Tran%20Dieu%20Anh says

    I have purchased the three video clips (discussion essays, opinion essays and adv/disadvantage essays). They are excellent. Are you releasing the training clips on cause/solution essay and direct question essay so that i can buy them?

  53. http://Emma says

    Hi Liz,
    Congrats and I wish you all the best with publishing your new e-book.
    Generally, the overall chapter is coherent, good format, clear and straightforward. The chapter reflects the originality of your work and is well presented in a textbook style. Here are some thoughts at different angles which I would like to share with you and hopefully these could be helpful to improve quality of the book.

    In terms of format the chapter is well presented however, it still could be improved to achieve the consistency for the whole e-book or each chapter. For example, all the pages should be numbered to make it easy for the reader to follow. The header is quite close to the main text which makes it hard for me to catch the idea of each page; I also have to adjust my eyes sight looking for the information. I would also like to see all titles and subtitles are right aligned rather than center aligned. Line and paragraph spacing should be checked again to be consistent, for example it is single spaced in pages 6 but formatted differently in pages 7 and 8. In page 3, there are mistyping mistakes, these should be burden – [space] – devoted, and responsibilities revolve…; also needs to look at format of the vocabulary exercise in pages 6 and 7. However, these minor mistakes are in a acceptable level.

    Turning to the contents, I would like to suggest putting the question before the text in the way you presented in topic 1, page 1; or should be presented like the way for vocabulary questions but not for sentence completion questions.
    I assumed there are many chapters in your e-book, so the first two sentences under each topic should clearly introduce what the chapter is about and should be repeatable for every chapters. I would suggest to change to “Each of the sections below contains ideas and vocabularies….. for the topic of family”. I think it is not necessary to mention “the sections are based on…” as this is applied for other chapters as well. Also, “Do not memorise sentences…” can be put separately as an instruction at the beginning of the book, or italic/bold formatted as a repeatable important note for each chapter.
    In page 2, i think it is a good idea to use Causes and Effects as these are more commonly used than Reasons and Effects.
    I would also suggest to put questions in a consistent way for the whole book, for instance, in page 2 you said “match the words and phrases from the sentences with their definitions” and “match the verbs 1-5 with the nouns a) – e) to make common collocations” could be rewrite in a same style.
    Overall, the sampled chapter is very good material and I am very interested to see the whole e-book in a near future.
    All the best luck,
    Blessed you,

    • http://Liz says

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Here are some points to answer your suggestions:
      1. The information at the start of the chapter is only there because it’s a “stand alone” chapter which I have released. That particular information would normally be found in the instructions for using the book and the contents page. But I had to include the info in these pages today so people could learn directly and avoid errors.
      2. The page numbers won’t be added until all chapters have been written – they will be the last thing to be added before publication.
      3. Yes, the headings should be left aligned. That’s my error. All alter it in my e-book.
      4. I’ll go over line spacing more carefully.
      5. I’m going to have a video that goes with this e-book that explains how to use it – it will also explain the layout of exercises.
      Thanks again for being so thorough 🙂

  54. http://Waelfawzy says

    Fantastic, informative and unique in its style
    I am looking forward to purchase the book .

  55. http://Annie-Omana%20Rajiv says

    Thanks for your post, it is very informative & thought provoking. Gave me a vast understanding & is helping me to improve too. I have also introduced it to my cousin too. Good job & well done.

  56. http://Aman says

    Please send another topics like this…..

    • The other topics are part of the e-book which you can purchase when it’s ready – hopefully in a couple of months.

  57. http://Amandeep%20kaur says

    Your ielts hints help me alots in studies

  58. http://Humberto%20Elizondo says


  59. http://Bijay says

    I liked all the contents and the way of expression… perfectly generated ideas…

  60. http://Md%20Jafar%20IMAM says

    Its really helpful..Thanks LIZ you are great.

  61. http://Preeti says

    Hey Liz,

    I am following your lectures and I must say , all are very helpful for my IELTS preparation. These ideas made it so easy to write essay on any of the topic related to family. You are doing a commendable job. Thanks a lot.

  62. http://Prafull%20Kurale says

    Hey Liz, I have read your blog. And the information you give is always helpful to me. I am improving myself day by day only because of info you provide.
    Thanks for the same

  63. http://mani says

    It is really so informative ..i think i ielts candidate should read these lesson…could you tell me when will whole ebook will be avialable ??

  64. http://Nidhi says

    Hi Liz

    I really like the way you have put the different topic ideas around family; This would definitely help the people like me who face difficulty in generating ideas. I really appreciate the vocabulary and usage of it as sometimes despite we know the word but still we face difficulty in using them
    I would also like to know how can we expand our ideas , by this I mean to say how to write expand our main idea. This may not be related to this e-book

    • Thanks for your feedback. Often when you expand your idea, it is about explaining it more fully. Just imagine that someone didn’t fully understand your meaning – then explain with an example or more detail. You don’t really need to have more ideas, just explain them more clearly than in only one sentence.

  65. http://Harish says

    Thanks for spending your valuable time to help the students. It’s Valuable e-book containing different sections of task 2 ideas. I’m struggling with writing part. Mam, could you suggest some tips and important resources like this e-book.

  66. http://Minal says

    Hello Liz,
    Thank you for sharing the topic and also for the suggestion. First of all I would like to congratulate you for this effort.
    As you are the expert in this area, there’s no need for any suggestion as it has written very well. I liked the way you stated the positive and negative both points, so that we can get an idea how to explain the topic more precisely in different ways however you can add few things at the end of the topic –
    1. The new vocabulary learnt in this topic.
    2. Question types related to the topic.
    Rest all is perfect.
    Really hoping to see more from your side.
    I wish you all the best for your future endeavour…👍

    • You can find question types and essay questions on this page for free: http://ieltsliz.com/100-ielts-essay-questions/. I’ll put a link to that page in the e-book. To learn the vocabulary for each topic it is best for you to write your own lists – specific words that you wish to learn. I’ll put a message at the start of the e-book about making notes as you go along.

  67. http://Rajitha says

    Hello Liz,
    Thank you for this attempt and this book will definitely be an added advantage. I would like to share a few thoughts.

    Most of those who are non-native English speakers tend to write or speak in the form of their own language. This result in multiple grammar mistakes and less formal approach. It will be helpful if this book addresses such instances.
    – Eg; Informal approach ‘ Something must be done about it”.
    Formal approach ‘Action is required to tackle this problem’
    – Examples could be provided for the topics which are frequently used.
    – Further to note, the same point / sentence could be written in band 6, 7, 8 levels, there by it will be helpful to understand how to improve the writing. Those who are good with ideas and essay structures but less likely to score in complex sentences could benefit from such information.

    Thank You and appreciate your commitment and great effort in this subject.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I think you are mistaking the aim of the e-book. This isn’t to improve your grammar or sentence structures or language. It is only ideas for topics. I am currently organising a Grammar List E-book for writing task 2 and I will put your ideas forward for that book, particularly changing informal to formal. Thanks

  68. http://ian%20rush says

    Hi, I like the layout and prompts for the family topic ideas

  69. http://Hema says

    Hello Liz,

    This is a great idea to have an e-book by you.
    I believe that this will be a big help to improve the IELTS score. It will also help in organising ideas and practicing to write the essays which will indeed be useful for everyone.

    Thank you.

  70. This is an extraordinary initiation….keep it up.Everyone will be benefited.Thank you so much our beloved Liz

  71. http://Priya says

    Dear Liz,
    The eBook is an excellent source of information. I’m happy to say it has covered almost every detail. Thanks a ton

  72. http://phạm%20Thị%20Nhạn says

    I think that most papers designed by you are well – prepared, organized, and logical. your teaching has helped worldide IELTS test – takers so much. I do like all of your ideas. Thank you so much , madam.

  73. http://ARVIND says

    Hi, How to buy the e-book?
    Without reading I am sure that your books would be great.
    Please share link for buying the same

    • http://Liz says

      It will be ready in a couple of months. Then I’ll post a notice on this site when it’s ready and put it in my online store to buy.

  74. http://Syed says

    How to purchase your book

  75. http://Tien%20Dung says

    That’s great. It would be benefical for me to write IELTS essay and learn vocabulary, phrases quickly.

  76. http://Priyanka%20Dhall says

    Thanks a lot liz. It’s an extremely useful exercise to learn new vocab and ideas on how to deal with different kinds of topics related to family.
    I would humbly request you to post this kind of stuff covering a number of other topics and also the exercises are worth doing and really helpful.
    thanks again

  77. http://Hany%20keshk says

    Wonderf ideas. I will show it to my students as I teach ielts 913 course here in bahrain. Once again very well organized, informative and helpful. I watch your videos and evey thing yku offer is exceptionally great

  78. http://Sumit says

    This is good for all ielts students
    Plzz work fast on this book because my exam on 10nov

  79. http://Huyam says

    Hi Liz ,
    The samples is very helpful and yest it’s give range of variety of vocabulary as well as ideas also it helps us to organize our thoughts.
    Thank you very much and go on

  80. http://marie%20mariano says

    this is really helpful.
    there are lots of ideas in this chapter.
    thank you! 🙂

  81. http://Nisha%20Therasa says

    Hi Liz.. Congrats for the new step! I had a quick read through and here’s what i thought. You’ve listed out pros and cons as well as effects of different situations, but how about also adding in a section for balanced ideas too? Such as in, for example, the elderly people theme, a middle ground view where, the grandparents live close by and the family can drop in and check in on them. This way everyone gets to keep their freedom and at tge same time receive the family’s attention. The reason I suggest this is because I’ve seen many of my own students attempting a balanced opinion but seem lost for good ideas which are practical and practiced actually in reality. I feel including this too would make up for the student’s lack of reading and experience of the real world.
    All the best!

    • Thanks for your feedback. I like your idea and I know it would be very helpful. I’ll see what I can do – it’s not always possible to add that view – it depends on the topic. Let me see… Thanks 🙂

  82. I felt your e-book very helpful.
    Everything is very precise and explained well. Thanks Liz for your help

  83. http://Navjot says

    I really appreciate your work… Its really helpful…

  84. http://Alex%20Coombes says

    Looks great. Will buy. When will it be available?

    • In a couple of months hopefully.

      • http://Ahmed%20Rashwan says

        I want you release
        1- all IELTS vocabulary with your fantastic way
        2- How to start writing and they to write a lettre( taske one) then how could I make a conclusion
        3- How to start writing taske 2 and how to dived it and at last how to raise my writing from4 to 6 in IELTS
        4- the way that the Examiner thinking for the speaking part
        And could I take his attention and improve my degree for 5 to 7
        How to avoid mistakes in writing
        At the end
        You are a very smart person , kind and absolutely wonderful

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