Detrimental: vocabulary and sample sentences

The word “detrimental” is a very useful word for IELTS. It is a word that could be used in listening, reading, writing task 2 and speaking.

Word Form and Meaning

  • detrimental (adj) = causing damage, harm or injury
  • detrimentally (adv)
  • detriment (n)
  • synonyms = damaging, destructive, harmful, adverse
  • antonyms = beneficial

Please remember that a synonym has a similar meaning but may not always be used in the exactly the same way. You must learn both meaning and how to use words to avoid mistakes in IELTS.

About the word “detrimental”

  • It is suitable to use in both IELTS writing task 2 and IELTS speaking.
  • It is a word that can appear in many topics.

Sample Sentences with “detrimental” and “detriment”

  1. Smoking is known to be detrimental to people’s health.
  2. Pressure from parents can be detrimental to their child’s academic progress.
  3. It is a detriment to the environment that more people are not aware of the harm that needless energy consumption can have.
  4. Prison sentences can have a detrimental impact on a criminal’s ability to reform.
  5. Shopping online has had a detrimental effect on local communities because people no longer go to town centers to do their shopping resulting in the closure of many small, local businesses.
  6. Using inappropriate idioms in formal essay writing can be detrimental to your score in the criterion of vocabulary in your IELTS writing task 2.

Never memorise sentences to use in your IELTS test. 


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  1. Hlo liz
    Could we use detriment?in term of negative

    • It is not a direct paraphrases but it does have negative connotations. You would need to learn the grammar and collocations surrounding the word to be able to use it without error.

  2. HiLiz,I’m thankful to you for the valuable lessons and can I improve my vocabulary for new words

  3. Thanks for your posts. All the lessons are benificial for us . I want to know that in writing task 1 and 2 they limit the words , how many words can we use more? Kindly respond to me.

  4. Hello Liz,

    I find your tips and technique very useful. I applied some of them when I took the test a few weeks ago and I scored 8.0. For personal reason, I need to get an IELTS score of 9.0 in GT in the next few months. I wonder if you can give me some advice to achieve my goal? Thank you and I really appreciate your help.


    • For listening and reading, it is based on more practice, deeper understanding of paraphrasing and developing your technique with questions. For speaking, add more grammar tenses into your answers – in part 2, add past memories, conditional ideas, future hopes, comparisons etc. Use better intonation to highlight ideas and use more contractions. In writing, the main difference between 8 and 9 is the density of errors. Never write to impress – write to be accurate in your language skills. Also work harder at your writing task 1 – it is easy to learn task 1 and you should easily be aiming for a clear 9 in that. Work on your overviews, selecting details and again – avoid errors in grammar and vocabulary. To be honest, it’s hard to give you tips as I can’t see your writing or hear your speaking so I can’t pin point your weaknesses. Anyway, think over some of these points and see if you can find your weaknesses. A band 9 is certainly possible so keep trying and be very focused in your training.

      • Hello Liz,

        Thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it!! I hope you have a great day ahead.

        Stella Nguyen

  5. MAM.Liz
    My IELTS score in aca and gen is
    lis 4. Rea 5. wri 5.5 .spe 5 over all 5
    i need your advise to increase my scores.I feeling depreased
    thanks a lot

    • You will need to improve your level of English. Tips and exam technique will help but the most important is your level of English. Join an English course or use English language websites to help you. You can find them through google.
      All the best

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