IELTS Bar Chart Sample Answer

Below is a band score 9 sample answer for an IELTS  bar chart in writing task 1. Below the model is a link to a video lesson about how to describe an IELTS bar chart. Watch the video to learn essential tips for each paragraph for a high score bar chart.

IELTS bar chart

The bar chart illustrates how many children, divided by gender, played six kinds of sports (tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, football and hockey) in a town in England in 2012.

Overall, the number of  boys playing sport exceeded that of girls in the given period and the sport with the most significant difference between the genders was football. Football was also the most popular sport for boys while the majority of girls preferred swimming. Furthermore, both males and females least preferred playing hockey.

There were four sports in which boys participated more than girls. While 60 boys played football, the number of girls playing that sport was considerably lower (around 20).  With regards to tennis, the figure for boys who played that sport was 50 as opposed to just under 40 for girls. Similarly, more boys cycled than girls (approximately 35and 20 respectively). The difference, in terms of hockey, was minimal with only about 5 more boys playing that sport than girls.

On the other hand, more girls took part in the two remaining sports which both showed a difference of about 10 between the genders. As many as 50 girls preferred swimming in comparison to 40 girls for badminton.

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  1. My first idea of wiring is to speak from the category of boy and girls in the 6 types off sports in two different paragraphs separately. I found you were in a different approach in your model answer, which was more likely a comparison rather than a report that I did. How can I avoid my thinking or logic then?

    • Whenever you see a bar chart, you need to see how comparisons can be made. You need to think – why is the data provided as a bar chart instead of as a table. Most bar charts are for comparisons – but not all.

  2. Hi Liz
    Thanks for ur website and i found it very useful.I am preparing for my exam with your guidance.i have a doubt that whether can we write in brackets while answering task 1

  3. Pruthvignan says:

    Hello Liz,

    When should I use ‘….the trend of……’ as description part for introducing the task in Para 1?

  4. Hi, Liz!
    What should you do if there are, say, 15 categories (decades for example). Is it necessary to present all the data in the chart?
    And one more question: will it be considered a mistake if write some figures in my overview?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Liz,
    I am giving my IELTS on 21st September and I haven’t practised for writing yet. Just went through your tips and writing my answer. Can you please tell on what sections can i improve? Also, can you mention the approximate band score i would get?

    The bar chart illustrates the number of boys and girls playing 6 different sports in an English town in 2012.
    The highest difference between boys and girls was observed in Football where the number boys exceeded the girls by about 60. Also, Football was the most popular sport amongst boys.
    Girls preferred playing swimming the most(50), followed by Badminton and Tennis(at around 40 each).
    The ratio of boys to girls playing cycling is almost 2:1. The least for both the groups was hockey, at about 15 for boys and 10 for girls.
    In conclusion, the boys and girls prefer playing different sports. Also, the number of boys playing sports outnumbers the girls playing sports.
    -Approximately 150 words.
    Please give suggestions on:
    1. What band score will i get if this is the standard of my writing
    2. What all things can i improve on?
    3. Are my sentences grammatically correct?
    4. Do i need better vocabulary?
    If anyone can advise, it will be of great help. Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Let me help you , first of all I am not an expert but I will suggest you from what i have learned:

      Some Suggestions:
      – Give preference to use past tense in the writing task 1.
      – Conclusion are not required in writing task 1.

      Hope it will help , thanks


    hello liz

    ur classes are simple quite to understand compering with others.its a good effort u kept an these lesssions. AND MY QUESTION IS ,IN WRITING TASK THE TEXT SHOULD BE WRITE WITH PEN OR PENCIL


  7. christopher jr says:

    hi liz, I am having the test soon which I really need your help. Can you check for the item i lack in my writing?
    the bar graph reflects the the amount of boys and girls enjoying 6 different sports(badminton, tennis, cycling, swimming, foot ball and hockey), at an english town during 2012. Through a perspection, the amount of boys playing football have the largest population at sixty, whereas the girls that enjoys hockey have the lowest number below ten.

    Through an overall analysis of the boys, they have the highest amount in football. At the population of sixty. Follow by tennis, standing at the second highest amount of people at fifty. Swimming at the number of slightly above 40,wereas cycling consist to have close number to swimming. Badminton stands in the second lowest number by 30, and lastly hockey in the least favor in 15 people.
    The girls however mostly prefer swimming at the number of 50. Follow by badminton for 40, and tennis in a shorter number close towards badminton . Football and cycling dramatically have a high similarity within 20. Hockey how ever stays the least below 10.
    In conclusion, the closest number of people would be girls between the sport of football and cycling. The furthest will be between boys at football, and girls at hockey.

  8. Hi liz

    Just one question, what about overwriting… in this exampe there are over 180 words… 30 more word is still acceptable or may penalised?

    Thank you very much for this blog. Really helpful.

    • You MUST write OVER 150 words. Your aim is to write between 160 and about 180. Even 190 words is fine. There is no upper limit. There is only a lower limit – over 150.

  9. Hey Liz,
    Does starting with “The Chart illustrates” could be considered as memorized language?

    • No. A chart is a chart. The verb “shows” could be paraphrased as illustrates or gives information about.

  10. Li Yu Nan says:

    Dear Liz:
    Thank you so much for all the materials you have provided to us. It is really helped me a lot and i do enjoying watching your vedios.
    Im going to take IELTS on 29/7/2017 and i need at least band 7 in each session. Writing is my weakest part and now im following your website and doing practices.
    I wrote a task1 using the sample question here, could you please kindly help me do a revision and possible let me know which band i could get and suggestions that where i should improve on?
    thank you so much for your help and do appreciate!

    The bar graph illustrates the number of different gender school children who participated in the various types of sports in an English town in the year of 2012.

    Overall, boys tend to be more athletic than girls in the majority of the sports activities such as tennis, cycling, football and hockey. Football was the most gender-identity sport which showed a big difference in numbers of playing between boys and girls. whereas, badminton and swimming were slightly popular in girls. Among all the sports, hockey, had the least number of players in both gender groups with less than 20 participants.

    In regards to the boys, football, not surprisingly, had the highest number (60) of participants, follwing by tennis which was about 50. Sports such as badminton, cycling, and swimming demonstrated no big difference in numbers with 30, 35, and 40 respectively. On the other hand, very few boys joined hockey, around 15 only.

    While in girls, swimming was the most favorable sports with as mang as 50 players. Not far behind, badminton and tennis had about 40. Unlike the male children, there are only 20 females who participated in cycling and football, but similarly, hockey players were the least (less than 10 players).

  11. Hi Liz
    Can I paraphrase the word play in other words like enjoy, participate….??

    • The word “enjoy” does not mean that you play something. Be careful not to change the meaning of your paraphrases.

  12. Aye Kyi Phyu says:

    Thank you so much, Liz. <3

  13. Hi Liz,
    I want to thank you for your absolutely great help, I have used your website specially for some help with the writing section and I have earned 7.5 for writing in my IELTS just a couple of weeks ago thanks to you!
    many greetings from Palestine!

  14. in the overview , can I take some words from the phrase provided and use it ? like in this case boys and girls

    • You don’t need to paraphrase all words. Just paraphrase some and change the order of the words as well.

  15. Shafin Zaman says:

    Hi Liz!!

    I am so delighted to get connected through ur website and ur teaching method is amazing. I have just started my writing preparation and my exam is on 22nd of April. However, I have started through bar chart and I need more sample answers from u in each section. Can u plz help me to sort out how can I get more sample answers from u and get feedback?

    Thanx in advance & best regards
    Shafin Zaman

  16. Hello.

    Do you mind to give some tips on how to write a longer essay for task 1?

  17. Hello liz,
    Am nandha . I just want to know ,Do you check the answers prepared by us? If you do where shld we sent it.

  18. fateh bousbia says:

    Hi Liz , in this case can i say ” graph ” instead of ” bar chart ” and thak you 🙂

  19. pritam karki says:

    dont we need conclusion

  20. hello liz
    i want to ask that if we can use passive voice in ielts bar chart or graph?
    i have read somewhere that we cant..but i cant understand why?

    • It is not a case of can or can’t. You use passive voice only when you require that grammar tense. In bar charts and line graphs, you very rarely need that tense.

  21. lovely singh says:

    Liz you do not write conclusion I think, it is bad effect on band score please give me useful advice

  22. amit shrestha says:

    dear mam,

    can i send my answer for the comments?

  23. Ahmed Mohamedelamin says:

    dear liz,

    i cant really understand the overview and what shall i write about it

  24. Dear Liz
    Your amazing in lots of way, thanks for couching.

  25. Hello Liz,
    Your blog helped me a lot for my IELTS preparation. Here is an essay I wrote myself under strict exam time. I hope you will comment about this and please let me know how much score I will get for this task. Thank you.
    The given bar chart provides the estimated percentage of car trips made by men and women for eight different kinds of purposes in the year of 2005.
    Overall, the car trips made by women was exceeding than men for five purposes; courses, bank, running errands, visiting friends, and shopping. Among both genders, the most car trips were used for work whereas the least purpose of the woman was visiting a town and of man to go the bank and running errands.
    First of all, approximately 12% females depended on cars for courses as opposed to man (approximately8%). To go the bank and running errands 10% women used car trips and the account for the male was just below 5%. For the purpose of visiting friends, the accounts of ladies and gents were approximately 8% and 5% respectively. 18% of women prefer car trips as against to 10% men.
    On the other hand, the car trips used for work by men was just above 50% and by women was just below 40 %. The other leading purpose of man was recreation than the woman (10% and 4%).

  26. one of the scholars (he got band score 8.5) in Cambodia suggested your website, and I’ve been browsing through and find it very helpful. Thank you Liz.

  27. Hi Liz,

    How to tackle if we are given two line charts for Task 1? For example, one chart shows the comparison of tuition fee for different fields of study in three different countries and second chart gives information on hostel charges in these countries. Should the overview be based on the combined theme or separate?


  28. Morning Dear Liz
    wish you a great day
    i have some questions about Line Graph
    I read your lessons and i know for paraphrasing a line graph we need introduction, overview and body graphs
    i just searched internet for other samples to practice more and i just found different structures for describing a line graph which made me really confused :/
    can you please see this page ? >
    They described this line graph in only 2 paragraph with no overview or conclusion ! even they wrote details after introducion without any gap between …
    even i just saw the same structure in GET READY FOR IELTS book as well.
    so dear liz can you please guide me ? i know its better to dont write a conclusion in writing task 1 and its better to write overview so can you just tell me whats the point in writing like link above ? …
    thanks alot
    Good Day

    • There are many teachers online and information is confusing. The most important thing you will find is to learn how IELTS mark your writing. You MUST understand how the examiner will score your writing. See this page: All information on that page is taken from the official IELTS band score descriptors which you can google. It clearly shows the importance of the overview.

  29. Dear Liz,
    Hope you will recover soon!
    I want to introduce myself I am Aigerim from Kazakhstan! I want to say thank you for your website it is really helpful to me prepare for my ielts test.

  30. Hello Liz,

    From the recent comments of the guys here, I noted that your current health condition is not in its best case. I am really sorry to hear that; I wish you a speedy recovery.
    You are just an awesome perfect cheerful person.


  31. I got it
    Thanks alot teacher ^_^

  32. hi dear Liz:
    thanks for your attention here is chart quastion and and my over view paragraph :
    ” The bar chart below shows the information about student numbers at primary schools in 2008. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relaven ”

    this is bar chart photo :

    and this is my paragraph :

    ” Overall, St James School had most students than the other 3 primary schools.On the other hand Bilsing school had the least number of students compared to the other schools. Similarly St James School and Bilsing School had as many boys as girls while in Percival School and Royster School the number of boys and girls were not same ”

    it was my overview, the teacher said i just collected my key features so irregular 🙁 …
    i’ll be thanks if you tell me i was wrong or correct
    thanks alot
    best regars

    • Your overview, above, does not contain key features, it contains all details. You must select the main points, not give everything. “Overall, the majority of boys and girls studied at St James School, while the least number of both genders went to Bilsing School.” This could be your entire overview. If you wanted to add one more feature, you could add “The biggest difference in the number of boys and girls could be seen in Percival School”.

  33. Hello my dear Liz :
    I hope you be better these days ^_^
    I just found something to ask you i’ll be pleased if you answer me
    I saw your video about teaching how to write a bar chart and i practiced every paragraph as you taught,In your video as key features you found ” Most ” and ” Least ” for both UK and France and wrote comparisons. The bar chart that i paraphrased, groups were divided into Boys and Girls, so I found ” Most ” and ” Least ” for these 2 genders as key features and in Body Graph A & B i gave the numbers.
    a teacher read my writing and he said i was wrong in my writing because i cant write a ” Most ” for a girl and also write a ” Most ” for a boy next … he told me i cant write like this and i have to first write ” Most” and ” least ” for a girl, when it get finish then write about boys ! also he said same for my body graphs …
    By the way i trust your words more than anyone else, so my dear liz please tell me was i wrong or correct ? thanks alot
    Best regards

    • To be honest, I’m not sure what you mean. In the overview you highlight the key features. If you have boys and girls categories, you can write which category was most popular for boys and which was most popular for girls. However, I really can’t say without seeing the full chart and also your full writing. If you post me a link to the chart and write the full sentence or paragraph, I’ll let you know.

  34. MERCY JOSEPH says:

    Dear Liz,
    You are such an amazing person !!!
    You are a GREAT Teacher too. I recommended your site to so many students who are preparing for IELTS. I insisted them not to go for any IELTS class here after.
    But I`m really sad to hear that you are sick & hoping to get well by “next year“. sincerely praying for you ..May God Bless you to restore your health very soon

    Thanks again

  35. hi dear liz
    thanks for your great website
    im going to take an IELTS in next 6 month and im really lucky to found your website with your amazing lessons ^_^
    i just have a request and ill be pleased if you mention it
    i live in china and in this country youtube and most links are blocked, im from Iran and in my country also most websites such as youtube,facebook, twitter and … are all blocked, thats really a big problem for all of us to watch your videos or even we cant open links like you put in this page to see the IELTS BAR CHART …
    can you please put your videos for download or if you want put pictures dont put them as a link just put direct into your page because we cant open links …
    these are just some request because i can see somebody hardly find your videos in china and upload here and all love them …
    i hope your mention my request and help more students by doing them in 2 countries.
    wish you all the best
    god bless you

    • Thanks so much for writing to me and telling me this. I really want to connect with students in China and other countries. In fact, I have spent a lot of time in China and love it. I will certainly have a think about what to do and how this situation can be resolved. Unfortunately, I’m actually serious sick at the moment. This means I won’t be making changes until next year – hopefully I’ll be better by that time. At present I only have energy to answer some questions and post occasional lessons. But as soon as I am better I will think very hard about making all my materials available to all countries. Please keep giving me ideas and suggestions – one day I will fix the problems.
      All the best

      • Dear Liz
        Thanks for your fast replay and really big thanks because you care about my words this much ^_^ its really so kind of you.
        I just got too sad and worry about your health, all i can say is I pray in my all daily praying times for your health to get well soon and be fine as soon as possible. Just be sure the person like you who help many people by teaching this much clear and complete for free that all type people can use them, will recieve god protection and he will answer your great job as well, never forget you have all of us prays and best wishes ^_^ …
        i just got suprised a lot when i heard you have been in China too here is really great as you said ^_^ I will have a search about videos and maybe i can find some good ideas to help you to fix it for next year, dont worry ^_^
        please take care of your health we really love to see you happy and healthy ^_^ …
        god bless you
        all the best

        • Thanks Yasi. I really appreciate your reply. Yes, I’m seriously hoping I’ll get better by next year. I can’t wait to make more video lessons!!! And thanks for any ideas you might have. I work alone so I rely on people to make suggestions 🙂
          All the best

  36. Phuong Hoang says:

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your introduction. I have a question relating to your example: What do “as opposed to” and ” in comparision to” mean? Can I use “compared to” instead?


  37. hey liz,
    please help in writing task by giving me some useful tips. i need you to tell me some trends that i can use in my task 1 to make it more interesting.


    Hi Liz
    Great Job. I have seen your website first time and I must say that it’s a really wonderful thing that you are doing. God bless you.
    I have given my IELTS exam last month the first time and got 6.5 in listening, 7.5 in reading, 7 in writing and 7 in speaking and over all 7, but my desired score is 7.5. Please advise me.

  39. Hi Liz, thank you very much for all the wonderful tips! I have written a sample for the sample bar chart 1 with title: The bar chart below shows the estimated percentage of cars trips taken in 2005. Please see below and I hope you have the time to give me some feedback , please.

    The bar charts illustrates the predicted percentages of trips made by car in 2005 by women and men according to their purpose (courses, visiting town, going to bank, running errands, among others).

    Overall, women make more trips compared to men. Both, males and females travel to work the most and the less trips are made to visit the town for women and running errands for men. Furthermore, there is a significant difference between the two genders when making trips for recreation.

    In terms of going to work, trips made by men account for just under 55 per cent and a bit under 40 per cent for females. Similarly, recreation is more popular for men as the percentage of trips made contributed more than half of those of females (around 10 and less than 5 per cent respectively). However, this is opposed to shopping as females are predominantly higher than men by almost half with around 18 per cent.

    On the other hand, women tend to drive more as the remaining purposes continue to be higher for them with around 8 to 12 per cent in comparison to men, although visiting the town is greater for males than women for more than double (nearly 10 per cent and well under 5 per cent respectively).

    Thank you very much in advance.

  40. Hi Mam,
    This is the answer that I wrote for a writing task 1, kindly give a score to this task. I ll be very thankful for you.
    Writing task 1: count word: Approx 167
    The chart illustrates the total amount of minutes (in billions) of landline calls by the Britishers, and these landline calls are further classified into three categories (local-fixed line, National and international-fixed line and Mobile [all calls]) between the years 1995 and 2002.
    Overall, the total number of minutes of local-fixed line exceeded that of the National and International-fixed line and Mobile calls over the span of 1995 to 2002. There was a significant difference among the three classes of telephone calls.
    In the year 1999, UK used the first category that was local-fixed line (90 billions minutes) and the rest of the two classes they used National and International-fixed line and Mobile calls (50 billions minutes and around 25 billions minutes respectively).
    On the other hand, there is a gradual increase in the National and International-fixed line and Mobile calls over the span of 8 years. It rises from around 35 billions minutes of National and International-fixed line and almost 5 billions minutes of Mobile Calls in the year 1999 and rose upto the 60 billions minutes of National and International-fixed line and approximately 38 billions minutes of Mobile Calls in the year 2002.

    • Bulmaro Mendez says:

      Hi Liza, I took IELTS exame a month ago and i didnt do good at all, my score was: listening 4,reading 4.5,speaking5.5 and writting 5.5 overall score 5. I got last on the beging of the listening and then on the building map, and then on task 2 on the writting section i ran out of time. what are your recomendations for me, so i can do well next time? I being whatching lots of your videos and they are very useful, but i still need your advice.

      • You need to develop speed in getting through task 1 in 20 mins and then tackling task 2 in 40mins. You should have a strategy for all types of task 1 so that you are ready to write it quickly. Also consider writing task 2 first but don’t lose too much time for task 1. See my advanced writing task 2 lessons to learn how to develop your technique:
        All the best

  41. I love your lessons and the way you write. can you add more examples for each chart?
    your method is the easiest and the best <3

  42. hi liz,
    I am great follower of u, really u have cleared my many doubts , still i have one dream to achieve 7 bands in each module……………

    can you be my mentor ?

  43. Hlo Liz. , I am the regular follower of your blog your tutorials help me a lot but please tell me is there any specific rule for how much lines we should write in intro part nd conclusion part for both task 1 and task 2

  44. Ajaz Fakhri says:

    Dear Liz
    I must appreciate you have a outstanding and affective strategy for writing module by constantly following your pattern in Task 1 and Task 2 which is great help for students.
    I would like to ask if we can cut short this bar chart description in body paragraph 1 as we are describing all four sports for boys and two sport for girls. Can we describe two sports for each gender. I have a concern if we cover all six, more time, obviously more chance of mistakes

  45. Jigar Patel says:

    Hello, Liz
    I have read many reports and all are beautifully written although i felt that they all are too long for IELTS writing task 1.
    By the way, i am great follower of yours. If you feel my observation was incorrect then you may give me reliable suggestion.

  46. hi Liz
    Your over view consists of three paragraps Is this okay????
    please Liz I want a sample answer for bar chart graph contain percentage .
    thank you

  47. Azerbaijan says:

    Hi miss Lizz. You wrote that on the other hand. Shouldn’t be like “in conclusion” ?

  48. Hi Liz
    Thanks for all the wonderful tips.
    Kindly clarify whether the 2 body paragraphs should be providing the supporting details / data about the key features highlighted in the “overview” paragraph (in similar order and / or grouping) or the body paragraphs can be organised quite independently of the points mentioned in the overview. In addition, kindly explain whether it is wise to introduce information in the body paragraphs which was not talked about in the overview. Thank you !

    • See my video about the bar chart and you will see what information goes in the overview and what goes in the body paragraphs. Then read the model attached to the lesson.

  49. I have a problem can u please solve me out……? I need to post a picture of bar chart. how can i do that…?

  50. Dear Liz ,
    I would like to know if there is anything wrong with this introduction ” The bar chart illustrates the number of girls and boys who played six different types of sports (tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, football and hockey) in a town in England in the year 2012.”

  51. Hi Liz ,
    Let me thank you first,you each single
    word is a massive help help to me.
    I need some favour regarding flowcharts?
    I’m unable to put in the task 1 formula taught?
    Intro is ok ,later in overview and paragraphing ,I m confused.
    Can you please help me ?
    Many thanks

  52. Nwagor Obinna says:

    Dear Liz, thanks so much for your immense help.
    Please can I say “in general” instead of “Overall” in my overview?
    Best regards.

  53. Hi Liz,
    I came across your YouTube lessons and blog just two days back. You’re a fantastic teacher and kind hearted person to give free lessons for every one. It’s of great help . God bless you.

    I have query from the above model answer that why you have mentioned all the sports in brackets in the first paragraph? Please explain.

    Kind regards and prayers,

    • Brackets can be used to list categories in the introduction. It’s normal for a report. You can also use brackets in body paragraphs to put extra data.
      All the best

  54. Hi Liz,

    Can we use the word “distinction” instead of “difference” in the sentence below (the sport…….. Significant difference between the genders was football)

    • No, it doesn’t work.

      • Thanks Liz, I really appreciate it…

        By the way, I have one more query.
        If there’s a word “information” in the graph information, can I paraphrase it to “statistical information or data”?


        • I would need to see the full sentence to be able to offer accurate paraphrases.
          All the best

          • Hi Liz,
            Here is the pie chart information:

            The charts below give information on the ages of the populations( which presented in percentage) of Yemen and Italy in 2000 and projections for 2050.

            In this case, can I paraphrase the word “information” to “statistical information/data” and “projections” to “forecasting”?

            I’m waiting for you reply. Please enlighten me.

            • You paraphrase “give information” with the word “illustrate”. See my model writing task 1 for examples.
              All the best

  55. Salam alikum dear liz sister,
    Hope you have great feeling and health.
    I am going to have an IELTS exam next month and I have follow all the rouls you told in your web, which was excellent for me insha allah for all. I appreciate and your service which you have done for us. If you have any messege which is more useful for me in thish short time so please forward me.
    Thank you once again dear liz sister.

  56. Hey Liz . I had a few doubts to ask , I’m not sure of my writing task 1 . Could you please help me check out my writing task 1 .
    Here you go ..
    The bar chart illustrates the number of girls and boys playing 6 different kinds of sports ( tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, football and hockey ) in an English town in 2012 .
    Overall, the number of boys showing interest towards sports was higher than that of girls .
    Football was the most popular sport among boys while most of the girls showed interest towards swimming . There is a significant difference in playing football between both the genders . Hockey was the least played sport by both boys and girls .
    In terms of football , the number of boys played was 60 as compared to 20 girls . Similarly 50 boys played tennis as opposed to 36 girls at around . Approximately 35 boys participated in cycling compare to 20 girls .
    On the other hand 50 girls took part in swimming against 41 boys ( approx. ) . Comparably 40 girls were involved in badminton in contrast to 30 boys .

  57. I’m learning English for ielts from someone institutions, and in mock test use simple and natural english instead of their tips of memories language,task was also achieve without any grammatical mistakes but i just got a band 5.5,
    So isn’t it problem in examiner

    • To be honest, I’m not sure what you mean. You have frequent errors with your English in the above message and this will be the reason for your low score.
      All the best

  58. Hey liz,

    First of all your site is best for ielts, congrats…

    I want to know that can we start graph with
    “The rendered pictorial diagram/pie chart/tabular/ line or bar chart……..elucidates the information…..”
    Or it is not proper way .

    Plz reply..
    And thank you in advance

    • It looks like memorised language to get a higher score. Such techniques are not accepted by the examiner. You are being marked on your natural use of English not your memory. Just write naturally and don’t use such language.

      • Thanks liz, I really appreciate…

        But i have one more query
        is it badly impact on report?
        And can we use synonyms instead of repeating the words like for boy-male, men and so on other

        • You can paraphrase “boy” with “male” but you can’t use “men” because that is for adults only.

  59. balkrishna panday says:

    how can i improve my writing in this section i’m low because my grammer is also weak please tell me how can i get success in grammer section whih is the main part of writing section give me any tips and technique……….

  60. good day liz! i am about to take an ielts exam in few months from now and i really find writing tasks very difficult. I hope you can give a few tips on my sample answer.

    The bar graph illustrates on how many males and females playing 6 different sports (tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, football and hockey) in an English town in year 2012.

    Overall, the graph shows that there were more boys participating in sports than girls. Moreover, football and swimming were the most played sport in boys and girls, respectively. Meanwhile, hockey was the least played sport for both gender.

    There were four sports that is dominated by boys, football being the highest with 60 participants compared to only 20 in girls. In addition to that, tennis had a number of 50 whereas there were only 40 participants in girls. The same goes with cycling with a number of under 40 and 20 for boys and girls respectively. As for hockey, the difference was minimal with only a number of 20 for boys and less than 10 for girls.

    On the other hand, females preferred swimming as there sport with a number of 50 participants compared to 40 for boys. Similarly, females also dominated the sport of badminton with 40 participants as to only 30 for boys.

  61. here can i replace the sports with game

    • No, you can’t use the word “game”. It is not an appropriate paraphrase for the word sport in this chart.
      All the best

  62. the graph compares between the numbers of boys and girls who participated in six different type of sport in England town during 2012.

    Overall, more boys played football, tennis, cycling and hockey than girls whose numbers were higher in swimming and badminton. While football was the most popular among boys and swimming preferred most by girls, hockey was the least popular among both genders.

    By looking closely at the chart, the highest number of boys chose playing football ,with 60 person, compered to a third of this number made by girls. Tennis and cycling were also preferred by boys more than girls, where boys accounted for 50 and about 38 person, respectively. Girls on the other hand , were ten persons less than their counterparts.

    When it comes to swimming and badminton, the figures are different. Swimming were preferred the most by girls ,with 50 girl whereas boys were less by ten. similarly ,in badminton,40 girls played it compared to 30 boys. interestingly, hockey was the lest popular sport among both sexes where about14 boys played it and half this number accounted for girls.

  63. Hi Liz, I post my writing. Please help me to improve.
    1. Sentence structure (complexity)
    2. Words used
    3. Concise in describing chart.
    4. What estimated band could I get according to my writing?

    Thank you in advance very much

    The bar chart illustrates the proportion of boys and girls playing different various types of sport, tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, football and hockey in the year 2012 of an English town.

    Overall, the number of boys playing all types of sport was higher than girls participating while swimming and badminton, girls claimed the higher number. And the biggest number was football which was being playing by boys in comparison to girls, swimming gained a lot of interest.

    Boys were interested in playing this exiting competition game, football accounting for 60 people the highest one. It was considered that, in contrast, 50 girls went for swimming category which was the same number of boys going for tennis respectively while the girls’ figure was approximately 45. However, the girls’s second higher number than boys was badminton resulting 40 people and the boys was only 30.

    It was good idea to note that hockey seemed to be least interested from both boys and girls. It never went beyond 20, namely about 15 for boys and well under 10 for girls. With regards to hockey, similarity went to cycling where boys made it almost double over girls, about 35 and 20 accordingly.

  64. Mariya says:

    hi Liz, I am posting my write up for this task. kindly help me to improve.

    The bar chart illustrates the frequency of girls and boys playing six different kind of sports( tennis, badminton, cycling,swimming,football and hockey) in a town of Englland in the year 2012.
    Overall, swimming was the most popular sports among both genders whereas hockey was the least played sports in the town. Boys played football more as compared to girls who took more interest in swimming. The number of boys playing sports exceeded that of girls in the given year and the sports with the most significant difference was football.
    According to the data given, around 50 girls and 40 boys enjoyed swimming hence making swimming as the most popular sports in the town. Only 9 girls and 15 boys showed interest in hockey making it the least popular sports. Among boys, football was more popular i.e around 60 boys played the game followed by tennis which was enjoyed by 50 boys. Around 50 girls enjoyed swimming and the next most popular sports was badminton with around 40 girls taking interest in this sport. Interesting to note boys out of 6 sports boys played 4 types of sports more i.e. tennis , cycling, football and hockey.

    Kindly help me improve and tell me which band i can score with this answer.
    waiting for your reply.
    thanks in advance.
    Dr Mariya

    • Just three points to help you: 1. “the number of” does not mean frequency. Frequency means once a week or twice a week – the graph doesn’t show that. If you want to paraphrase “the number of”, you should use “how many”. 2. You highlight swimming. Sure if we add up each column, we can see that swimming is the most popular sport of both genders. But this bar chart doesn’t show the totals and this isn’t actually shown in the chart – you have calculated it which is different. It also means the examiner will have to spend time calculating the numbers as well. Therefore, this is not an obvious feature – it isn’t clearly shown. You should highlight the obvious features – most for boys and most for girls. Highlight what can be easily seen. 3. You MUST divide your body paragraph into at least two.
      All the best

  65. Vivek Sharma Dhakal says:

    Dear Mam, what happens if we do Task 1 Twice and if both answer sheet are attested. Which paper examiner will consider?

    • I’ve never heard of a student writing task 1 twice. It is rare to have the time to do two task 1 and one task 2. I wouldn’t recommend that at all.

  66. Hi liz! I just want to know if you can understand my work below or not. Please reply.

    The bar graph gives an information about the number of male and female participating in six randomly selected sports (tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, football and hockey) in a British town in the year 2012.

    Overall, boys have higher interest in participating to sports than girls. Football was the most famous sport for boys as compared to swimming for females. In addition, both genders were noted to be least interested in hockey.

    The number of males playing football was higher than females (60 and just above 20 respectively. This trend can also be seen in tennis and cycling. With just about 38 girl participants in tennis, boys are at 50. Moreover, the number of boys who cycled is almost twice than that of girls at approximately 37 and 20. Hockey was the only sport least played by both genders with just below 10 participating females and 15 participating males.

    Females, on the other hand, have dominated in badminton and swimming. With male children participating at marginally above 40, females participants are at 50. The same goes with badminton where the number of girls are 10% higher than boys.

    ****thanks a lot.

    • The problem is mainly language. “football was the most famous” – football was the most popular”. Famous does not mean Popular. “participating in” not “to”. Also this chart does not show “randomly selected sports” – there is not information about these being randomly selected at all. Don’t put information into your report that isn’t clear in the chart. This is a factual report. Otherwise, you have the right technique for task 1.

      • Thank you for the help Liz. I’ll keep that in mind. Hopefully i’ll have a band score of 7 in all areas. I still have a month to prepare. 🙂 Thanks again!

  67. Hello Liz,
    Could you pleaser explain the mean and the usage of the expression “as many as” in the last sentence for me? thank you

  68. hello , Liz
    I have a question you said that the children divided by gender but in diagram it is not defined that the boys and girls are children ? So, do you think it is good to write children

  69. hi liz,
    i have written down this chart report in response to the bar graph you have in your sample charts section. cant copy the chart and couldnt comment there so writing it here.
    please if you find time give me your advice. i know one mistake that it is above the recommended word count but i dont know which piece of information to miss?
    also please comment if its worthy of band score 7.5 otherwise( if you neglect the word count)
    i shall be very greatful.
    This bar chart illustrates the calculated number of car journeys, in percentages, by male and female drivers divided into eight reasons of their travel.
    Overall, both men and women drove their cars maximally for the purpose of work. Women used their car more frequently as compared to men for taking courses, going to banks, running errands, visiting friends and to do shopping. On the other hand men made more car journeys for visiting town, for recreation and work in comparison to women. Furthermore least amount of car was driven by women for visiting town in contrast to men who used their cars least to go to banks and run errands.
    In the case of women, just under 40% of the car journeys were made for the purpose of work whereas less than 20% were made for shopping. About % of the total car use was for the purpose of taking courses, going to the bank, running errands and visiting friends. Moreover women used their car least, about 5 %, each for visiting town and doing recreation.
    On the other side, men made more than half of their car journeys solely for the purpose of work. About 10% of the car travelling was done each to take courses, visiting bank, to do recreation and shopping. Also noteworthy is that men used their cars least to visit friends, run errands and to go to banks (about 5% each).

    • Hi,

      Yes, it is over the word count recommendation. Often this is not a problem because there is no upper limit but in this case there is a problem. The problem lies in the overview. The overview should contain the key features which you have selected – not long lists. You have given information about the reason women drive and the reason for men driving, but this does not mean listing all of them. It’s about selecting the key (the main) information and presenting it in the overview. That means your first sentence in the overview is good and the last sentence in the overview is good (that gives the least reason for driving). The other sentences are irrelevant and will lower your score. If you remove those two sentences, your word count is perfect and your selection of key features is also perfect.
      All the best

  70. Thanks Liz,
    That is really helpful

  71. Hi Liz,
    Could you please elaborate the way of writing introduction and overview for writting task 1 that has 2 or more charts , some time the trend of one is differ from the others. How shall I organise the structure and the number of paragraph in this way?

    Thanks Liz

    • Hi,

      When you have two charts, you must introduce both in the introduction. For example, “The bar chart illustrates ………. while the line graph gives information about ….”. For the overview, you choose the key features from each chart and put them together in the overview – often it is one sentence for each. In the body paragraphs, if the charts show different things, it’s best to have one body paragraph for one chart and one body paragraph for the other. Hopefully I’ll put a model up for you either next week or the week after.
      All the best

  72. Hi miss Liz! Thanks for all the video lessons you’ve made. Just one question, do you offer service on writing task 1 and 2 correction? If so, I would like to know the details.

    Thanks and God bless!

  73. Frank Akwa says:

    Hi Liz, is it right to write number of children per gender instead of number of children divided by gender? Thanks for your good work.

    • Hi,

      No it’s not possible to say “per gender”. Per is used for units mostly and means for each. For example, “she drove 50 miles per hour” means “she drove 50 miles for each hour”. It’s not possible to use this for genders.

  74. Dear lovely Liz, love your work and hope to have a structure of argumentative essay. thanks..

  75. Simply it had been awesome. I had a great time seeing your video. I was looking for an effective way and the easiest way and got your video in youtube.i m going to apply in Australia in july and the score that is needed individually 6 .This is my second day and i m enjoying the thing . Thanks for the great video which might work actually must work .

    if u have any suggestion for me, then just comment

    • Hi,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying IELTS so far. Before you go further, make sure you check the official IELTS sites – you will find a list of them on my resource page: . Take a look around their site to make sure you understand more about the format of the test and procedures. After that, start getting to know the requirements of your band score to make sure you can achieve band score 6 with your level of English and also make sure you are working in the right direction for your score.

      When you have figured all that out, start working on the individual skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking). Start getting to know the techniques involved to do well. Make sure you buy one or more of the Cambridge IELTS books 1-9. They are real past exam papers published by IELTS. Use them to study for listening and reading. For speaking, prepare lots of topics, ideas and vocabulary as well as practice developing your answers. For writing, follow models and practice all the different types of essays and charts.
      All the best

  76. Hi Liz)) your lectures are very useful.I have to pass this exam after 2 months. But my knowledge of the language is not good and I speak broken English(( is it possible to train myself and get a good score for 2 months that I have???(p.s. Tomorrow I’ll go to the ielts course)

    • Hi, if you have only 2 months before your test and you study both English and IELTS full time, it is possible to do quite well. However, it will depend what level your English is now and what band score you want. When you start your course, you should ask for an evaluation of your level of English with regards to the general descriptions of the band scores from IELTS. Click the link to see the descriptions of the band scores:

  77. Hi

    May I ask you Q :

    you describe one type of bar chart and did not describe another types could you please describe another’s

    • Hi, I will put up more models overtime. Each week I post either a lesson or a model about writing task 1 – usually on a Wednesday each week.

  78. I,m really get confidence after read this bar chart Thank you very much

  79. thank you for all of what you’re doing I scored 7.5 thanks to you and I got a scholarship

  80. Hi Liz,

    Do you have an image of the bar chart you used in your video.


    • Hi, I’ve just put it up. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Thanks. I’m glad the lessons are useful.

      • Hi Liz , it’s such a help tips and great examples to perpare our self for ielts test ,but how I can find more bar chart sample through ieltsliz .com .thanks

        • Hi,

          If you look at the bottom of each post, you will see that there are tags. This means each lesson is tagged with a category. For example, a lesson might be tagged with bar chart, introduction paragraph. If you click on a tag, you will get all lessons relating to bar charts or all lessons relating to introduction paragraphs. This link will take you to all lessons about bar chart: At present, there are not many lessons because this is a new site – but over time there will be more and more lessons.
          All the best

  81. which is better in IDP and british council for registration of IELTS

    • Both centers run tests which are written by IELTS with examiners trained by IELTS. They are essentially the same. You should make your choice based on your general preference for location or other personal criteria because the actual IELTS test will be of the same level.

  82. what is preferable to use with regard to active or passive voice in essay writing?

    • For your IELTS writing task 2 essay, most of your sentences will probably be active but using occasional passive voice is useful to show the examiner a range of grammar because grammar accounts for 25% of your marks. For IELTS writing task 1, a combination of active and passive voice is essential when you describe diagrams, processes and maps. However, for the other types of task 1, passive voice is not often used. I hope that helps.

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