IELTS Bar Chart Sample Answer

Below is a band score 9 sample answer for an IELTS  bar chart in writing task 1. Below the model is a link to a video lesson about how to describe an IELTS bar chart. Watch the video to learn essential tips for each paragraph for a high score bar chart.

IELTS bar chart

The bar chart illustrates how many children, divided by gender, played six kinds of sports (tennis, badminton, cycling, swimming, football and hockey) in a town in England in 2012.

Overall, the number of  boys playing sport exceeded that of girls in the given period and the sport with the most significant difference between the genders was football. Football was also the most popular sport for boys while the majority of girls preferred swimming. Furthermore, both males and females least preferred playing hockey.

There were four sports in which boys participated more than girls. While 60 boys played football, the number of girls playing that sport was considerably lower (around 20).  With regards to tennis, the figure for boys who played that sport was 50 as opposed to just under 40 for girls. Similarly, more boys cycled than girls (approximately 35and 20 respectively). The difference, in terms of hockey, was minimal with only about 5 more boys playing that sport than girls.

On the other hand, more girls took part in the two remaining sports which both showed a difference of about 10 between the genders. As many as 50 girls preferred swimming in comparison to 40 girls for badminton.

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  1. Hi Liz,
    I want to thank you for your absolutely great help, I have used your website specially for some help with the writing section and I have earned 7.5 for writing in my IELTS just a couple of weeks ago thanks to you!
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  2. in the overview , can I take some words from the phrase provided and use it ? like in this case boys and girls

    • You don’t need to paraphrase all words. Just paraphrase some and change the order of the words as well.

  3. Dear Liz
    Your amazing in lots of way, thanks for couching.

  4. one of the scholars (he got band score 8.5) in Cambodia suggested your website, and I’ve been browsing through and find it very helpful. Thank you Liz.

  5. Hi Liz,

    How to tackle if we are given two line charts for Task 1? For example, one chart shows the comparison of tuition fee for different fields of study in three different countries and second chart gives information on hostel charges in these countries. Should the overview be based on the combined theme or separate?


  6. I got it
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