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Answers to today’s lesson

The answers have already been posted in the lesson. Please take a look: Paraphrasing Practice




  1. umesh bhaskar says:

    Hello liz
    I read most of the stuff in yours site. And its really helpful for me.
    But i have problem with writing and speaking as i made too mistake while speaking and In writing i am good to write content but unable to express it on a right manner thats why i stuck in my earlier exam in which i got 5.5 bands only. But now i booked my exam again which on 4th of july .So please help me to improve my mistakes .
    Hope you will reply me soonly . Even after reading your comments to help to other students . So i found a mirage that i’ll also overcome my mistakes by following your words.

    • I like to be honest to students. If your score is around 5.5 then you will need to improve your level of English to produce the level needed for band score 6 and above. You need to study English to do that. This website focuses on exam techniques not English language. So, you must look online to find a website for grammar and intermediate English. You can easily find websites if you google. You should also review model answers for writing and speaking to see if you are using natural language in your answers for speaking and structuring your idea correctly for writing.
      All the best

  2. Hi Liz,

    First of all I must acknowledge the effort you take to post free lessons to improve test scores. On a personal note, this has helped me improve my vocabulary.
    I was just going through your reading and listening practice lessons, however I could not find following question types:
    Diagram completion
    Map completion
    Flow chart completion
    Table completion

    I would really appreciate if you post practice lessons on the above question types.
    I am appearing for General IELTS so have another query regarding flow chart in writing test. If General IELTS has flow chart in writing then would love to learn how this can be achieved.

    Thank you once again for all that you are doing.



    • Yes, I must put up table, diagram completion and flow chart questions for reading. IELTS reading doesn’t usually have a map completion – that’s mainly in listening. The flow chart is quite easy. The boxes all follow the order of information in the passage and relate to key information. Inside the boxes, you need to check if you are completing a sentence (in which case you follow sentence completion tips) or if you are just writing notes (in which case you only need to write individual words and you don’t need to worry about grammar).

      For listening, here’s a link to my map questions: http://ieltsliz.com/tag/map-completion/ and here’s a link to 2 table exercises:http://ieltsliz.com/tag/table-completion/

      I’ll put more lesson up over time.
      All the best

  3. Mohammad hassan says:

    Hi Liz,

    Good evening. Thanks for your reply. I want to know two things, they are as follows:

    1. If writing section 2 is more than 280 words there is any problem, because I think in my country if any one do not write more than 280 words, they do not get good mark in IELTS writing exam.

    2. Can I get a proper writing section 2 example for band score 7.0, may be it can improve my writing technique.

    Mohammad T. Hassan

    • Aiming for around 280 words in writing task 2 is good because it gives you enough space to extend and develop your ideas which is essential for a high score in Task Response. However, it is not a rule, as long as you write over 250 words, you can still do very well. It isn’t really possible for me to write that because I’m a native speaker and I don’t make mistakes in English. A band score 7 students makes few mistakes with grammar and vocabulary. That means there are mistakes but few in number. If there are more than just a few, the score will drop to band 6. A band score 7 students might overuse linking devices or under use them but they will be used correctly. A band score 7 students uses paragraphing well which means each paragraph has a clear central topic. A band score 7 students answers all issues in the essay question, follows the instructions correctly but some ideas might be more developed than other ideas.
      I hope that helps.

  4. Mohammad hassan says:

    Hi Liz,

    Good day. Actually I got my GT IELTS result few days ago and I got overall band score 6.5 (R-6.0, S-6.5, W-5.5 and L-7.5). But I’m not happy with my writing band score. And send to IDP to recheck my score because I’m confident that they do not evaluate my writing properly.

    Another thing I want to mention you that in conclusion I did not write (In conclusion), I just wrote there (From the above discussion…) and the conclusion little bit larger than your shown example.

    Is there any problem for that reason, please let me know. I’m waiting for your reply.
    By the way, thank you very much for your continuous support.

    Sincerely yours,
    Mohammad T. Hassan

    • It’s not the best linking device to use but it’s also not bad. So, don’t worry about that. The length of your conclusion will not affect your score. Having a long conclusion doesn’t reduce the score but it is a waste of words because it doesn’t improve the score either. If your score after the remark is still 5.5, you will need to think deeply about where the problem lies before booking another test. If the problem is your English, it will take time to improve that. If the problem is your technique, that can be improved quickly. Let’s wait for your results.

  5. firstly, I would like to say” Hello ” and thanks for your sharing notes which could help my exam,but I felt still less confident because of having a less study and practice time ! I appreciate your good job and you are one of the most well performed IELTS online teacher that I think.

    • Don’t worry. You can learn a lot in a short time. Review all the main tips and read over the FAQ pages for each section which contain key information as well as tips. For writing, aim for the right structure and understand the content you are aiming for. Tomorrow I will post a free video lesson for listening which explains a lot of tips and essential information.
      All the best

  6. meenakshi says:

    Thanks Liz your lessons and tips are very helpful. Hope I am able to get the desired results.

  7. I’m a bit confused. Why is it “Answer’s (??) to today’s lesson” and not “Answers to…..”?
    thanks for explanation.

  8. Sepideh says:

    Thanks a lot Liz your tips are truly educative

  9. Thank you. That would be great.

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