Answers to Procrastination Reading Lesson

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  1. Hi Liz, Can I write “as an overall view” instead of overall in task 1?

    • Why are you looking to replace the word “Overall”? There is no reason to find an alternative. It won’t help your score. Linking words and signposts are not supposed to be creative or interesting – they are functional language that are marked for being appropriate.

  2. Mohammad Gharachorloo says

    Dear Liz
    Hope you are doing well.
    I had a question and it is not reading-related but I couldn’t find the proper section to post my question so I’m just posting it right here. Hooe that’s ok.
    I recently took the ielts exam (2nd of March actually). The day I was supposed to receive my result I found out that my name had been put down as absent! I contacted my test-center and also IDP. They told me they are addressing the issue and that they will contact me id the due course! It has been a week since the result day and I haven’t heard from the test center nor the IDP itself. As if they don’t care at all!!
    I was hoping if you could give me advice on how to deal with such a situation and what I can do about it. Is there any higher-up authority I can contact to express my complaint? I couldn’t find the phone number of their head office. Also I constantly kept telling them that I’m in an urgent situation but nobody replies back to me! My test center is also closed due to national holidays. I’m really frustrated and don’t know what to do!
    Warmest Regards

    • IELTS is owned by 3 companies – IDP, BC and Cambridge. This means they are all the same company when it comes to IELTS. Go to IELTS Official & IELTS Essentials (IDP) FB page and post a public comment asking for help. Keep posting until you get an answer. Keep emailing your test center and cc in IDP head office – just keep trying as much as you can. Definitely keep pushing your local test center who created this problem in the first place once the holidays are over.

  3. Manikandan says

    Thanks for the g
    Fullest support you provide to all students

    May God bless you with good health and best part in your life comes true.

    Happy to learn from you

  4. Tangina Akter says

    Thanks mam.The answers are given below
    4-weak self-confidence
    5- anger

  5. Thanks mam.The answers are given below
    4-weak self-confidence
    5- anger

  6. Umme Kulsum Mukta says

    Thank u Liz.

  7. It’s amazing my reading score 5to 5 Thankuuu mam plz post a reading passage with true false

    • There are lots of free reading lessons like this one for all types of questions in IELTS reading. Click on the RED BAR at the top of the website.

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