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Organising Sentences

D, G, C, B, A, I, E, J, H, F

Full Model Answer

The bar chart illustrates how many hours adolescents in Chester spent on seven activities each week between 2002 and 2007.

Overall, the most popular activity over the period given was watching TV, whereas bowling was the least favourite. Going to pubs and discos, watching TV and shopping all showed an increase in the number of hours teenagers spent on these activities. The other pursuits showed a decrease in hours, except watching DVD’s which fluctuated.

Teenagers spent 25 hours on watching television in 2002 which increased to almost 40 hours in the final year. Both going to pubs and discos, and shopping more than doubled in hours from over 5 to over 15 and from over 5 to exactly 15 respectively.

While teenagers occupied 10 hours doing homework in 2002, this figure dropped to just over 5 in 2007. Playing sport fell more dramatically from 10 hours to around 3 hours. Bowling was under 5 hours throughout the entire period declining by about 4 hours in total. The number of hours teenagers dedicated to watching DVD’s was only 10 hours in first and final years, but reached a peak of over 15 hours in 2004 and 2005.

Word count = 194 (you do not need to write this in your real test)

Paragraphing Tips

  • It is possible that the last sentence about DVD’s could be written as a separate paragraph.
  • Always have an introduction and overview. They must be separate statements.
  • Always divide your body paragraphs into two (or sometimes three) paragraphs.
  • Your body paragraphs should be logical and help to highlight similarities and differences.
  • Learn an empty line between paragraphs to make them clear and easy to see. This is not a requirements, it is a recommendation. If your paragraphs are not easy to see, your score might be lower.



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