Answers to Ant Reading

Below are the answers to the reading exercise: “About Ants“. If you haven’t done this reading lesson, please do it before looking at the answers. Click here: Reading Exercise About Ants

Click below to reveal the answers:

  1. abdomen
  2. thorax
  3. stinger / abdominal stinger
  4. compound eyes
  5. mandibles
  6. F
    1. The passage shows that the antennae are “elbowed” which means they contain a joint and can bend.
  7. NG
    1. The passage states that queen ants have wings. But it does not state if they are the only types of ant with wings. We don’t know if the other types of ants have wings or not. So, the key word was “only”.
  8. T
    1. The passage shows that metamorphosis happens during the pupal stages when the larva change into adult ants.

Comments: Questions 6 and 8 were quite hard so don’t worry if you got them wrong. Only band 8 or 9 students will have been successful with those questions.



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  1. Harmandeep says:

    Hi Liz,
    I want to confirm that would it be correct if I write only “eyes” instead of “compound eyes” in question number 4.
    Please guide with reason.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi mam,
    How can get higher scores in speaking ,when examiner put question, do u like to watch television ?answer,yes, i prefer to watch television, it is enough answer or need to explain more.

    • What level of English is “Yes, I prefer to watch TV”? Do you think it is low level or high level. The examiner doesn’t care if you watch TV or not. The examiner want to hear your English. “Yes, I watch TV most evenings but it depends what’s on. If there are TV dramas on or the news, then I definitely watch.” Show the examiner your English!!!

  3. Hi liz, first of all, after the almighty Allah I really can’t express how grateful and thankful I’m to you

    I need to consult you about an emergency situation regarding the resul_that has been released today_ of my first attempt at the academic module of the ielts the details of which are as follows:
    Listening 7.5
    Reading 7.5
    Writing 6
    Speaking 7
    Overrall band score 7

    I need 6.5 at each module, so the question is:

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 My advice to you is given without seeing your writing task 2 or your task 1. If you feel that your writing was above band 6, then it is possible for you to consider a remark. However, you must also consider:
      1) it is essential to have written an overview for task 1 and a conclusion for task 2
      2) it is essential to have written over the word count in both tasks.
      Now you must decide if you will try for a mark or not. It is never guaranteed to be successful but it is possible.

  4. Sunnatillo says:

    Thanks Liz!
    I got 6/8.

  5. I scored 7/8

  6. Hi liz..
    Can I write ‘the thorax’ in place of thorax.?
    If yes I got 8/8

  7. hi,

    i got 6/8.i have doubt about question 7.please explain.

  8. Sindhusha says:

    For question 7, why can’t it be ‘True’, because the passage clearly explains the body structure of normal Ants, and they specifically mentioned that Queen Ants have wings.
    Am I overthinking.. please suggest.

    • You would need to find confirmation that other types of ants do NOT have wings. You need to find that information in the passage – it is not there.

      • Excuse me, Liz, but anyone konws that only queens have wings because it is taught in elementary school course of biology. I am so confused about this question because it seems like a some kind of trap for those who trying to pass IELTS. Why whould developers include such a contradictory question in exam?

  9. I got 6/8

  10. uwandu evan says:

    Thanks a million

  11. For question 4, If one writes compound eye instead of compound eye’s’ since only one eye was shown in the diagram, is it wrong, bearing in mind that the arrow pointed to only one eye?

  12. Hi! Yesterday was my speaking test and I thought I failed because I lost concentration. 😞😢 ! Questions were: with whom do u like eating? Family or friends? Cue card : describe a businessman you admire!

  13. okoro Emmanuel says:

    I got all but question 6. In as much as I know elbow has a joint , we have been told not to utilize any external knowledge in answering reading questions. I think NG would have been the most appropriate. Liz, please comment on this.
    Kind regards

    • The word “elbowed” is used as an adjective to describe how it can bend. This is not presumed knowledge – it is vocabulary. The meaning is clear – it bends. As a high level student, you must know that understanding vocabulary is about understanding meaning and context. You need to use those skills when you mean an adjective you are not familiar with. For native speakers, the adjective “elbowed” means jointed in a particular way that makes it bend.

  14. Dear Liz. I quote from the passage thus:
    “The helpless larva are fed and groomed by the worker ants until they pass through the pupal stage. In a little more than a week, an adult ant will emerge and the metamorphosis is complete.”

    I think pupal stage (as captured in the passage, and not stages) is just one of the stages of metamorphosis which become complete with ‘adult’ stage?
    I am a bit confused how the answer would be TRUE.

    • The passage showed there are four states: egg / larva / pupa and adult. The first stage is clear – it is an egg. The second stage is clear – it is a larva which needs food and needs care. The third and fourth stages are explained combined in two sentences. The third stage is the pupal stage when the larva changes. In the pupal stage, the larva changes into an ant. The third stage is about change and another word for “change” is metamorphosis. So, the answer is true. The larva spends “a little more than one week” in the pupa and then emerges as an ant.

  15. Thanks a lot Liz and how r u ?

  16. 7 out of 8,got the last one wrong

  17. Chinna Philippa says:

    Pls ma, can explain more on true, false not given. Thank you

  18. Sunny Pathak says:

    Thanks a lot mam. I got 5/8. I made five correct answers.

  19. Questions 6 to 8 aren’t that difficult. I made it correct easily.

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