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Answers for Salt Listening Paraphrases

Below you will find:

  • the questions
  • the audio recording
  • the transcript
  • the answers

to the listening for paraphrases exercise about Salt.

Try listening to the recording again and read the transcript at the same time. If you can speak out loud by following my voice, it will help your speaking skills and pronunciation šŸ™‚


Write down the paraphrases in the recording for the following words:

  1. acquired
  2. familiar with
  3. thousands of years
  4. animal skins
  5. limited
  6. originates
  7. world



Early human hunters obtained their salt from eating animal meat. As they turned to agriculture and their diet changed, they found that salt (maybe as sea water) gave vegetables the same salty flavour they were accustomed to with meat.Ā Over many millennia, they learned how salt helped to preserve food, heal wounds and also cure hides.Ā  Nomadic bands would have carried salt with them and traded it with other bands for different goods.Ā In Ancient Rome, salt was a scarce and expensive commodity, and soldiers were even partly paid in salt which is where the word “salary” comes from. The history of salt can be seen to have had a great impact on many aspects of life and culture across the globe.

Source: Adapted fromĀ http://www.saltassociation.co.uk/education/salt-history/


  1. acquired =Ā obtained
  2. familiar with =Ā accustomed to
  3. thousands of years =Ā millennia
  4. animal skins =Ā hides
  5. limited =Ā scarce
  6. originates =Ā comes from
  7. world =Ā globe

Comments from Liz

I’m glad you found this lesson useful. The lesson had easy answers and also difficult answers, such as the word “hides”. I hope through these exercises, you will improve your ability to hear paraphrases and also develop your vocabulary. I will make more of these lessons for you šŸ™‚



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  8. Bloky Mose says:

    Is it okay if I make a little grammatical error? Because I answered the questions with:
    1. Obtain instead of obtained
    2. accustom instead of accustom to
    3. millenia instead of millennia
    4. come from instead of comes from

    šŸ™ ?

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    • I don’t understand your question? You can find extra lessons on my main listening page accessed through the red bar at the top of the website. Paraphrasing is a skill (not a question) in the IELTS test. You need the skill of paraphrasing to spot answers to questions in the test.

  22. Thank you It is really helpful and the word”hides” is new for me.

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  31. Liz,
    Guess I mark 5 out of 7 with these answers?
    1. obtained
    2. accustomed (missed “to”)
    3. millenia (misspelled an n there)
    4. hides
    5. scarce
    6. comes from
    7. globe

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