Answer to Yesterday’s Lesson: A, B or C

Yesterday I posted a question and you chose the answer:


John and Tina will meet at ……………….. on Monday.

Answer Options:

Which is the following answers is correct?

a ) 7.30pm          b) at 7.30pm        c) both a & b

Filling in the Gap Tips

When you have a sentence to complete, your task is to decide which answer will finish the question. You must chose the answer that fills the gap.

If you look at the sentence in the question, “John and Tina will meet at ……………….. on Monday.”, you will see the word “at” is already given. This means it is not part of the answer.


The answer is a.

If you wrote “b”, your answer would be marked wrong.

So, always remember that your aim is to fill in the gap to make a complete sentence.

Message: Well done to everyone who got it right !!! 🙂  To those who got it wrong, don’t worry – now you understand what to do 🙂


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  1. Its really fruitful to go through the post that you have dispatched. It may really help the learners like us who cannot manage time and afford to stay out of home due to various constraints.
    On the other hand, my answer was correct.

  2. Ananda Thapaliya says:

    correct answer A

  3. thanku so very much liz … for bieng with us nd teach us that what and how we will have to do it

  4. I have many problems in writing task I can’t understand how to essay planning. Can you please tell me what I do???

  5. My ans is correct & it’s my first day on your website.

    Thank you

  6. My answer is a this is correct so i am happy .thanx mam

  7. A
    Thank u so mush

  8. Tejaswini says:


  9. nize one

  10. Joseph Ogbekhiulu says:

    Liz,Goodmorning and many thanks for your lessons . May God bless you abundantly.
    As soon as my salary is paid, I will need to buy your materials for all the parts of the IELTS Exams.

  11. Esraa' Hasan says:

    ” a ” ☺

  12. Mine too a) no. answer

  13. saravanakumar says:

    It is important before answering , we need to check the passage gap to fill the correct word.
    I have already written IELTS exam three times and finally I got only 20_ 25 marks in Listening module.because of this small mistakes.
    Now I have applied for fourth time.

  14. Jasvinder says:

    All criminal should not be punished. Some should be given unpaid work to serve community. Give your opinion
    Agree or disagree .task 2
    24 june

  15. My answer was (A)

  16. I got it right

  17. Mojisola Nwankpa says:

    I got it right

  18. A

  19. Hi Liz
    I have recently attended an ielts class and the teacher told me that you should never use on the other hand in your writing task one and the other thing is that in my writing task 2 in each paragraph I should put an example.could you clarify that for me please.
    Thank you so much

    • The linking words “On the other hand” indicate to the reader that an opposite trend is coming. This is useful for some writing task 1.There is NO rules that states you can’t use it in writing task 1. It’s fine to use. About examples, it is your choice when to use examples. The instructions state to use them when relevant – you decide if you want to use them or not. Never try to push to give examples if you can’t think of any. Explaining your idea is important – not just giving examples.

  20. Abdul Haleem says:

    My answer was correct.
    Thatnk you Ma’am.

  21. Mahfuzur Rahman Sakib says:

    Th answer is “a”

  22. musayeb says:

    My answer is OK. Answer is 7.30 pm (a)

  23. Ritika Gadale says:

    My answer was A 🙂

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