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Answers to Paraphrasing Practice

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Passage: Ancient Egyptian Powder

Summary of Passage

The pigment (1)………. Egyptian blue, which was formulated (2) ……….. 5,250 years ago, can now be used to (3)……… finger prints on complicated surfaces.  This pigment was used in the painting of statues and tomb wall reliefs in Ancient Egypt. However, it has now been (4)……….. that, when it is it exposed to a (5)……….. light, it emits near-infrared radiation.

  1. known as
    1. you can’t choose the answer “names” because it is grammatically wrong.
  2. about
    1. You can’t have the answer “over” because we don’t know if it is over or under. Therefore, you need to use the word “about”. Another option for paraphrasing would be “approximately”.
  3. identify
  4. revealed / found
    1. Both options are fine.
  5. particular
    1. You must have the correct spelling. If your spelling is wrong, your answer is marked wrong.

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  3. I used observe not identify for 3. because they can’t tell whose identity belongs to the fingerprint …

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    Is it OK to use options based answers as it is and rest of the answers in uppercase?

    • I would use capitals I / II / VI / A / C / B. But roman numerals are numbers, not letters, so I’m sure using “i” and “vi” is also fine.

  11. Dear Liz ,
    Answers : Listening Test Dated , October 2017
    1 Natural History
    2 Giology
    3 Cather Nature
    4 Blue Whale
    5 10 Tone

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    • The meaning (observe) is right but the grammar would be wrong. Your sentences must be grammatically correct when the word has been added. The correct option would be “observed” but that is not available in the list. Therefore, you can’t use that word.

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    there is a question of task 2 that some says that children should start learning a foreign language from primary school.
    my query is that as English is a foreign language in my country can I only talk about it in my essay or i need to be general.
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    • Don’t over think. This is not about which language. It is about starting to learn a foreign language in primary school or waiting until the child is in middle school. This essay is about the age that a child should start to learn a foreign language. So, it’s about age and language acquisition.

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    • All my tips for reading questions are for GT and Academic reading. The question types and skills are the same for both tests.

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