An IELTS Essay Question Today

Hi guys,

Below is an IELTS writing task 2 essay question which was in the test today, Sept 9th. There were also other questions used today in writing task 2. See further below for other essay questions today in IELTS WT2.

IELTS Essay Question Today

Mobile phones enable us to take work or personal calls anywhere, anytime. Do you think it has a positive or negative impact on individuals and society?

Pros & Cons of Using Mobile Phones

The ideas below are to give you an overview of this topic. You DO NOT use them all. You decide your opinion and then decide which ideas to use. The list below is not an essay – it is just a list of ideas for your benefit.


  • Being accessible for company work 24/7 is great for business.
    • Customers always have a number to call for problems or enquiries.
    • Bosses can keep better contact with their employees.
    • It enables some people to work from home and be more flexible.
  • People can use their phones in emergencies.
    • People will feel safer knowing they can contact people wherever they are.
    • People can easily and quickly report accidents and get help.
    • Parents can keep contact with their children and offer them more support regardless of where they are.
  • Communication
    • Family members can easily contact each other over long distances.
    • Communication is instant.
  • Cohesion in the world
    • People can feel connected to the wider world.
    • Disabled people are no longer isolated.
    • People in remote ideas can have immediate contact with other people.


  • Danger
    • Some people use their mobile phones while driving.
    • Using mobile phones around certain medical equipment is not safe.
    • Constant use of mobile phones is supposed to be bad for people’s health.
  • Stress
    • Being accessible for work through a mobile phone 24/7 means lack of rest time and constant stress.
    • Demanding bosses may put too much pressure on staff.
    • There is no cut off between work and free time.
    • Children may feel bothered by their parents continual surveillance.
    • Children cannot escape from peer pressure.
  • More demand
    • If people know you are easily accessible by phone, they will expect to always be able to reach you.
    • Constant calling can exhaust people.
  • Lack of Neighbourhood
    • Some people continue distance relationships by phone rather than know their neighbours.
    • Local community has less importance due to long distance communication.


Other IELTS Essay Questions Sept 9th

Below are more IELTS writing task 2 questions which students have reported in their test today, Sept 9th, 2017.

Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security while others think that they cannot always expect job satisfaction, a permanent job is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion?


Some people enjoy participating in extremely dangerous sports. Why do people do these types of sports? What can be done to reduce the danger?


Some people feel children should be blamed for their crimes, while others feel the parents should be blamed. In your own opinion,who should be blamed?


It is important for cities and towns to build parks and squares. Do you agree or disagree?


The majority of people regard the increase in business and cultural contacts between countries as a positive development. Others, however, think it leads to the loss of national identities. Discuss both the view points and state your opinion. 


Some people think that doing research on one’s family history is quite beneficial. Others think we should focus more on the new & future generation. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Some people think that children nowadays have too much freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Some people think that students should regularly do some volunteer (free) work to help the community. What is your opinion?


Some people think that children of all different ages should be taught in the same class in school.
What is your opinion?


Some people believe that schools are responsible for teaching good behaviour and what is right and wrong. Others believe parents responsible. Do you agree or disagree? (GT)


Some people believe that students should be made to do voluntary unpaid work to help their community. State your view. (GT)


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  1. JETTO LUKE JOY says:

    Can I paraphrase like this ?
    Cell phones help people for better communication both in their private and public life irrespective of time and place. In my opinion, it has both positive and negative sides.

  2. Hello guys I am reading comments to get me more ideas.

  3. hi liz can i use mobile app for preparing ielts (writing task 1 and writing task 2)
    the informatioin they prepared is useful

  4. Hi Liz, thanks for the good work you are doing here. Pls I would like to ask in writing task 2 opinion essay can I disagree with both views? For instance in the question of whom to be blamed for children crimes, can I say in my opinion neither the parents nor the children should be blamed.

    • It would be better to say that parents should be blamed while children are young, but once children are in their late teens, they should be responsible. Try not to over complicate your opinion. It won’t help your marks. Choose wisely and logically.

  5. Hi Liz ,

    Hope u doing well
    i have an idea will let ur work go wider and wider,
    why u don’t think about channel on telegram show your work instantly & also snapchat>
    such idea will add more subscribers to you and spread the benefits area wider.

    Hope u think about my idea

  6. Thanks Liz. Your materials have been helpful to me especially in task 1 ac writing.. My problem is still in task 2 and I will be writing on 16th Sept. My question is, can I agree completely & write on one side when asked “to what extent do you agree”? Or must I write both sides b4 agreeing.?

    • You can agree with one side only. That’s fine. But make sure your opinion is a full one and covers all issues presented in the essay question.

  7. Hi Liz,
    Most of the ielts writing task 2 questions say some people say, believe, etc…then I could paraphrase in the introduction, ‘it is thought by some people, although some people think…….’
    My problem is, if the question don’t mention ‘some people say, believe, etc…’ could we still able to say ‘it is thought, although some people say….’
    Let me show you an example.
    Mobile phones enable us to take work or personal calls anywhere, anytime. Is this positive or negative development?
    So in introduction could I paraphrase this question like
    It is thought by some people that mobile phones facilitate people to do their work and to personally contact anyone at any time.
    Could I say it is ‘thought by some’ even though it’s not mentioned in the question?

    Thank you Liz

  8. Hello Liz! Please i want your opinion on my writing task 2. The topic was who is to be punished for a crime committed by children? The parents or the children? Discuss both views and give your opinion.
    Firstly, children are often inquisitive and as such want answers to questions and will do things out of curiosity just to get answers to unanswered questions which the parents often time do not give them which can ensue into crime.
    Secondly, children learn by imitation and the parents are the first medium of socialisation as the parents are usually the role models of the children. A crime committed by a child will often time, be the result of a long standing period of learning from their parents through observation.
    Lastly, the effect of civilization is not to be undermined. Parents in a bid to join the rest of the world do not spend quality time with and as such, a vacuum may result which will allow for various misdemeanors that are not under the watch of the parents.
    Summing up, the issue of who to be punished for a crime is an intricately dicy one and I think that professionals should come in handy to clearly look into the process upbringing before sentences can be passed.

    • While we await Liz’s opinion, let me quickly chip in my own little thought on this essay.

      The task for this essay is to discuss both views and give your opinion. After reading through your essay I noticed you did not choose any of the opinions. Even though you discussed both sides you failed to choose a particular side. This might affect your score for Task Response. Also, you did not properly link your paragraphs. Like for the first paragraph it would have been better if you stated in the first sentence; One reason why people/I think Children should be punished for offences committed is their extreme inquisitive nature. Then you can now write your support sentence. Then second paragraph could begin with;
      Another reason to hold children culpable for their actions is…..

      Third Pargraph: Despite the overlisted claims to punish children for their crimes I beleive OR others beleive that the Parents should take the blame due to a number of reasons. Firstly….secondly……

      Then your conclusion will reaffirm your opinion.

      This is the way Liz thought us. Just my own assessment though.

  9. Hi Liz. I got exactly the same writing task 2 question here in the Philippines. I am just bothered with my answers. My view is on a positive development. BPs 1&2 – benefits to individual and society. BP 3 – mentioned a bit of the negative impact of cellular phones to an individual and society. Is this acceptable that i mentioned a little about negative effects? But i made it clear in my conclusion that it is more of a positive devt.

  10. Who wants to chat with me and practice IELTS Speaking? Sabina Bekkul (Facebook)

  11. Nazia Maqbool says:

    This was the Ielts Academic Task 2 essay here in London today.

    Some people think that doing research on one’s family history is quite benefical. Others think we should focus more on the new & future generation. Dicuss both views and give ur opinion.

  12. Hi Liz,my test was done today and task 2 question was”people feel children should be blamed for their crimes while other feel the parents should be blamed.In your own opinion,who should be blamed,basing your points on both

  13. Thanks for these sufficient and helpful ideas for this topic.

  14. Ielts general Pakistan:
    Task 1
    Letter to friend with whom you bought advance tickets to theatre but have to cancel due to some reason.
    1-what’s the problem?
    3-what should he do with your ticket?

    Task 2:
    Advantages and disadvantages of working at home because of technology and telephone

  15. ayush gupta says:

    you lie with me you send fake mail to my email related to today ielts writting task 2

    • Each day IELTS have more than one essay question. I do not lie and I prefer not to be accused of it. As you can see there are about 5 questions listed on this page and other students will have been given other questions today. I suggest you learn more about IELTS and stop putting blame on other people.

  16. ayush gupta says:

    today ielts topic not related to your mail uh sent to me

    • As you see, there is more than one essay question on each day. You will see I have listed about 5 in total on the page above.

      • Mirza Faizahmed says:

        Hello liz is it appropriate to write opinion in the end before the conclusion paragraph for discussion+opinion essays? can i express my opinion later before conclusion?

  17. Hi Liz,

    Is this an Opinion Essay question?

  18. Hi its really helpful for writing sometimes you have knowledge but donot know how to summarize its good if you read different essay by different people .if you donot mind canyou please write sample answers just like phones pros and cons.i want sample essay on all topics if you can do so i will be thankful with kind regards so you email me

  19. Good day miss liz. this was exactly my IELTS task 2 question here in the Philippines. “mobile phones enables to take work or personal calls anytime, anywhere, 24/7 days a week. is it a positive or negative development to individual and the society?”

    my task 1 rubric was 2 different pictures of a school library 5 years ago and now.

  20. Mukhtar Jaballa says:

    Is this openion essay? And I have to talk on both side or not?

  21. But mam today is writing task is different as one of my friends took exam today. She told that topic is
    Some people believe that job satisfaction is important that security while others think that job satisfaction is not important but job is permanent. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

  22. Manjot Singh Gill says:

    In my test the essay came different it was- is job satisfaction necessary or job security? Discuss both views and give opinion.

  23. Alaa Alshammari says:

    Thank you . I think the question is about using mobile any time anywhere ,not about the cons and pros of mobile phone. Isn’t it?

    • I am offer you ideas – not a model answer. You choose the ideas that are useful for your essay. If you think it is a positive change, you will use my ideas which support using mobile phones (the pros).

  24. Hi Liz,
    As per today’s essay question, it says that is it helpful in the workplace OR personal calls. my doubt is : is this respect, can i agree for both in the workplace AND personal calls, at the same time i agree for one side (Pros Side), if i write in this way, is it correct? please comment Liz

  25. In my opinion, the use of mobile phones is the next best thing since the invention of tooth paste! Possibilities are endless with your mobile phone, it connects you easily with people you physically could not have access to. Now, mobile phone users also have unfettered access to their mails thus reducing the need for PCs.

  26. Respected Mam:
    This isVANI from INDIA planning to write IELTS (ACADEMIC) in October.I have a request…..Can I send you my Writing Task 1 & 2 answers for your corrections & further guidance…
    Thanking You,
    With Regards,

  27. This is the question of writing task 2 here in Saudi Arabia: Some people think that children nowadays have much freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  28. thanks ma”m

  29. Hi Liz,
    In this type of essay, can i write both side? because,i can say that in my opinion, i would agree for negative side and for positive side, i am simply confused by the way, because, for me, this is an opinion essay, therefore, i can fully agree with both side, am i right?

  30. Hi LIz,
    I am sorry the question earlier was not related to the essay question. I am preparing for the GT paper. I think I found the video. (The same technique can be used for TFNG and YNNG)

    • Yes. TFNG and YNNG are exactly the same type of question which use the same techniques. Some passages will give you TFNG and other passages will give you YNNG – just approach them in the same way.

  31. Joshua. Dudzai says:

    Thank for the help you are providing for free.

  32. Joshua. Dudzai says:

    Use of mobile phones is more positive than negative.
    Use of phones anywhere when in emergency
    Reporting on accidents anytime and anywhere
    Parents accessing their children to find out about their welfare
    It brings everyone near anytime any where

  33. Hi Liz, I would say, first of all, it is an agree or disagree que,so, i will agree for both side, because, it is asking our opinion, second of all, i would write both side conclude that it has negative and positive impact, am i right? correct me if i am wrong, please

  34. caren anne andan says:

    Phone mobile brings people an easy access on how to contact and reach is whenever they are in different place of the world. The idea of having a mobile phones brought us an easy way of living our daily activities.

    For a working personnel , having a mobile phone will help to continue his duties and responsibilities even if he is away from work. Through a quick press of numbers he can be reach out and can answer querries. In a working mom, a positive way to monitor her child is to call or text their children if they are already at home or still in school. And the most and effective use of mobile phone is that a person can be reach out whenever a certain life is in danger or in emergiency situation.

    On the contrary side, too much use of mobile phone can affect our daily life living as well. Deprivation from relaxation because of too much call and text. Children cannot join their peer group gatjerings because parents always monitor them. Health factor can be affected too.

    In general, mobile phone is a usefull thing for a person but limited used should be acquire.

  35. Aneka Harrison Findley says:

    I think it has more pros

  36. The arrival of mobile phone has given us a sense of closeness around the globe. Country that take hours even days to get to are now close to us due to mobile phone. With it you can be in any country through the use of Skype, Imo etc. I definitely believe that mobile phone has brought more good than harm in our society.

  37. overall. . positive. . . though it creates havoc in personal life , it enables me to talk with my near and dear ones from any place at anytime. i can do video chat with my kid when i am away from him.

  38. mina kunwar says:

    i said about the positive impact that it can help people save time and get connected friends and family living far away..and i also gave negative impact about youngster involving in cyber crime using mobile phone .and atlast i gave my opnion about positive impact.wi;ll that be okay?

  39. I took Ielts GT today 9th September and Essay was about extermely dangerous sports, why people do it and what can do to reduce danger?
    I wished its about mobile phones

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ve added your essay question to the list above. Your topic is not easy. Extreme sports are popular because people get an adrenaline rush from them. They can be made easier by following standard safety checks, using the correct equipment and not taking unnecessary risks. Also by doing these sports with registered organisations so that safety measures are followed.

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