A great IELTS True False Not Given video lesson

I recently noticed this video lesson on Youtube and thought I’d share it with you all.



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  1. The shared video is totally awesome. Thanks for sharing
    I ‘m happy that you’re sharing others’ tutorials. I like the spirit

    Also, I think that I’ve found quite interesting videos and tutorials on their youtube channel “Oxford Online English”.
    Thanks again and have a lovely day.

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks for the help

  3. your post just awesome…

  4. Anil Hoscan says:

    Thank you so much Liz

  5. Hi Liz,
    I had my IELTS test speking on 29 of april and the question is :
    Introduction about my self and my job
    Talking about my neighbor :
    – where the first time I met the neighbor
    – How I met
    – how often I met the neighbor
    – what do you think about social life in our country

  6. Mohammad Imran Khan says:

    Dear Liz,
    I really appreciate your dedication towards helping everyone with their IELTS exams. I was just wondering about the marking criteria of General reading. Do they use the same criteria for marking the IELTS GT (Reading)?

    Best Regards
    Mohammad I Khan

  7. Okpara chinelo says:

    Thank you so much.

  8. Ashokan Thampy says:

    Excellent lecture, I got a very good idea about how to answer True /False/Not given questions. Thank you so much Liz
    Ashokan Thampy

  9. Hi madam, Thanks a lot for sharing this useful vedio

  10. Sandeep Deol says:

    Thank you…This video is very helpful….Keep posting. Appreciate your work

  11. Shahid Ahmed says:

    Thanks madam, for sharing excellent video.

  12. thanks a lot lizzzz.. waiting another lesson from u..

  13. Prakash says:

    Very informative video…thanks.

  14. veena rao says:

    Hi Liz,
    Your post are really simple to follow and easy to understand. Most students struggle with TFNG/YNNG questions. This video clears it all.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Prakash Prasad says:

    Excellent information…thanks .

  16. Local saini says:

    Hi Liz.. I’m a great follower of your site …I do appreciate your noble work to navigate the people through out the world ..now,the query is few days back you posted monarch butter fly reading practice questions ..next day you posted the answer.. and diacarded… Why it is so?

  17. Thanks a lot for this valuable lesson.
    I have a question and I would be grateful if you don’t mind answer it.
    When the IELTS says only three words and the answer is something like ( London’s travel agent ) is it counted as three word or the( ‘s ) will be counted as a word

  18. Shodipe Ibrahim says:

    Liz, thanks for sharing. It’s really helpful

  19. Thanks a lot for such nice video.

  20. Your lesson is very useful
    Thnksss alot

  21. Can we answer True False NG instead of Yes no NG ?

    I just checked with Cambridge helpdesk and they said no its fine is it really like that ??

  22. Thank you Liz . It’s really excellent video

  23. Hai Liz,
    I had my speaking test on may 4 at Thrissure, Kerala, India.
    I thank you for your wonderful tips. It was so helpful.
    Introduction about the kind of job I do.
    Part1: about fruits
    What kind of fruit I like??
    Have you cooked anything with this fruit??
    Weather I liked the same when I was your?
    What are the benefits of having fruits in your diet??
    Part 2: speak about a person who helped you in work.
    Who it is??
    How he helped??
    Part 3: How people show politeness??
    How can politeness taught to children?
    How people help others??
    Qualities of a leader??
    Advantages and disadvantages of team work.
    What r the other professionals who help people other than nurses.
    How children learn to help others?

    My LRW on 6th May.
    Thank you.

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