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Get 50% off Advanced IELTS Writing Task 2 Lessons until Friday, 15thh March (10pm UK time).


Learn the best techniques for a high score. Lessons are for both GT and Academic students. Each lesson focuses on one type of IELTS essay and covers:

  • analysing the question & identifying issues
  • developing ideas
  • planning paragraphs & structure
  • writing paragraphs
  • using linking words
  • what the examiner is looking for
  • tips and techniques for a high score

The lessons come with model essays and a page of tips.


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  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Paypal Account

Note: If you have problems using your card with paypal, try opening a paypal account and paying that way. If your country doesn’t use Paypal, you can ask a friend to buy the lessons for you.

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All the best



  1. http://Yasemin%20Ozdemir says

    Hello Liz,
    Thanks for 50% discount! I bought all advanced writing lessons. Do you have any other lessons on the shop? What about WT1? I’m aware about your free lessons on WT1. I’m just wondering if there is more

    • http://Liz says

      Sorry, I don’t have more Advanced Lessons. But you can still benefit from the 300 pages of free lessons and tips on this site. Just go the HOME page and learn how to use the site.

  2. http://Eman%20Ali says

    Thank you for responding Liz,
    Here’s another email; it will surely work.

  3. http://ASSIF says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank your for all your lessons, you are really doing a great job.
    I have a question and even google couldn’t answer my question properly, but i am sure you will. I have a problem with the use of articles with coordinating conjunction (i.e and , but).
    I bought the british council online courses, and i get twice the error in 2 different practice tests, here it is the example:
    Reading test: People who drive a ….. or …. need a livery licence
    my answer is People who drive a taxi or a limouzine need a livery licence.
    but it seems that we should drop the second article, so the answer is People who drive a taxi or limouzine need a livery licence.
    For me we need to apply the parallelism rule of conjunction. Could you tell me how this is work please? i feel like there is no absolute rule about using: the …and the… / a…or a….
    Thank you so much!
    My test is next week i will share the questions.

    • http://Liz says

      As you can see from the question: “People who drive a ….. or …. need a livery licence” – your task is to fill in the missing gaps. Which words are missing? I can see that the word “a” is not missing. You only fill in the gaps – it is called Sentence Completion – you must complete the sentence.

      • http://ASSIF says

        Thank you Liz for you answer. yes definitely it is a sentence completion question, but what is the general grammar rule for article used with coordinating conjunction, should we respect the parallelism rule (the …AND/OR the…)? is there is any rule? to decide that an article is missing or not in such example?
        my answer was wrong just because i add an article, the second one (people who drive a taxi or a limouzine need a livery licence)
        Of course, i am not talking about general rules for articles (use of “the” for environement, not using “a” with uncountable nouns etc…)

        • http://Liz says

          I still do not understand. What answer did you write on the answer sheet – show me your answers word for word. You were asked to write words, not sentences – what words did you write?

          • http://ASSIF says

            Sorry may be i am not clear, so for this example:
            Reading test question N°12:
            12. People who drive a ….or …. need a livery licence
            In the answer sheet i put
            12. taxi / a limousine
            the correct answer written in British Council answer sheet is 12. taxi (or) limousine.
            So my mistake here is that i write the article a “a limousine” because i apply parallelism rule (a…and a…), i am missing something…if i didn’t figure it out, it will be the same on the test day…
            Thank you Liz for you help

            • http://Liz says

              I see. It would not be logical for IELTS to give one article and then miss another. They are not inconsistent. They do not try to trap you. With confidence you can assume that if it is not needed for one, it is not needed for the other. In English, we do not need to repeat the article for the second noun when it is the same. The key to IELTS is always logic – apply this when reviewing the question and predicting the answer. For example, if you look at a table you will see a number of answers are always filled in – look at the column and apply the rule – if they use an article for one in the column, you will need an article for another. See what I mean?

              • not really… so if i understand well, when we use an article for one word we don’t use it necessary for the second one, that means that in my example, the answer is “people who drive a taxi and limouzine ” (limouzine doens’t need an article because we are assuming that it is the same article as taxi=>a?)
                well if this is the rule , so in other example we don’t have to repeat the article “the”, for example: i take the book and magazine” we won’t say “i take the book and the magazine?”
                Thanks Liz,

                • http://Liz says

                  At this point, you are now asking about English grammar rules. You will need to go to an English language website for that. My task here is to help you with IELTS and in IELTS you would logical to know when to use articles and when not to depending on what is already given in the question, what other examples there are and what the task of the question is.

  4. http://Eman%20Ali says

    Hi Liz,
    I purchased the opinion essay video yesterday but I received nothing, can you check please?

    • http://Liz says

      I have just sent you an email and it was returned to me “email address not found” – this means you have a problem with your email. And that means you will have a problem to receive the video link by email. I would like you to get an email that works and that can receive mail. Post me a message on this site when you have a new email address that works – thanks.

      • http://Eman%20Ali says

        Hi Liz, thank you for responding.
        Sorry I’ve just seen your email ♥️
        I’ll send you another email then.

  5. http://A. says

    Hi Liz, I paid the money for Writing Task 2 module.
    What would be the next step. Where I can access the link to the module/video teachings.
    Thank you.

  6. Hello Liz,
    Thanks a lot for you free online lectures. They are really helpful for any IELTS applicant.
    My IELTS test was on 14th March, 2019 and following were the questions in different modules,
    1. Writing
    Task 1: Bar graph and table representing population and life expectancy in three countries (China, America and Spain)
    Task 2: Advantages and disadvantages of internet and cell phones.
    (I couldn’t remember the exact words)
    2. Listening
    Part 1. Conveestation between a mother and nany about child (Table to be filled (one word or number), MCQs
    Part 2. Conference on settling in canada ( select the appropriate lectures on differemt topics and rooms, choose either A,B, C etc., MCQs)
    Part 3. A process of (choose the numbers from list and complete the process)
    Part 4. A lecture on how children respond on images they are shown (Fill in the blanks (1 word)
    3. Reading
    Yes, No, Not Given, True false, Not Given, choose a heading, select who said what, fill in blanks with limit of 2 words and 1 word, MCQs.
    4. SPeaking
    1. What you like about your place, how long you have been living there, do you like pets, do you had any pet when you were a child, are there any kinds of pets you dislike, were you more patient when you were young.
    2. 2 min speach on the topic ( Describe a situation when you teach something to a younger person)
    3. What skills are needed by young people when they step in to their adulthood? Do you think teachers and parents teach same skills to a child? what kind of skills are needed for a job?

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